What’s Next

TL;DR: Next series of posts will be Less Fic, More Pic. Fiction won’t go away but it will be more Gallery than Wall of Text for a few entries.

So… at long last, Shattered is done. Part 12: The Hidden Fire has been posted.

The Shattered Planets Datacore is also complete, and is now a top-menu-linked “page” on this blog so it doesn’t disappear in the shuffle over time. The datacore contains all of my personal (IC) observations and thoughts as well as an extensive collection of links to source materials and a side-by-side panoramic comparison of the surfaces of all nine shattered worlds.

I enjoyed the flying and the writing, but it has also been a pretty exhausting thread to keep up over the course of the nine months it took to write about roughly three months of travel and investigation.

The good news is, in the meantime I’ve gotten some excellent photos – particularly of ships. Obviously, these are only for ships I fly, so they’ll mostly be Minmatar frigates, cruisers, battlecruisers and industrials, but I have enough for about nine posts worth of various ship shots. So I’m going for a departure in my next series, and am going OOC to flesh out the “Ships” section and post what I think are some pretty cool ship photos that you, the Eve community, are welcome to use as you see fit.

If you borrow one, a link back here would, of course, be appreciated.

Happy flying.

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1 Response to What’s Next

  1. Glad to hear that you’ll add some more screenshots. I always need more.

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