A Freighter-Load of Wormhole Lore

Hydrostatic Podcast Episode 12

Hydrostatic Podcast Episode 12

I was invited to appear on Hydrostatic Podcast Episode 12 to discuss They’re Lying to You and The Arek’Jaalan Initiative.

It was a fun discussion; Phyridean, Lockefox and Ashterothi are great hosts. They also mercifully cleaned up the rambling discussion into a very tight podcast that is chock full of content.

We cover everything from what might be beyond the new gates to the potential conspiracy between the Sisters of EVE, Intaki Syndicate and Serpentis to the rise and fall (at the hands of CCP) of Project Compass to Guillome Renard’s attempt to revitalize player-driven lore. Of course the real kicker will come this weekend at EVE Vegas when CCP Fozzie announces what his contest’s results are.

Check it out, and let them (and me!) know what you think.

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