About Rhavas:

Rhavas’ In-Character history is now located on the Evelopedia.

Rhavas is a Minmatar Drifter with a Vherokior mother and a Thukker father. He spent his youth growing up on Hodrold V in Metropolis, near the border between Minmatar Republic space and the Great Wildlands region. In his youth, he worked at both the Thukker Mix and Kaalakiota stations in Hodrold, where he was discovered and sponsored for capsuleer education. He enrolled in and graduated from the Republic Military School at Ammold, Heimatar and trained with the Republic fleet in Hadaugago. The in-character portions of this blog detail key experiences he has had since graduation, beginning with his departure from Hadaugago. He has been a member of four corporations:

Lupus Vires [GAROU], a roaming band based in Kehrara, Derelik. The corp had a great start and great goals, but it was new and powered largely by the presence of its co-CEOs, so when they both went for extended RL downtime, the corp collapsed.
EVE University [E-UNI], the largest high-sec corp and educational institution in New Eden, based in Aldrat, Metropolis. I highly recommend the Uni for any new player, and I mostly loved my 9 months of fun there. However, they have very restrictive rules that begin to chafe on almost any PVPer after a while, and they encourage you to leave when that happens – about every three months, there is a major exodus.
The Corporation of Noble Sentiments [TORAH], a band of “honorable pirates” mostly based in Villore, Essence, composed largely of EVE University graduates. TORAH was a fantastic place for small-gang PVP, but due to the endless need to rat to maintain security status, eventually disbanded.
Future Corps [FCFTW], a well-rounded wormhole corporation that runs Sleeper Social Club Alliance (which TORAH used to be part of), also composed largely of E-UNI graduates.

About the Interstellar Privateer Blog:

This is a blog related to EVE Online. It started as an in-character fiction site, meaning most stories are about my primary character, Rhavas. However, as I get older in EVE, I find myself more interested in talking PVP tactics and game mechanics. I still like the fiction side, but, well, it’s a lot of work. And CCP hasn’t done a lot to make story arcs as resolvable as I might like, so I’ve backed off it a bit for more out-of-character posts.

I specifically chose the title for a few reasons, largely because my play style is somewhat eclectic; I have only one account and limited play time – so I’ve tried many things. I’ve found my niche in PVP, scouting, PI and hauling.

A few things for you the reader to know…

  1. While there was some initial confusion as I tried to hide my identity, I gave it up a while ago. The fiction portions are about my main, Rhavas. While this theoretically might make operational security for both my character and my corp problematic, most of my corps are PVP-focused regardless and enjoy a little pew-pew. Plus I don’t reveal anything here that you couldn’t find on a killboard. I’ve also committed to all of my current and past CEOs that I will modify anything that threatens OpSec. In a wormhole now … I may need to be more careful. Time will tell.
  2. All posts are tagged in character vs out of character if it’s not immediately obvious.
  3. In most cases, whatever I’m writing in character about is something that I specifically did while playing, learned while playing, or was inspired by in-game. I will occasionally do a work of pure fiction (usually a contest entry) but that is not the norm.
  4. I started playing in mid-May 2010, but have been absent for two large chunks – one in mid-2011 and one that took up more than half of 2012.
  5. I have not read the entirety of the background material, or the RP boards, but have read significant chunks. Be gentle if I state something IC-impossible/non-canonical – I will correct or not repeat. I’m doing this for my entertainment as I chronicle my learning the game, not to write canonical fiction. This may include references to various technological items, which I will make up on the fly if I don’t find something clearly canonical in relatively short order.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the blog.

2 Responses to About

  1. Troy says:

    Hi Rhavas,

    I recently returned to the game after taking a two (?) year break – essentially, I got bored of EVE. I stayed connected to the game by following a handful of user blogs and the dev blogs. The appearance of Caroline’s Star and CCP’s renewed emphasis on lore caught my attention. I’ve always been an explorer at heart.

    Anyway, I’ve returned to EVE, excited to look for and find Therea (and possibly WH’s to Jove space) only to find myself in a single-man corp (rather lonely) and no clue where to start (or even how to fit a ship!).

    Do you have any advice for a returning player who is interested primarily in exploration?

    – Crash69
    (AKA Troy)

    • Rhavas says:

      I know there are corps with an exploration emphasis but I’m not sure of which ones are still going concerns. I would recommend getting on Twitter and asking your question to #tweetfleet or on Reddit /r/Eve.

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