Hilen Tukoss

So in case you missed it, Hilen Tukoss himself has returned after disappearing nearly three years ago.

This is probably due to a lot of things. CCP probably had some old notes that needed a reboot. It might have been inspired by a post or two of mine. It may have been nudged hard by a restart of the Arek’Jaalan charter on the IGS forum. Guillome Renard’s stunt on the recent contest probably added to it. In my mind, as I said on Hydrostatic Podcast, the natural place for the “new gate” components is wormhole space. It may simply have been time based on CCP Seagull’s timeline to get those new gates ready for prime time.

Whatever finally prompted it, he’s back from the (presumed) dead, to much shock and rejoicing of lore nuts everywhere, myself included. I’m not really prepared at this point to comment, since I suspect a lot will need to be played out further.

What I know is that CCP has a much smaller resource base this time and they have disclaimed more than once that they will not be supportive of a full-blown revitalization of Arek’Jaalan. So I unfortunately need to give the obligatory disclaimer: Expect something simple.

My hope is that he will be a vehicle for beginning to introduce the new tech toward the gates, and if we’re lucky, will actually reply to many of the outstanding submissions, including Tesseract and Catapult, which are near and dear to my heart. We may even get the full story of the fate of Lianda Burreau. I’m also pleased he’s already advertising Site One as the place where new materials will be gathered – this may cause some player pilgrimages (content!).

While I’d like those things, that wouldn’t have necessarily fit CCP Dropbear’s vision (he was very clearly not interested in applied science, but I always intended to bastardize whatever I researched toward an applied end personally), but maybe it will the new regime. Dropbear also was always focused on things like interactions and biology (which does in fact match the list of body parts Tukoss is asking about) – while most of the actual research projects were much more about physics and history.

My hat is off one way or the other to CCP (my assumption would be CCP Falcon) for having the stones to resurrect such an iconic and controversial character.

While we wait for the story to develop, here is some recommended Hilen Tukoss background reading:

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3 Responses to Revenant

  1. Guillome Renard says:


  2. Calaretu says:

    Very promising turn of events

  3. Druur Monakh says:

    I’m catching up on three months of back posts, so I’m now a month too late with commenting. But nonetheless: this was a promising turn of events.

    I am not fully convinced that the future lies in new WH space, but it is a plausible thought. Or it is just a decoy.

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