CSM8 “Primary” Endorsement: Why I’m Voting James Arget

Arget CSM Storyhead

As many of you are aware, James Arget, the Founder of Future Corps and Sleeper Social Club is running for CSM. His official blog, including detailed platform specifics, is now live. If you have only one account and are part of a dedicated bloc, and know who you are voting for, you can ignore this post and go back to whatever you were doing. If you’re undecided, read on.

James Arget needs your Primary “Pre-Election” vote March 22-29.

Since I am also part of SSC, my endorsement of him may seem unsurprising. However, my reasons for voting James Arget (please note that James315 is someone else, who stands for very different things) are not just about him being a corpmate – in the independent wormholer spirit, I am not obligated to vote for him, I am choosing to do so. And I think many of you should too.

The new voting rules state that a candidate needs a minimum of 200 “primary” votes to get on the “real” ballot, and then must run the gauntlet to get in the top 14 of 28 candidates in an STV system (basically you submit an ordered list of choices) to make the CSM – only the top two will be guaranteed a seat in Iceland for both summits. Below I cover why James is my first choice, why he should get the primary vote of many of you, and make the slate of 14 for everyone’s STV final vote.

I will be assembling a more comprehensive voters’ guide for the STV “real election” in a future post, but James will be at the top of my personal list there as well.

Why I’m Voting for James

I’m voting for him because I’ve seen the kind of leader and player he is – just read the bold italic items for the TLDR.

I started just before Tyrannis, in spring 2010. I wandered a lot, spent a little time in a small corp that eventually folded, and eventually ended up in EVE University. That’s where I met James. While he was not the strongest FC I flew with in those days, he was without question the one that I most enjoyed flying with. The reason for this was that he was enthusiastic, he was helpful to new fleet members, and he gave junior fleetmates (as I was then) “enough rope”. I got a lot of scouting experience under James’ command – he works to include people.

Arget is Target!

Yes, James used to fly crap-fit T1 battlecruisers – Drakes no less – in C3 sites in our Wormhole Club daytripping days. Click to enlarge!

This in turn got me an invite to a new chat channel he had been running called “Wormhole Club”. WHC was a multi-corporation group that got together to run wormhole sites – most often C3s – out of highsec as daytrippers. We were scared shitless of getting dropped on half the time, and running in badly-tanked T1 battlecruisers, but James helped us persevere and have fun with it – he had a vision of a great wormhole corp, and it chafed him not to be chasing it. He wanted all of us to be as excited for it as he was. And then one day decided it was time to be done with E-UNI, and in December 2010 with the encouragement of many (including me) he founded Future Corps and set off to w-space.

Due to several things, including a commitment I had made to stay in E-UNI’s navy (it had a 3-month commitment to join back then) and a love of lowsec combat, I didn’t join him. But I kept close track of Future Corps. I instead joined Sto Lo, another of my favorite FCs, and his lowsec pirate corp Noble Sentiments. It wasn’t too many months before James and Sto reconnected, giving both corps a way to trade spaces of combat and expertise under the broader banner of Sleeper Social Club alliance – James is a collaborator and a team-builder. Future Corps started in a C2 wormhole, then moved to a C5/C3, and then to a C5/C5. James busts his ass at what he sets his mind to, and knows the broad spectrum of how it is to found a wormhole corp and work up the chain.

I left the game for 9 months, and Noble Sentiments broke up, crushed by the painful grind of sec status for non-permaflashy pirates. When I came back, I decided to join Future Corps at last. I’ve never looked back, and many Noble Sentiments alumni have joined us. While James has handed off to another CEO, his stamp still lies on the corp he founded. The culture is strong. The culture is positive. The culture is enthusastic. We give back to EVE University, which incubated so many of us. These things are rooted in James’ vision, from way back in Wormhole Club. And to boot, these days he’s an even better pilot and FC, often planning and leading our sieges.

Bathurst Self-Destructs

Sleeper Social Club siege targets love to blow up their own ships.

But the clincher for me was shortly after he decided to run for CSM. I challenged him to stand for elimination of POS’d self-destruct as part of his platform. He argued firmly that I was wrong, and then laid out the details of why, showing his ability to simultaneously with the perspectives of both a C5 and a C2 corp in mind – James’ experience is broad and his temperament leans toward equitable balance. You should read his position on self-destruct, because despite going in with strong feelings, he convinced me.

Shortly after that showing of strong opinion, he showed that he also can admit when he is wrong, which to me is a sign of a good leader. In his initial candidacy statement he said he “wants to teach CCP their own game,” (you may hear this on his Crossing Zebras interview). I and several others advocated that while we knew what he meant, that this was not the way to say it, and was unnecessarily inflamatory given that what he meant was simply to present an experienced “player perspective” on potential emergent gameplay possibilities, particularly in wormhole space. James took that criticism to heart and restated his platform.

Why You Should Vote for James

Here’s why:

  • General factors (Kirith Kodachi wrote a great post on this subject – one that highlights why James is a great candidate) – why he was a successful corp and alliance Founder:
    • He has a vision – as well as the perseverance and work ethic to achieve it
    • He is inclusive and a team-builder
    • He has broad experience – across space types, wormhole types, and playstyles from industry to PVP
    • He pushes hard for what he believes in yet knows when to back down
    • He gives people the opportunity to step up and succeed
    • He is enthusiastic and that enthusiasm is contagious
    • He believes in and actively practices outreach to and teaching of new players
  • If you are in Sleeper Social Club or Kill It With Fire – It should be a no-brainer to vote for James. You know him.
  • If you are a wormholer without an alliance candidate, your alliance candidate just left your alliance, or don’t love your own alliance’s candidate, James has your community’s needs in mind and is worthy of your vote.
  • If you are in EVE University, James came from E-UNI, and actively gives back to E-UNI, as do many of us in Future Corps. Ask the guys who just came back from camping with us.
  • If you are a Lowsec pirate corp member, we, including James, come to visit many times per week. As I noted above, a significant portion of the corp is made up of ex-lowsec pirates from Noble Sentiments – we still roam there several times a week and if there are things James doesn’t know, he has experts very close at hand.
  • If you are a highsec industrialist, know that James is a major manufacturer of T3 ships, selling to wormhole and null corporations, so he knows industry, manufacturing and the pain of POS for same. He also has experience running Incursions.
  • If you are anywhere else and disappointed at the quality of candidates, see the first set of bullets above. He will build coalitions with the knowledgeable parties there, and be a hard worker and collaborator.

What To Do Next

Sleeper Social Club visits the C5 Shattered Planet - Click to Enlarge!

Sleeper Social Club visits the C5 Shattered Planet – Click to Enlarge!

James needs your vote March 22-29 to ensure placement on the Top 28 list for the general election.

While Future Corps is a strong group, we only barely have enough to muster the 200 votes necessary on our own. Without your help, he may get near or just over 200, but others (e.g. nullsec blocs) with more and better voting discipline may push him off the bottom of the ballot.

As I noted above, I’ll be doing a broader “full slate” set of recommendations and endorsements for voters once the final 28 are chosen.

I am happy to talk with anyone about my experiences flying with James (contact me via EVEmail or Twitter), and he has been making himself widely available across the wormhole and EVE University communities in chat channels and AMAs on interested corps’ comms. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him in-game or on Twitter at @JamesArget.

Thanks for reading and considering a “pre-election” Primary vote for James.

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