CSM 9 Results

csmlogo-blackWe don’t know exactly how the voting went yet, but I do know that my predictions post was almost spot-on. There was only one real miss, and another that I made the right prediction first and should not have made my last-second tweak.

The big bummer is that this also means that my corpmate and CSM 8 veteran James Arget didn’t make the cut. We’ll talk more about why below.

The Winners I Called Correctly

  • Ali Aras (Permanent Attendee). I think that Ali was the MVP of CSM 8. Great outreach and communication, hard work, strong representation not just of her constituency but of the game as a whole. Picking her as a permanent was a guess, but a good one. My opinion is that Ali should be the Chair if she wants it. She’ll be great.
  • Sion Kumitomo (Permanent Attendee). Top of the Goon list. An easy call both to make it and to know he’d be a permanent. I don’t know much about him but his image is that he’s a Goon’s Goon. If The Mittani is CEO, Sion is COO – and if you’ve spent any time in a large RL company, you know that often the COO is the real driver. Doesn’t spend a lot of time in-game, he’s a metagamer first. It’s not a pedigree I love in a CSM member. I hope he’ll come at this role with a broader perspective. I’m honestly interested to see if he will have time to do it properly, with running all of the CFC also on his plate.
  • Corbexx. The only wormholer this time around. Corbexx was right on message with most of the wormhole community, whose perspective is one of cautious optimism. The first principle is: Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken. Wormholers have an almost mantra-like short list of things they do want fixed, and Corbexx recited all of them properly. He also has a lot of experience across the game and deep depth in wormhole space knowledge. I had a great discussion with him during the campaign about my removable POS idea, which he is supportive of. I think he’ll be a solid representative.
  • DJ FunkyBacon. The Faction Warfare rep. Funky is forthright and a good communicator, even if not everyone loves his message. I hope that he (along with Xander) will leverage their podcasting platforms to talk with the community this year. I think he’ll be a good voice for his constituency and the game.
  • Major JSilva. I know nothing about him except that he is the PL candidate. Guess I’ll have to read up on him now.
  • Mangala Solaris. Mangala is a leader in RvB and a proven content creator. I find Mangala likable and there’s no question he loves the game. He did a workmanlike job last year and I think he will again this year.
  • Matias Otero. Brave Newbies was one of the great success stories of the past year at some level due to his vision. I don’t know a lot about him other than that his corp is fun to fight with and they seem to like him. I hope that he will be a strong member but his campaign was lackluster and BNI has been having an ugly stretch, so time will tell.
  • Mike Azariah. I am glad Mike got in again. I think he was a great rep, a hard worker and counter voice to the nullsec majority. I think it will be valuable to have him there again.
  • Mynnna. Mynnna is smart and capable, essentially the Goons’ CFO to Sion’s COO. I think Mynnna did quite well last year and I expect the same this year. While I understand why he was #2 on the Goon ballot (it was actually a pretty brilliant strategy, IMO) I wish he was a permanent rather than Sion.
  • Progodlegend. I started with a pretty negative view of PGL last year, and through December felt like I had called him right. But then he stepped up and finished his term strong. I am hopeful he will continue the upward trend.
  • Sugar Kyle. I am really pleased that Sugar got in. I think she’ll not only be a good worker but will bring an extremely well-balanced perspective that will benefit the whole game. Non-faction lowsec has desperately needed a good voice since Mynxee (CSM 5) left and I am confident Sugar will be that voice. I really hope she picks up where Ripard Teg left off in blogging weekly. She’s been doing it through her campaign and I would love to see her continue this through her term. (Update: A couple hours after I wrote this but before it posted, Sugar put up her own post stating that she is going to try to do this. Very happy to see it.)
  • Xander Phoena. Call it what you will – the insider candidate, the Tweetfleet candidate, another CFC candidate … Xander got in on strong endorsements and broad name recognition. He’s a very likable guy. I suspect we’ll see a very broad voter base for him in the results. I think he brings an unquestionable passion for the game, an incisive view of the CSM, and will work hard. I hope he leverages his podcast platform to reach out. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how he holds up with the shoe on the other foot (he hasn’t always weathered criticism well) and it will also be interesting to see how CSM work meshes with life on an oil platform. I like Xander and want him to be successful.

The Winners I Called Wrong

  • Corebloodbrothers. As I noted in my predictions post, “In fact, when I wrote the final draft of this post, I had him in and James/Proclus out – I changed my mind literally at the last minute.” So I can’t say I’m surprised he got in. I think Core has good intent, and from what Ripard Teg has said, it sounds like there is a complaint the Provi folks had that drove them to the booths. I’m not sure what it is, so am looking forward to Ripard’s analysis post he says is coming. I think Core means well, but I also know what it’s like to have a hefty career along with kids, so I hope his schedule can handle the load.
  • Steve Ronuken. Russian out, Steve in! In truth I see this as a very happy outcome. Steve has been tirelessly campaigning and building tools for a year and deserved a seat. I’m happy he made it. Especially with industry and CREST changes on the horizon, CSM needed Steve’s background and understanding. Based on his perma-campaign I have no doubt he will work hard and serve the team well.

Called But Didn’t Win

  • The Russian (Alner Greyl). I am frankly amazed that there is not a Russian on CSM 9. I just take it as a given that a Russian will be on the CSM. It’s a happy result from my perspective, and I’ll be very interested to see the voting rolldown and what happened. Maybe the Russians finally decided to put playstyle before nationality.
  • James Arget. Last and most disappointing for me, my friend James. We’ll know more when we see the vote rolldown numbers, but I think two things did him in.
    1. I think that the wormhole vote was both smaller and fractured. Smaller as in both a smaller pool to pull from and a smaller number that voted. Fractured in that last year most wormholers voted for 4 or 5 of the candidates, assuring rolldown to a wormholer. This year I am less sure – I suspect that many voted for 1-2, some 3, and very few 4 or 5. If the number show we did so, we screwed ourselves. I suspect we’ll see the opposite from Lowsec, who I suspect overwhelmingly had bot Sugar and Funky in their top 2-3.
    2. James made a couple of missteps that were blown way out of proportion. He was always planning to run. Except for one day. Only one day – in fact, I actually missed it and wondered what the hell people were talking about him not running. James in fact said so on a podcast, and rescinded it the next day. Then he was late posting things up and getting interviews all done. This combined to make it look like he was taking a win for granted and indecisive to boot, when in fact neither was the case; from being on comms with him I know he was continuing to do CSM work to the detriment of his campaign in many ways. James worked hard as a CSM, and I’m disappointed that he didn’t make it back in. It will, however, be nice to have him back in fleets more often!
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2 Responses to CSM 9 Results

  1. I’m a little bit surprised James didn’t get in, but his apparent indicision didn’t really help, and even if it was only for one day, he still took a long time to clarify his intentions. Corbexx didn’t announce his intention to run until after that debate, and perhaps if James had also used the debate as a springboard for his campaign he’d be the one on the CSM. Of course, running a good campaign isn’t everything, as corebloodbrothers got in after more-or-less recycling his unsuccessful campaign from last year.

    Another reason why the wormhole vote might have been lower this year is that there was simple a better standard of non-bloc candidates this year, and so it was harder to attract cross votes for the wormhole candidates.

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