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The Revelations of Delegate Zero

Inheritance: Something that is or may be inherited ; property passing at the owner’s death to the heir or those entitled to succeed; legacy. –Dictionary.com, “Inheritance” So CCP Delegate Zero dropped a massive lore dump over the holidays, a Chronicle appropriately titled … Continue reading

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The Pathway to The Next

If you’re not already familiar with The Seven Events of the Apocalypse (also known as The Prophecy of Macaper) – you’re in luck. I wrote an overview of this key piece of New Eden lore for Crossing Zebras. You should go read … Continue reading

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Shattered Planets and the Seyllin Incident at Crossing Zebras

If you ever wanted a layman’s version of everything you really need to know about the Seyllin Incident and the shattered planets, with a healthy measure of isogen-5, the Sisters of EVE, and a dose of Blood Raiders and Thukker, … Continue reading

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This is a story written for the YC 116 Pod and Planet contest. It was the top prize winner in the Day in the Life category! Thanks once again to Sam (and the judges and sponsors) for running this awesome annual … Continue reading

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The Jovian Tightrope

First, I have to compliment CCP on at long last reviving the Sleeper storyline in the lore. I think the hype and fervor that has risen in the player base in the last month shows that it was a shrewd marketing and … Continue reading

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Behind the Curtain

For those curious, I wanted to give a few bits of background to the stories I wrote for Pod and Planet. I’ll work backward, and will bullet point it to TLDR things as much as possible. NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD; READ … Continue reading

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Smashing the Villard Wheel

[UPDATE 14:00] CCP Eterne just published something that confirms Option 1 below. Specifically, it highlights that FD-MLJ and Utopia will be the sites for pirate response. Tactically, this reveals that the Meves group is headed to Syndicate and the Sarum group … Continue reading

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