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CSM X Election – Provisional Endorsements

This is the second in a series of articles on the CSM X Election. Those posts will be: Full Endorsements – Candidates I strongly recommend for all voters. Under 12% of the candidates earned a Full Endorsement. Provisional Endorsements (this post) … Continue reading

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CSM X Election – Full Endorsements

So this year has been pretty crazy for those of us who comment on CSM elections. I wrote a thing on the coming election and incumbents a month or so ago, but a ton of new news has come out in the … Continue reading

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Early Thoughts: CSM X Elections and the End of CSM 9

IGNORE THIS POST – FOR FINAL ENDORSEMENTS CLICK HERE Update Feb 20, 2015: This post was written and posted one month ago – in the middle of the winter summit. I’ll admit it was written in some ways to prod people … Continue reading

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Shattered Planets and the Seyllin Incident at Crossing Zebras

If you ever wanted a layman’s version of everything you really need to know about the Seyllin Incident and the shattered planets, with a healthy measure of isogen-5, the Sisters of EVE, and a dose of Blood Raiders and Thukker, … Continue reading

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The Part In Which I Flip My Desk

So … I have off work this week (Thanksgiving week US). I had grand ambitions. Catch up around the house. Catch up on EVE. Write a Pod and Planet entry. Write a bunch of blog posts on Rhea. I re-read … Continue reading

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146 Minutes

I will apologize in advance that this post is going to be very long and literally stream-of-consciousness. I have included a TLDR section at the top for people who may not want to go through it exhaustively, but have left … Continue reading

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So in case you missed it, Hilen Tukoss himself has returned after disappearing nearly three years ago. This is probably due to a lot of things. CCP probably had some old notes that needed a reboot. It might have been … Continue reading

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