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Deployables Part 3: Duty Now for the Future

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with this very long analysis of a very long thread. As promised, this post will be shorter! You can check out the full thread of responses to CCP Fozzie calling for deployable … Continue reading

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Adrenaline Rush (Blog Banter 51)

Kirith Kodachi and Druur Monakh ask this for Blog Banter 51: What was your most nail-biting experience in EVE Online so far? It could be PvP in a 1v1 or 1000v1000, your first fight or your latest one, a scam … Continue reading

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This story is an entry in the YC115 Pod and Planet Fiction Contest in the “A Day in the Life” category, because while it fits the majority of the canon, there are a few “real” people in it and the core … Continue reading

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SOE Ship Names: It May Not Make Sense At First

Think about that. It may not make sense at first. -CCP Dropbear So today CCP Rise casually dropped the names of the new SOE ships in his stats thread on the forums: the Astero frigate and the Stratios cruiser. I’ll … Continue reading

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The Humans Are The Real Monsters

WARNING: This entire post is speculation and a good portion may be tinfoil hattery. But take a read. Maybe you’ll find it plausible. “[Crowley] rather liked people. It was major failing in a demon. Oh, he did his best to … Continue reading

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Odyssey Speculation: Art Analysis

As I write this, very few details are known about the new EVE Online expansion, Odyssey. There is some key art. There are some hints about content. And the screenshots of systems on the release site. To the uninitiated the … Continue reading

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“EVE W-Space” Map Tool Alpha Test Now Open

In my 2012 awards I recognized Marbin Drakon as the recipient of the award for the most useful w-space toolset. Most of you have no idea who Marbin is. I’m pleased to introduce him to you. Honestly I’m a little … Continue reading

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Fortune Favors the Bold

Every now and then, a proposition presents itself that requires a hard decision. We had one of those tonight. We had just had a completely uneventful 4-man roam in Aridia, once again living down to its crappy potential. I was … Continue reading

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This was originally written for the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest, in the A Day in the Life category, and took first prize! All contest entries can be found here. Caldari Navy Station, Planet 4 Moon 4, Jita, The Forge … Continue reading

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Shattered – Part 7: Synchronicity

Rhavas travels to 35-RK9 and 3HQC-6 and finds not only more info on the shattered worlds, but some concerning parallels in the wormhole systems. Continue reading

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