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Smashing the Villard Wheel

[UPDATE 14:00] CCP Eterne just published something that confirms Option 1 below. Specifically, it highlights that FD-MLJ and Utopia will be the sites for pirate response. Tactically, this reveals that the Meves group is headed to Syndicate and the Sarum group … Continue reading

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This story is an entry in the YC115 Pod and Planet Fiction Contest in the “A Day in the Life” category, because while it fits the majority of the canon, there are a few “real” people in it and the core … Continue reading

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Wrath of Bob

I spent a good deal of time cryptically tweeting about Bob the Wormhole God this weekend. Bob is patient, but he demands sacrifice. This will also give you the time scale of what it takes to do a siege in … Continue reading

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Fortune Favors the Bold

Every now and then, a proposition presents itself that requires a hard decision. We had one of those tonight. We had just had a completely uneventful 4-man roam in Aridia, once again living down to its crappy potential. I was … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Fear

Warning: This post is highly generalized, stereotyped and a bit tongue in cheek. Humor me and provide some of your own stories in the comments rather than taking it personally. 🙂 The more people I talk to and the more time I … Continue reading

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Retribution Review, Part 3: Choices

As promised, this is my final installment of my Retribution review, focused specifically on CCP Fozzie’s rebalancing of frigate and cruiser hulls. If you missed them, Part 1 covered CCP responses to my biggest beefs, and Part 2 covered my thoughts on the … Continue reading

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Unbreaking Local – An EVE Intel System Proposal (Blog Banter 44)

EDIT: My thanks to Seismic Stan at Freebooted, who took up the cause and turned this topic into Blog Banter 44 a couple weeks after I published this post. It has turned into a great discussion across the EVE blogging community … Continue reading

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The New Eden Tournament Season (Blog Banter 40)

Seismic Stan at Freebooted has kicked up Blog Banter 40. After watching the first weekend of the New Eden Open, I finally have something to say on the topic. There is no finer spectacle in the universe of EVE Online … Continue reading

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This was originally written for the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest, in the A Day in the Life category, and took first prize! All contest entries can be found here. Caldari Navy Station, Planet 4 Moon 4, Jita, The Forge … Continue reading

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Watching Troy Burn

So … we had this big plan. Our intel team had been searching for weeks for a good candidate to seige. A target corp with sizable numbers and sizeable assets. A wormhole that required some sophisticated running techniques, and one … Continue reading

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