Datacore:Shattered Planets

Wraith Core Probe Datacore: Shattered Planets, Related Systems and Notes



NOTE: This was written prior to the event of Caroline’s Star, the discovery of Thera and the opening of the Shattered Wormholes. The content below is specific to the original wormhole systems and the Seyllin Incident.

On the day that the Wormholes opened, as most capsuleers know, Seyllin I was turned from a thriving planet to a flaming ball of molten rock – a shattered planet – as part of the process. This event also caused most or all of the wormholes in New Eden today to open, the first of which was found in Vitrauze. This event has become known as The Seyllin Incident.

What is less well-known is that there are a total of seven of these worlds in New Eden, which all apparently were destroyed simultaneously with Seyllin I. In addition, there are two wormhole planets that are shattered. It is not certain whether these also were destroyed at the same time as Seyllin I. Finally, as investigations have continued in the years since the Seyllin Incident, other systems have come to light that seem to have a connection with the incident, including places that supposedly should have a shattered planet but do not, graveyards of spaceships, a mysterious shuttle, and a long-dead communication network. Perhaps the greatest common theme is that of the A0-Blue class star (collapsed from larger, hotter O1 class stars), and their significance in astrophysics.

This datacore is an attempt to catalog connections to a significant majority of known information on these worlds. First-hand reports linked below have numerous photo drone visual captures for your review. Second-hand reports and analyses cited are of less scientific certainty but contain a treasure trove of information.

Please keep in mind that my area of expertise is in exploration, planetary and system data analysis. I am not an astrophysicist, nor a sociologist, nor a cluster historian. There are many mysteries born of the Seyllin Incident that speak to these spheres of knowledge, which I will leave to the experts in the debates linked at the end of this datacore. Conclusions are my own, and are drawn or inferred from the evidence. Your conclusions may differ.

UPDATE October 17, YC113: The Shattered Planets Datacore was originally published March 31, YC113, after the publication of Part 12: The Hidden Fire (link below). On July 7, YC113, Hilen Tukoss launched the Arek’Jaalan Initiative, which reopened a number of investigations, including the one begun by Shattered.

Accordingly, I have updated this datacore with links to the Arek’Jaalan datacores and projects that I am leading, specifically:

I also have added additional log entries listed below:


Shattered Comparison

Panoramic comparison of all nine shattered worlds – Click to enlarge

There are nine known, reachable shattered planets. In order of notoriety of the impacts of the Seyllin Incident anomalies:

  1. Seyllin I, Essence, Gallente Federation. Seyllin is of course the best known world, and was the most populated of those destroyed. 500 million lives were lost on Seyllin I. It is also thus the best-chronicled event.
  2. 3HQC-6 I, Outer Ring. An ORE outpost was destroyed here by the local anomaly.
  3. SL-YBS I, Great Wildlands. A Thukker caravan was destroyed by the local anomaly.
  4. 35-RK9 I, Syndicate. Intaki station impacted by electromagnetic pulse.
  5. T-IPZB I, Delve. Launching point of Jamyl Sarum’s resurgence to the throne.
  6. EAWE-2 I, Stain. Close proximity to Sansha home system of 37S-KO.
  7. Z8-81T I, Immensea. No known events.
  8. J164104 I, C3 Wormhole. No known events.
  9. J115422 I, C5 Wormhole. No known events.

The shattered planets all have the following key things in common:

  • The systems are all centered around an A0-Blue class star. Based on historical data we know that all of these systems had at their core an O1-Blue star, much larger and hotter than the A0 class, prior to the event. Other related systems without shattered planets are also A0 stars, including Geztic, Barkrik, Y0-BVN and 5-CSE3. These stars have some properties that I have been unable to determine that make them a key component of everything that has happened. O1 Blue stars often collapse into Wolf-Rayet stars, similar to those found in a subset of wormholes, but that does not appear to have happened in this case. I highlight this in hopes that an ambitious astrophysicist will examine the data and ferret out the true root of what has happened and how it all worked. I am an explorer, not a scientist.
  • The shattered planets are all first in their system, closest to the star (OOC: the one in Jove space at planet 7 is assumed to be a CCP test world, not tied to the storyline)
  • The biggest statistical commonalities across the 9 shattered worlds are the orbit radius (7 of 9 are between 0.556 and 0.581 AU) and the temperature (5 of 9 are between 530 and 600 Kelvin). On average they are all small-to-midsize planets as well (avg 5,564 Km radius), with the exception of the two extremes of 2,860 (T-IPZB I) and 8,250 (3-HQC6 I).
  • The planets had significant volumes of rock become so superheated that the interiors of the planets boiled away into space. A great deal of material was shed by these planets, a portion of which can be seen orbiting above each of them in an asteroid-belt-like ring. While the worlds still appear spherical, the measurements available suggest that the remaining planet is composed largely of pumice formed when the anomaly turned the planet into a rapidly-boiling mass – leaving a hardened structure of “air bubbles” much like a sponge. This means that the planets dramatically low mass and escape velocity for their size. [OOC] Comparisons to Earth Solar System Bodies: The escape velocities for the majority of the shattered planets are almost unbelievably low given their size. These planets are in general a bit smaller than Earth, 4150-8250 Km in radius. For comparison, Earth is 6378 and the moon is 1738. However, the mass on the shattered worlds is so gutted that the escape velocity on 5 of 9 of these worlds is so low that an F-22 Raptor fighter jet could achieve escape velocity. To use the old grade-school jumping analogy, a person on Earth can jump 2 feet, and this translates to 22 feet on the moon. The shattered worlds’ gravity are the equivalent of the asteroid Ceres (radius 487 Km), where you could jump 140 feet, or the height of a 14-15 story building.  Pity the former residents of Seyllin I. If CCP’s models could handle it, these worlds would be much uglier – a simple shell of air pockets and blasted charcoal.
CONCORD video feed screen capture showing 10 main sequence anomalies - Click to enlarge

CONCORD video feed screen capture showing 10 main sequence anomalies – Click to enlarge

It is a common misconception in the capsuleer community that the shattered planets form a ring around the Eve Gate in the New Eden system. Based on the known, proven list of shattered planets, this is not far off in terms of cosmic distances but is still clearly incorrect, as the picture here shows (click to enlarge). The true center of this ring is not in a jump-capable location, but is somewhere in the Tash Murkon region. The entirety of the Amarr Empire is encompassed within the ring.


As noted above, there are nine proven shattered worlds, only seven of which are in jump gate-enabled systems. However, there is some reliable evidence that there were ten “main sequence anomalies” on the day of the Seyllin Incident. The additional three systems are 5-CSE3, Y0-BVN and R79-I7. This evidence comes from three sources (links below): the Seyllin Report, a leaked video that appears to be a CONCORD disaster control overview, and statements by scientific contributor Auwnie Morohe. If accurate, it changes the shape of the overall layout to less of a ring around the Amarr Empire than a “double wave” of systems. That said, the outliers are for the most part provably without shattered planets and this may be a false lead, whether accidental or otherwise.

I have also obtained an unauthorized and letter from a probable CONCORD employee, with an explanation that reconciles this conflict. It states, among other things:

I can confirm that there definitely were a total of ten recorded Main Sequence Anomalies in and around the New Eden cluster, not all of the anomalies took place in inhabited star systems, and some even took place in star systems located just outside the stargate network. This accounts for the three k-space Anomalies you were unable to find evidence of.

In other words, the anomalies in those three systems were not actually in those systems, but in unlinked systems nearby. The entirety of this letter can be found in Shattered Part 11: CONCORD’s Fine Print (link below).


If there is one thing I have learned in my journeys and studies, it is that there is a huge amount still to be learned. The above items in the Findings of Fact section, as well as the items below in the First-Hand Public Records section, are the only things that are certain and provable.

There is a towering mass of ideas, assumptions and beliefs that the scientific communities have beaten around for many months. Those ideas are debated ceaselessly by the community and the answers simply are not known. Many are areas so beyond my expertise that I can’t intelligently comment, including some of the deeper cultural and religious history items debated between scientists like Roga Dracor and Amann Karris – I refer the reader to scan the debate topics linked below for that level of depth.

Thus, the below are my beliefs and comments, and mine only. You may of course disagree.

  • Time Travel: I find it particularly interesting that, upon reviewing the planet surfaces side by side, the “hottest” and “coolest” in terms of visible activity are the two wormhole systems. As I researched wormhole physics to the extent of my understanding, it is clear that these anomalies are certainly capable of creating time-related effects, and those effects could cause the unusual appearances of the two wormhole shattered worlds by either slowing or speeding time relative to k-space. I believe it is likely that the wormhole systems are out of phase with us in terms of time, but they may be so physically distant still that it makes no difference in actual practice. It also raises the question of whether the Sleepers as they stand now are our past … or our future. UPDATE: Based on the preliminary conclusions of the Arek’Jaalan Project Compass, it appears that the skies in w-space and k-space are similar enough that the probability of time travel is extremely low. Alternate dimension is still a potentiality.
  • Trigger of the Seyllin Incident: What is fairly certain is that a massive cache of Isogen-5 isotopes was destroyed in the vicinity of an O1-Blue star, and this caused a chain reaction of collapse to A0 stars that escalated into the Seyllin Incident. It is my belief that this did not happen at Seyllin, but rather at T-IPZB, where second-hand sources place Jamyl Sarum’s rumored superweapon. The “T-M0FA Graveyard” in that system shows the fingerprint of such a weapon.
  • Isogen-5 Cache Locations: What is known is that there was a single cache of Isogen-5 in close proximity to the superweapon, which caused an explosion that chain-reacted to the Seyllin Incident.  Whether this was an isolated cache and where it was located relative to the planet and the sun in each system is up for debate. Some sources suggest there was only the one massive cache (as noted above, in this scenario I believe it was T-IPZB). I find it more likely, however, that there was a cache of this sort in each system with a shattered world. As noted within The Seyllin Report, the planets were destroyed by a highly focused stream of energy from the sun to the planet. An Isogen-5 cache is the likely “aiming mechanism” for this, intentional or otherwise. So where in each system was it located? Auwnie Morohe suggests that it was likely in “the shadow of the planet”. The Seyllin Report suggests a point halfway between the sun and the first planet. I suspect that likely placement was either at the planet’s L1 or L2 Lagrange point.
  • Amarr Involvement: There are simply too many circumstantial connections to the Amarr Empire to be coincidence. What is not certain is whether the Empire is involved intentionally or as a result of the actions of others. While I think the Amarrians are a potential driver of the occurrences here, it seems more likely that they are instead an intended target or the center of an area of effect. I have given serious consideration to the possibility that this may mean that the Amarrians are the main target of an aggressor – be it the Jove, Sleepers, Sansha, etc. – rather than the aggressor themselves. Consider:
    • The existing shattered planets make a ring around the Empire.
    • The ship and Isogen-5 cache that triggered the event belonged to Jamyl Sarum. This ship was also being tended by rogue drones, who I suspect are tied to the Sleepers in some way.
    • The Eve Gate is likely involved, and is within Amarr space. This also is likely the source of the Sisters of Eve (and possibly the Society of Conscious Thought) being involved.
    • The key pirate groups involved (Sansha and Blood Raiders) are offshoots of the Amarr.
    • The Talocan structures in the wormholes are clearly from the same architectural family as Amarr designs.
  • Primary Suspects: So if the Amarr are not the ones who set the wheels in motion that eventually led to the Seyllin Incident, then who? Only a few groups clearly had advance knowledge, forewarning, or the capability to have both, and withheld information from the rest of the governments of New Eden. I strongly encourage readers to review the commentary in The Seyllin Report and The Haakkainen Musings(linked below) for further detail on this topic.
    • The Living Dead: There are too many “resurrected” primary characters in this drama, from Jamyl Sarum and Sansha Kuvakei to Maleatu Shakor. The overthrow of all four major governments (by Sarum, Shakor, Heth and Roden), peaceably or otherwise in such a short time after the beginning of the capsuleer era is suspicious. Many of these figures also have ties to the Jove, as well as the rumored figure known only as “The Broker”, who may or may not exist. To complicate matters, Sansha’s Nation is populated by half-alive True Slaves. There are simply too many people who should be dead and are not involved to not be concerned.
    • The Jove – Society of Conscious Thought. The Jove, particularly the Society of Conscious Thought, ties many of the loose threads together. If it is difficult to dismiss the Amarr coincidences as such, it is impossible to ignore the Jove thread through the entirety of the findings and stories. The Society of Conscious Thought was clearly aware of, and involved in, the prelude to and fallout of the Seyllin Incident. What is difficult to discern is their motivation in doing so – were they trying to hide the truth, or help the Empires rebuff threats and dangers? It seems likely that they have a history with the Sleepers and wormhole space, and know what happened there and why. What seems certain is that they have intentionally chose not to share their knowledge.
    • The Sisters of Eve – Sanctuary. The Sisters know far more than they have revealed, and they seem to be everywhere in the story just before everyone else – even the Jove. They are the first known group to have interacted with Sleeper Drones … in k-space, no less. They appear to have had advance knowledge of the Isogen-5 based on various accounts. As with the Jove, they clearly are hiding what they know, regardless of their motivations for doing so.
    • The Enheduanni. Little, if anything, is truly known about the Enheduanni, including confirmation of their existence – see the link to accounts of the Battle of Vak’Atioth below. If the stories are true, “they possess absolute mastery of quantum physics and particle science, and the telltale sign of their presence is non-linear teleportation.” This connects them strongly with the tactics of the Elder Fleet, as well as the others in this Primary Suspects list. They also are rumored to have a direct conflict with their cousins the Jove – so if the Jove are trying to protect the empires, it might be from them.
  • Involvement of Other Factions:The below factions are all clearly implicated in numerous ways throughout the various findings and should be watched for further related activity.
    • Sansha’s Nation. Sansha Kuvakei and his undead horde are the obvious benefactors of the wormholes, which they have somehow managed to manipulate in order to return war to the empires.
    • Minmatar Republic, specifically the Thukker Tribe, much as it pains me to say of my father’s people. It is undeniable, however that the Thukker have a history with the Jove, through Shakor if nothing else. They also have shown an ability alongside the Elder fleets to jump unanounced into Empire space, a feat only duplicated by the Sansha incursions. The Thukker did it before wormholes were known – it is possible they used the Sansha method when no one knew what to look for. They were also rumored to be connected to the event that initiated the Seyllin Incident and were conspicuously present in large numbers (and thus destroyed) at SL-YBS. While individually these would not stand scrutiny together they are noteworthy.
    • Blood Raiders. It is clear that the Blood Raiders were heavily involved in two particular arenas: the reappearance of Jamyl Sarum and the Isogen-5 explosion that caused the Seyllin Incident. Beyond this, however, it seems that they have done, and know, very little. From this I have come to the conclusion that they are simply someone’s “heavy” or their dupe.
    • Gallente Federation, particularly CreoDron, who are responsible for the Rogue Drones and were the discoverers of the first wormhole in Vitrauze. CreoDron, Zainou and the Jove have significant history.
    • Caldari State, specifically Zainou Biotech, who have been connected with the Jove in the past as well as the initial wormhole discovery. As noted, Zainou has been closely involved with both the Jove and CreoDron in the past in related controversies. UPDATE: Hilen Tukoss’ departure from Zainou has likely been a serious blow to them. He may know what they know, but isn’t talking.
  • Insorum and Vitoc: While there is no obvious direct link, where else have we seen all these parties (the Jove, Amarr, Sisters of Eve, Blood Raiders, Zainou and the Minmatar) playing together? The Insorum affair of YC107. While not provably related, the reconnection is uncanny, and suggests that the Amarr/Minmatar slavery control, Sansha True Slave mechanisms, Jove disease and Sleeper disease may all be related.

I would like to recognize the following experts, listed alphabetically, in the field who have helped to form my opinion either directly or indirectly via the Public Records listed below.

  • Key authors (links to docs are below):
    • Rhavas (me), author of Shattered
    • Dr Amira, author of The Seyllin Report
    • Jowen Datloran, author of Jowen Went to Whiskey Space
    • Kaito Haakkainen, author of The Haakkainen Musings
    • Mark726 of Eve Travel
  • Other New Eden scientific community thought leaders who have been most influential on my own conclusions:
    • Amann Karris
    • Anslo
    • Auwnie Morohe
    • Aynen
    • Calathea Sata
    • Dropbear
    • Helena Ianakova
    • Istvaan Shogaatsu
    • Ivvor
    • Jovan Geldon
    • Myxx
    • Nathan Jameson
    • Nikilaiki Ruutarhara
    • Pottsey
    • Roga Dracor
    • Wyke Mossari


The following data points have been captured from various public records and are relevant to the topic. Most of these are third-hand accounts, scholarly debates without final proof, or word-of-mouth. They are thought to be generally reliable but are not guaranteed (OOC: Yes, some of these things are OOC in nature, but this catalog is as much for the player as the character. Deal with it.)

Thank you for your interest – please leave feedback with concerns, corrections or additions.

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    Excellent article. As I travel New Eden as well, you’ve certainly given me something to think about along the way. As well as, keeping my eyes open for other possible anomalies that might be out there. Interesting.

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