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Industrial Art

Vareth looked at Scotty the Docking Manager with distaste. “You can’t be serious.” Scotty chuckled and kicked his feet up on the rail, looking down at the industrials in the docking bay below. “I am, I tell you. Goddamn ship … Continue reading

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The Humans Are The Real Monsters

WARNING: This entire post is speculation and a good portion may be tinfoil hattery. But take a read. Maybe you’ll find it plausible. “[Crowley] rather liked people. It was major failing in a demon. Oh, he did his best to … Continue reading

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Consequence (Blog Banter 46)

Seismic Stan of Freebooted has kicked off Blog Banter 46: The Main Event. With the return of Live Events such as the Battle for Caldari Prime, clearly the prime fiction of EVE is back in favour as part of this … Continue reading

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Odyssey Speculation: Art Analysis

As I write this, very few details are known about the new EVE Online expansion, Odyssey. There is some key art. There are some hints about content. And the screenshots of systems on the release site. To the uninitiated the … Continue reading

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