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J005299 – Sansha’s Override

This is a very brief post, largely for future reference. Future Corps / Sleeper Social Club has been exploring every shattered system we find in depth. So far, other than Thera itself, the most interesting system we’ve found has been … Continue reading

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I Believe In Bara Claus

So a few weeks ago I wrote a letter to Santa (Bara) Claus, aka CCP Karkur, keeper of the Little Things list. She responded via Twitter that she liked one of the ideas (not specific to which). Today she tweeted … Continue reading

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Odyssey Speculation: Art Analysis

As I write this, very few details are known about the new EVE Online expansion, Odyssey. There is some key art. There are some hints about content. And the screenshots of systems on the release site. To the uninitiated the … Continue reading

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Wrath of Bob

I spent a good deal of time cryptically tweeting about Bob the Wormhole God this weekend. Bob is patient, but he demands sacrifice. This will also give you the time scale of what it takes to do a siege in … Continue reading

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A preview of the spectacular new nebulae coming soon to New Eden (20 screencaps), as well the Minmatar Tornado battlecruser and some feedback for the CCP Art Department. Continue reading

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Ship Gallery: Industrials

Photo gallery of the Minmatar T1 Industrial haulers – Wreathe, Hoarder and Mammoth. Continue reading

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Ship Gallery: Tacklers (PLUS: 1 Year of Interstellar Privateer!)

Photo gallery of the Vigil in Ninja Salvager and Tackler formats and of the Stiletto Fleet Interceptor. Plus, the 1-year anniversary of this blog! Continue reading

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