Shattered – Part 13: Geztic Revisited

Heed me champion, for only you shall know;
Within the blue ring of fire lies the final key of revelation.
Find this ring, my champion,
And both mind and spirit shall be strong once more.
– The Scriptures, Book of Trials 2:18 – 2:21

Aboard Aranea, Geztic, Khanid
It felt good to be back in his pod after so much time away. And, it seemed, there was no time like now to be back. In an astonishing turn of events, Hilen Tukoss, a man Rhavas had long had on the “someday I need to meet” list, had abandoned Zainou Biotech and fled right into Rhavas’ lap – nearby at Eifyr & Co. headquarters in Eram. Shortly after, Tukoss had announced the Arek’Jaalan initiative, aimed at deciphering the mysteries that had kept Rhavas busy exploring New Eden for so many months. Rhavas had of course signed up almost immediately.

On his backlog of things to do was to explore a legend that the “ring of fire” passage from an Amarrian religious text was somehow related to Jamyl Sarum, Seyllin and Isogen-5. In his explorations, Isogen decay signatures had seemed most prevalent in the areas outward from the shattered planets. Taken together, Rhavas guessed that this might mean that a cache of Isogen could potentially be located at the L2 Lagrange Point, near an eclipse point, of the first planet of an A0 Blue star.

In addition, within days of his reconnection to New Eden, Rhavas had already learned that the shuttle in Geztic, long ago proven unreactive to anything, had suddenly begun to react to ECM projections. However, it was unclear exactly how the ECM affected the shuttle’s trajectory – it was simply known to fly away from its beacon when jammed. Rhavas felt the need to know more.

It was an almost ideal match of circumstances – he could bring a pair of ships and learn more of both at the same time.


Aranea Capsuleer Log Entry 110806, Geztic, Khanid

Geztic I eclipses the star. Click to enlarge.

When you spend all your time in warp and flying in small areas, it is easy to forget how very big space really is – and how painfully slow subwarp flight really is – even in a fast ship. Aranea, a Stiletto-class fleet interceptor, is no slow boat. But here I sit in my ship, four days in a row flying outward from the sun in the shadow of Geztic I – and only now am I finally nearing the Lagrange point and seeing the beginning glow of Geztic’s sun. Strangely, it is very difficult at this distance to keep the ship directly in the planet’s shadow, as gravitational effects begin to bend the star’s light around the planet.

There is no sign of an Isogen-5 cache here, proving my theory doesn’t apply – at least in Geztic.

Misfire Reloaded drops out of warp near the Mysterious Shuttle. Click to enlarge.

Earlier in the week, I spent several days experimenting with the shuttle in close orbit around Geztic’s star. Misfire Reloaded – a Griffin-class frigate that I seldom fly – was ideal for the job and easily able to steer the other craft remotely using four ECM transmitters in combination. The ECM jam seemed to set the smaller craft either on a direct line away from Misfire or toward it, depending upon whether I or the shuttle was closer to the system’s sun. I’ve added this information to the Arek’Jaalan archive on the subject for public review.

During the long, quiet periods of testing here I’ve concluded that my talents will best be applied to Arek’Jaalan’s Multidisciplinary division, with some time spent in Talocan and Sleeper Technology as well. I hope that after many months of searching this initiative will finally allow me to start gaining more answers than questions.

OOC NOTE: Disappointingly (considering they are featured in The Empyrean Age) CCP’s planet models do very poorly with eclipse scenarios. The sun shines right through the planet, meaning trying to create an “eclipse” scenario screenshot that actually looks like right is nearly impossible. The shot shown above is fairly close in but the same issue happens further out as well.


The story continues in Part 14: The Farthest Shore.

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4 Responses to Shattered – Part 13: Geztic Revisited

  1. Are you sure you have the check beside “Sun occluded by objects” in your graphics settings?

    • Rhavas says:

      Yep – it works great with things like ships and stations but seems to fail on planets except for the tiny “center of the planet” core. 😦

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