This Game is Going to the Dogs

barghest_paintingLet’s talk briefly about the new Mordu’s Legion ships and their names – current and recent past.

First a quick shout-out to CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise. On the heels of the success of my ferreting out some of the things behind the Sisters of EVE ship names last time around, our favorite ship guys decided to move from real names of the ships to code names to confound all the speculators.

This led to them putting false names out for the three new Mordus ships. I did an analysis of those false names and bit hard on the troll.

FozzieAndRiseTrollingWell played, gentlemen, well played.

But before we go on from that, let’s look at a couple of interesting facts, shall we? First off, this still leaves the story arc around the compact gravity well generators unresolved. Make no mistake, this is an important story arc; my bet is it’s connected to the future gate mechanics and the research being conducted at the Ghost Sites.

It also does not in any way invalidate the names of the ships presented. If the miniaturized gravity well generators are to be incorporated into ships of various sizes, they will likely be Boundless Creation ships in the Minmatar line, and these names would be quite useful – Freyja in particular is a good Minmatar ship name IMO.

So what about the new Mordu’s Legion ships that are in fact the real thing? They are:

  • Garmur. Or as I understand is more appropriate, Garmr. This is a Norse name, and thus fits the Minmatar piece of the puzzle. It is the hound at the gates of the underworld, much like Cerberus in Greece.
  • Orthrus. So right off the bat there’s a bit of a problem with this one. See, the name is already taken. As any C5/C6 wormhole dweller knows, this is the name of a Sleeper gun emplacement. Orthrus is the brother of Cerberus in Greek myth. UPDATE: CCP Abraxas (@cloisterphobe, official lore guy and Keeper of Names) confirmed this on Twitter, saying: “Probably going to rename all the Sleeper sentries. We want to use those names for more high-profile stuff.”
  • Barghest. A spectral dog from English lore who would appear in times of death.

So we definitely have a theme here, although I find it a bit jarring with what I know of Mordu’s Legion – generally known as mercenaries with honor. Maybe this is somehow tied to Valkyrie. Perhaps they think of themselves as the Dogs of War, but these are the Hounds of Hell – I personally would have associated such more with Sansha or Blood Raiders … but maybe that’s just me.

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4 Responses to This Game is Going to the Dogs

  1. Debir says:

    I might have missed something, but after reading that chronicle I fail to see how the the Minmatar are in any way related to the Legion. Mechanically, I see the attraction. Lore-wise, it seems an odd choice.
    (Perhaps the Legion took in a number of Minmatar (Thukker?) refugees and has developed new ships based on shared technology?)

    • Rhavas says:

      The lore connection is super sketchy IMO. There is a mention somewhere of them being in good standing with the Republic but it’s sort of a throw away. Then again there weren’t any better choices either I suspect.

  2. Ah, you beat me to it! I did some analysis of my own on the names and came up with some nice tin-foil conclusions.
    It talks a little more about the Garmur connection.

    • Rhavas says:

      Readers – if you’ve read this far check out Arcani’s post. The reason I was faster is that he dug deeper and goes into the mythology further than I did.

      Arcani – Not sure I totally agree with your tie to the roosters but it is an interesting possible connection (that’s the fun of this analysis!). I’ve always connected that crest with the old Austrian Empire (and honestly wondered why CCP used it). On the other hand I completely agree with your apocalyptic conclusions. I think (hope?) that CCP is finally going to move the Prophecy of Macaper forward – more on that in a future post.

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