Shattered – Part 2: Gates

Shattered - Part 2: GatesAboard Wraith, New Eden System, Genesis

As he traveled, Rhavas had taken advantage of the long flight time to review all the data behind the seeming fool’s errand Edonbald had set him on. There was an enormous amount of material.

He scanned through the catalog for the hundredth time.

As he neared the end of the list, the comm channel caught his attention. It was Edonbald.

“Are you done at the Eve Gate yet?” he asked. “What did you find?”

“It’s not quite what I expected,” Rhavas commented. “But I’ve completed my observations here. Ready for transmit.”

In his mind’s eye, Rhavas saw Edonbald shake his head. “No, I don’t trust comm channels. Bring it back personally, please.”

“Very well, on my way now. See you in a while.”


Wraith Capsuleer Log Entry 100902, New Eden, Genesis

The system known as New Eden, home of the Eve Gate, lies down a long, dead-end low sec corridor. A Covert Ops frigate was certainly the right choice for the trip.

New Eden Blood Raider Compound

Blood Raider Headquarters in New Eden. Click to enlarge.

The corridor is littered with the remains of old Amarrian technology, overrun long ago by pirates and Blood Raiders who still roam on their patrols. It is disappointing to report that the New Eden system, the cradle of civilization, is run primarily by Blood Raider criminals.

The New Eden system itself is a strange and unique one. There is only one planet orbiting its K3-class yellow sun. When I made this pilgrimage to the origin of our species, I expected to find something much different. Maybe a cold, dark sleeper-built gate. Maybe a giant opening of ancient and rusty metallic substances. Maybe a gate cored out of some huge planet. What I certainly did not expect is what I actually found.

Star and Gate

Wraith near New Eden’s star (foreground) and the Eve Gate (background). Click to enlarge.

The Eve Gate, I thought, would be something solid and tangible, something you could fly up to, look at, reach out and touch if you could somehow exit your pod without dying in the sucking vacuum of space. In reality, while this might be what it is if you could easily get to it as old legends say, at its distance from the system the “gate” does not appear to be a gate as you and I might conceive it – a portal that ships pass through from system to system. Instead, it looks from this distance to be a horrifically huge tear in space-time, and is so far away from the core system itself that it’s a wonder our ancestors ever got here.

Records I found suggested it is three light years away, yet shines as brightly or brighter than the system’s sun, so that the light here is as though from a very widely-centered double star. The gate sends out waves of radiation and energy, which are somewhat visible in a still picture but have to be seen in person or in video feed to truly be appreciated. Yet strangely, none of this obvious radiation is picked up by standard sensors, and I felt no ill effects of its presence.

I did the measurements that Edonbald had requested, and the one thing I can say for certain is that New Eden is not the center of the ring of shattered planets, as the distances from them vary quite widely, between 13 and 34 light years away, with an average distance of 26.18 LY and a standard deviation of 7.67. I also did not find a single wormhole in the system, which I’ve come to regard as almost unusual these days.

The Monolith

The Monolith in Dead End. Click to enlarge.

I also made a brief stop in one of the side systems, known as “Dead End”, appropriately enough. This system is home to a strange artifact, a black monolith of unknown material. It spins slowly in place reflecting the system’s star. I was unable, however, to gather any useful intel from observing it, and it was unresponsive to any of my probing or scanning techniques.

I will be heading home with a stop in Vitrauze to visit the home of the first known wormhole.


Wraith Capsuleer Log Entry 100903, Vitrauze, Essence

Frankly, Vitrauze is a disappointment, but maybe I shouldn’t be disappointed after so much time has passed since the Seyllin incident. Of course the original wormhole, as these things go, would have long ago faded away.

Sleeper Site

Sleeper Site in J140322, off Vitrauze wormhole. Click to enlarge.

I did indeed find a wormhole here. I jumped through and spent a little time exploring around the system transponder-designated as J140332. I was able to get remarkably close to the structures mentioned in the scientists’ reports and news discussions and engaged the imaging drones. The Sleeper construct was remarkably similar to rogue drone sites I have seen before. There has been some discussion of this connection and I think it has some believability.

But other than that, there wasn’t much to recommend the birthplace of the wormhole. Being a pirate haven, it was hardly unsurprising that what I mostly found was Serpentis hideaways.

This system is also definitely not the center of the shattered planet ring. It is actually remarkably close to Seyllin, which automatically makes it far from the majority of the others. I plan to do a good deal more analysis when I return and give the Boundless team my initial data. I find that I am getting more and more sucked in to the paranoia Edonbald is peddling – my initial discoveries show far too many Amarrian coincidences, and not nearly enough “scary Sleeper/Sansha invasion” data to make me comfortable.

More on that later.

This is the second in a 12-part story. Next: Part 3: Immolation.

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  2. snowmore says:

    Your post inspired me to go deeper into Eve storyline and shed a new light for me on wormhole lore. Thx a lot 😀

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