The Pathway to The Next


If you’re not already familiar with The Seven Events of the Apocalypse (also known as The Prophecy of Macaper) – you’re in luck. I wrote an overview of this key piece of New Eden lore for Crossing Zebras. You should go read it, then come back here.

Back? OK, so now that you know what the Prophecy is and some of its background, you’ll notice that in the CZ writeup I didn’t spend a lot of time on what my personal beliefs are around it. I prefer to keep the crazier parts of my crystal ball gazing and tinfoil hattery right here at home. So since we’re here, let’s speculate a bit.

From the Formless Void, There Springs an Entity

The first three events are pretty much not in dispute, so we’ll start with #4. The fourth event as listed in the chronicle is, in my opinion, pretty misleading. It is a perfect example of why what we really need is the full text, not just these snippets. The chronicle lists “the appetite of nothing expands over the world.” In fact, this is just one phrase in a much larger scenario that is covered in the Erebus description, and it spends a great deal more time on something entirely different: The Entity.

“From the formless void’s gaping maw, there springs an entity. Not an entity such as any you can conceive of, nor I; an entity more primordial than the elements themselves, yet constantly coming into existence even as it is destroyed. It is the Child of Chaos, the Pathway to the Next.”

In fact, the mention of the darkness and the appetite of nothing is clearly stated as something that happens AFTER the entity!

Over the course of time, I have slowly but surely come to believe that The Entity is The Other – a creature born of pure thought and AI deep within the Sleeper Construct, desperate to get out and into the human (or Jovian) world. This seems probable for several reasons.

  1. It is entirely likely that The Other escaped and came into the New Eden (and Jamyl Sarum’s brain) through “the formless void” – also known as a wormhole.
  2. The Other is clearly an entity that Macaper, speaking a century before the capsuleer era, could not have conceived of.
  3. The Other is a true infomorph, a thing that inhabited a body without ever having had a body, a free-roaming mind. Such a creature would be “coming into existence even as it is destroyed” – does this not describe capsuleers and wormholes as well?
  4. The definition of “primordial” is being of the earliest state of development, ancient and of basic nature. The Other is the very first of its kind, and is as basic as a thing can get – pure thought, pure energy.

The appetite of nothing is just the icing on the cake. Macaper’s prophecies seem to have a poor grip on geography – when she says in earlier events that “a roaring stone silences the world,” she literally meant a single world, not the entire known set of worlds. So it can be safely assumed that “the appetite of nothing expands over the world” could mean one world, not all worlds or the universe. The key question is, what phenomenon is both the appetite of nothing and the formless void? The Seyllin Incident and opening of wormhole space are a pretty good bet, and their clear connection to the actions of The Other make this one feel pretty solid to me.

Theory: The Fourth Event is actually a combination of related events: The birth of The Other, his escape to New Eden, and the Seyllin Incident.

The Little Brother Is Good At Math

Talocan SymbolThe fifth event, “the little brother makes the final sorrowful steps home; he is not welcome”. With CCP’s recent EVE Online Now post linking this quote with the new Drifter battleship, it seems very likely that the Drifters are the fulfillment of the fifth event. But how does this make them “little brother”?

We still have a lot to learn about the Drifters – who they are, why they are technically “Jove”, what the integral-like symbol is that adorns their ships. I recommend reading Tarek Raimo’s excellent summary of the Jove, which describes some of their trials and tribulations. The simple fact is that the Jove were a very fractious lot in their First and Second Empires. There was infighting on all sides and both of these empires collapsed in internecine warfare.

At some point, the Sleepers packed up their stuff and headed out. At another, the Enheduanni began to split from the main Jove. It is entirely possible that the ancient race of Yan Jung were also of Jovian descent, although this was never conclusively stated in any canon source. But the most likely culprits were none of these.

One group of potential Jove descendants are acknowledged to be “masters of Spatial Manipulation and Hypereuclidean Mathematics.” One group has mastered the art of extreme travel via self-made gates and wormholes. One group has intimate ties with the Sleepers as well as their own things. That group is the Talocan.

CCP has given many signposts to this. This link on EVE Online Now gives three entirely separate hints:

  • The symbol looks like something passing through a wormhole
  • The symbol is very close to the mathematical symbol for a volume integral, which is a nice mathematical metaphor for bending space-time via wormholes
  • The quote is Albert Einstein, from a paper called “Geometry and Experience” that specifically deals with hyper-euclidean geometry.

Most of the remaining recent hints from EVE Online now have been of two sorts: Jamyl Sarum giving cryptic warnings about messing with the Sleepers, side by side with quotes from Charles Darwin and statements on the criticality of being adaptable. These two dovetail nicely with the Talocan – their sites in known space are ancient, and their sites in wormhole space look little newer. But it is clear that they were Sleeper linked, and not necessarily in a good way. The suggestion in the wormhole relics is that the Talocan were somehow forced to adapt to adverse circumstances.

Theory: The Little Brother is the Drifters, otherwise known as the decendents of the Talocan. Some catastrophic event forced them to begin a long, atypical migration home – possibly taking “the long way home” from w-space via the slow boat method or as more nearby refugees from the events of Caroline’s Star.

It Depends What You Mean By “One”

The sixth event, “what was many now becomes one when one becomes four” I will admit frankly that the jury is still out – we simply don’t have enough information. It is so vague, so widely applicable, that I believe that we won’t really know until it hits us what this is about.

My suspicion is that this will eventually relate to the new stargates in some way. Maybe it will be that many parts are required to make that first gate, and the gate makes some sort of four-way connection. Maybe it will be legions of separated capsuleers and factions coming together to fight a Jovian or Sleeper empire split between four Jovian subfactions.

On a brief aside note, the “Jove” on Sisi apparently have had an architectural meltdown – none of their stuff matches. I do think that we’re going to see a split in the Jovian line. The old Jove ships and stations don’t match the Sleepers (and Seekers) don’t match the newly-revealed Drifter battleship and massive “listening stations” (which upon further review do match each other). These stations might even be Enheduanni – it would explain why the ships are scanning them, plus the stations’ weird there-one-minute-gone-the-next behavior is almost quantum-like in behavior. Where have I heard that before … oh yeah, Theodicy. Where the Jovian Grious says, “The technology of the Enheduanni is much more advanced than our own. They possess absolute mastery of quantum physics and particle science, and the telltale sign of their presence is non-linear teleportation.”

To add fuel to the fire, there has been a behavioral evolution of the Drifter battleship on the Singularity test server. A week ago, the Drifters were acting like companions, guardians to the Circadian Seekers (which are obviously Sleeper ships from a design point of view). Now, the Drifters seem indifferent to the Seekers – when the Seekers warp in, the Drifters warp out, sometimes together and sometimes separate … and both are scanning the gigantic listening stations.

So the four could even be Talocan, Sleeper, Enheduanni and (classic) Jove. But for now, it’s too soon to tell.

Return of the Dark Light

“Imagine if the bars to your prison were all you had ever known.
Then one day, someone appears and unlocks the door.
If they have the power to do this, then are they really the liberator?
You never remembered who it was that closed you in.”

– Ior Labron, Founder, Society of Conscious Thought

GatefireFinally, the seventh event, “return of the dark light from the heart of the mother” is both ominous and telling. I think this will be directly related to the opening of the first gate. It is obvious that Jamyl Sarum, and thus The Other, know exactly what will happen with that gate. In The Prophecy trailer it is made very clear that the Amarr Empire (read: either the Empires, or the Other, or both) are not happy with that gate being opened – and not just for simple “because power is bad” reasons – it is implied given the level of hardware that the Amarr throw at it that this is, as Macaper would put it, apocalyptic stuff.

So here’s my furthest out on a limb tinfoil. I do think that “the heart of the mother” is a return to Sol or the opposite end of the EVE Gate. But what is most curious is “return of the dark light”. That means that the dark light used to be here. It is known, somewhere in ancient history.

What if the EVE Gate didn’t collapse? What if it was destructively closed … from the New Eden side, in a desperate bid for survival as a destructive force sought to pour through it? And now, full of hubris, we hope to reopen it. Maybe the Drifters are here not to attack us, but to prepare us for the day when we have to flee to another new space, drifters ourselves, as the dark light we allow in when we open our cage devours New Eden.

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29 Responses to The Pathway to The Next

  1. Liner Xiandra says:

    The reasons for the Amarr (or rather Other) trying to either destroy the stargate, or at least preventing others from using it could be found with whatever objective the Other might have within our world. If it wants more destruction that requires fueling the Amarr superweapon, it can’t have Sansha destroying jovian stockpiles / create wormholes / create stargates in the meantime, using the (limited) supplies in New Eden.

  2. Dorian Reu says:

    Keep the tin foil coming. Well done, Sir

  3. Is there an easy primer (as in list of articles etc that I should read) that would give me all the back stories I need to understand most of this? Never been much into the lore of EVE, but I am hella’s curious now, and I know I have catching up to do.

  4. rupytn says:

    Jeez, 10 out of 10. Bauxite prices will skyrocket.

    … there’s got to be another book in this.

  5. Ti Dinzeo says:

    ‘What was many now becomes one when one becomes four’. Sounds like either the Jove factions unite or Capsuleer factions unite (many become one) maybe when The Other somehow infects the leaders of the empires (one becomes four). Leading to the fall of the empires as we know then now, which we know has pretty much always been a long term goal of CCP

  6. Kamar Raimo says:

    I always considered the Talocan to be a separate race. When the Sleepers arrived in Anoikis they were already there (there are site descriptions mentioning that the Talocan structures are older) Do you have anything to point to which could explain that they were actually once the same people? If so, that would throw quite a bit of my theories into chaos.

    As for the sixth event, I have speculated that “what was many now becomes one when one becomes four. “could mean that the many Jovian splinter groups reunite to form the fourth Jovian Empire.

    • Rhavas says:

      As always, you cut to the heart of the matter. There’s no proof that the Talocan are a Jove branch, but it just FEELS right to me. My operating theory is that the two of them left together, or the Talocan first followed by the Sleepers, and then the Talocan left, either away or into the Construct, and the Sleepers stayed in w-space and continued to evolve their structures and capabilities.

      I actually did also like your idea on the Lore Panel that “the mother” might be Sarum. That would be super weird but cool.

  7. Radical Divinity says:

    I’ll leave this here in re: “What was many now becomes one when one becomes four’.

    • Radical Divinity says:

      Also, in regards to the fourth; I think you’re right in that it refers to the Entity but I’m inclined to believe it encompasses more. The Entity, for all intents and purposes, is sheer Ego. Both by definition of how it can be classified as well as it’s plan; it sees itself as the next stage of evolution or an evolution, i.e; “The Pathway of the Next” and as well “more primordial than the elements” seems to suggest something beyond physical composition; an idea, a natural process. Taking that further and applying the context of the line “Child of Chaos”, it’s easy to see that ‘Chaos’ here could mean a couple of things:
      1) Literal change that occurs from chaos or bringer of change
      2) A more metaphorical descriptor of Entropy ( )

      Here, I believe we’re looking at entropy in how it applies to evolution and indeed,
      ‘What was many now becomes one when one becomes four’ as it is defined within the Axiom of Maria as stated by Carl Jung

      One is unconscious wholeness; two is the conflict of opposites; three points to a potential resolution; the third is the transcendent function, described as a “psychic function that arises from the tension between consciousness and the unconscious and supports their union”;[3] and the one as the fourth is a transformed state of consciousness, relatively whole and at peace.

      Or, also

      “It begins with the four separate elements, the state of chaos, and ascends by degrees to the three manifestations of Mercurius[4] in the inorganic, organic, and spiritual worlds; and, after attaining the form of Sol and Luna (i.e., the precious metal gold and silver, but also the radiance of the gods who can overcome the strife of the elements by love), it culminates in the one and indivisible (incorruptible, ethereal, eternal) nature of the anima, the quinta essentia, aqua permanens, tincture, or lapis philosophorum. This progression from the number 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 is the ‘axiom of Maria’…”[5]

      This could be seen as the evolution of the Entity, it’s lifecycle and can even be applied to the Empyreans in Eve who, as individuals, were born from separate nations embroiled within a state of strife and chaos but have become more than just human and have reached a next step of evolution by incorporating the Pod (the inorganic), the Cloning (organic) to achieve Immortality (spiritual).

      Too, I believe this could be a foreshadowing of the Four Empires joining forces against the Entity.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to go on regarding the ‘Little brothers makes the sorrowful trip home and is not welcome” just yet.

      Finally, the ‘dark light of the mother’ is interesting. “Dark light” made me think of which is the color that some humans see in the absence of light, seen as a uniform grey. This I think is the death of an important star or perhaps even the death of Jamyl.

      I also just wanted to point out that the first three events have each occurred in separate factions with the first being the Caldari, the Gallente and finally the Amarr. Currently, I’m trying to research how each event might actually reflect the current social/political events that were/are occurring. The Caldari event was the ‘cosmetic cosmic kiss’ collision that occurred at the edge of the solar system (strife? A border conflict with the Gallente?). The second was the flooding of the Gallente planet which reminds me of the Caldari attack on the underwater city while the third is the Amarrian citizens going deaf – nothing I can relate to.

      Honestly, I think the Prophecy might actually be referring back to itself within the Sixth event but understanding what exactly the previous 4/5 events are and what they represent will be necessary to understand the final 6 and 7 events. I have far less IG knowledge than you, though, so I hope at least my approach can help.

      • Radical Divinity says:

        Also, the ‘return of the dark light of the mother’ I just realized that in Biblical terms we could look at “Eve” as the Mother of Humanity. Thus, it might be the opening the Eve Gate or something involved with the gate – another superweapon or whatever force destroyed the gate in the first place.

      • Rhavas says:

        Definitely some cool connections here. One thing you point out that I keep coming back to and can’t make sense of is that I can’t help but notice that the first is Caldari, the second Gallente and the third Amarr … should the fourth be Minmatar? If so, then it doesn’t fit the wormholes, which were largely Amarr/Gallente unless we’re talking about the Thukker, which also doesn’t fit. The Elders? Still room for new info.

  8. qoonpooka says:

    Your shit has started to give me chills, Rhav. Bob save us all, if you’re right.

  9. Ollie Rundle says:

    Random speculation:
    One becomes four – could this be referencing humanity as a whole starting to split into regular humans + three types of transhuman (ie. capsuleers, legion/dust soldiers and Valkyries) and then leaving the old Empires/ideologies behind by opening their player-built gates as shown in The Prophecy trailer?

  10. I am having a love hate relationship with this. I watched the two lore panels Saturday (yes my wife thinks I am a little more nuts now) and have been consuming as much background as possible, but still, I am clueless.

    One bit of tinfoil to add though. Maybe we have it backwards. the seekers (and therefore sleepers) are the little brother. Some of the background talked about with Caroline’s star in your previous post posited that the event linked Anokis and Kspace. What if the connection was a bit more distant? What if one of the power sources that was destroyed was in W-space. Either a dyson sphere in a still closed system, or that the shattered wormholes contained more, and collected the primary amount of energy needed by the sleepers between them?

    The power source being in new eden makes sense from a history standpoint. they started here, and may have built one energy collection rig here, but the more I think about it beaming the energy to Wspace cant be that easy. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to build local collection rigs? possibly still connected somehow with the one in K space for backup? Whatever destroyed the star deep in the heart of Jove space could have also thrown the sleeper system out of whack because of some still existing connection.

    The Drifter BS is a beast. That much is true, (At least one carrier was lost on the first day of the expansion) But what if they are guardians of the mysterious structures? If they those structures were fed power from the source near Caroline’s star (why wouldn’t you as the Jove/whoever else tap that power source even if you didn’t make it?) then they could be checking that everything in these secret bases is alright. They attack us because those structures shouldn’t be there, and they want it kept secret. The sleepers, suffering massive brownouts (I want a brown dwarf joke to go here, but I cant get it out of my brain) are heading home. They know that these structures are there and are trying to figure out if they are staffed.

    Tl;Dr: The sleepers are “little brother” they are trying to make contact with the Jove. who don’t want them. The drifters are here to keep the sleepers out, but will take out anything else they see to try and keep the secret of their stations… secret.

    So I lied. that much tinfoil could probably build a boat to float me.


    • I thought about this on the way home and realized that it needs more explanation to at all make sense. First: the drifters Don’t strike me as “little brother” their little weapon can do tremendous amounts of damage, and that ignores their regular dps. It wouldn’t be shocking to me if a couple could take down a manned titan, and without a ton of help.

      Second, when I look at “the final sorrowful steps home” it implies to me at least that this is a long journey. The sleepers had the longest way to travel and that just seems to make sense.

      Third, the seekers are trying to find something, we assume that this is a physical thing, whatever it be, new power sources etc, but it could be different. It could be they are seeking reunion with their long lost brethren.

      An alternate idea: Little brother is The Other, or the others who came after him. We assume, for various reasons, that The Other, who partly controls the empress is in control of all the sleepers, but if (s)he was the first then there is no real reason I can see for it to be the most powerful. It is incredibly possible that the newer infomorphs spawned by the machine are more powerful, and likely to control the sleepers, especially since The Other has struggled to control just one human. If we assume that these spawned bodyless infomorphs have feelings, and are not at their core pure evil then they might feel a kinship with the Jove because they know that is where they came from, but the Jove feel similarly to the sleepers and reject them because they are not born, even by Jove tube baby standards.

      The images of the drifters also made me think of the Takmahl, the experts in “cybernetics and bio-engineering technology.” given by ccp just made me think that way.

      there are a bunch more things swirling around in my head (it was an interesting drive home from work) but not concrete enough (even by the standards that i have written these last two things) to put to paper yet


    • this is what happens when I write after a patch before I can get on and actually play and look at stuff… half of that is impossible now…. :::SIGH:::


  11. Shtu says:

    I think the little brother are the Sansha. Look at the Revenant description, this seems to me a bit sorrowfull:

    “Do you know what you are, capsuleer? The truth will not comfort you.
    You are a frightened child running headfirst towards oblivion.
    And I?
    I am the only one who tried to stop you.
    I am the Messiah that you turned against.
    You persecuted me, hunted my children.
    Vowed to burn my Promised Land to ash.
    Now I have returned, and I know you better than you know yourself.
    I will vanquish your fear, and commute your flesh to dust.
    – Sansha Kuvakei”

    Remember that they had to flee from their little empire when the big for factions turned against them. And when they returned, they where not welcomed.

    • Rhavas says:

      Sansha is definitely a candidate as well, no denying it.

      • Shtu says:

        Looking in the dictionary, it seems that the “sorrowfull” can be interpreted as “causing sorrow” and that perfectly fits describing the sansha incursions in empire loking from the perspective of the people that inhabit New Eden.

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