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A Freighter-Load of Wormhole Lore

I was invited to appear on Hydrostatic Podcast Episode 12 to discuss They’re Lying to You and The Arek’Jaalan Initiative. It was a fun discussion; Phyridean, Lockefox and Ashterothi are great hosts. They also mercifully cleaned up the rambling discussion … Continue reading

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They’re Lying To You

So today CCP Fozzie rolled out some details behind two in-character news pieces (here and here). Long story short, the empires are having a contest for who can bring them the most of two of the four kinds of Sleeper … Continue reading

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Deployables Part 3: Duty Now for the Future

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with this very long analysis of a very long thread. As promised, this post will be shorter! You can check out the full thread of responses to CCP Fozzie calling for deployable … Continue reading

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SOE Ship Names: It May Not Make Sense At First

Think about that. It may not make sense at first. -CCP Dropbear So today CCP Rise casually dropped the names of the new SOE ships in his stats thread on the forums: the Astero frigate and the Stratios cruiser. I’ll … Continue reading

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Escape Velocity

So … this has happened before. In June of 2011, I had gotten through my newbie and EVE University period, had spent a great deal of time exploring and writing Shattered, and was enjoying pirate life. But I had despaired that … Continue reading

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The Humans Are The Real Monsters

WARNING: This entire post is speculation and a good portion may be tinfoil hattery. But take a read. Maybe you’ll find it plausible. “[Crowley] rather liked people. It was major failing in a demon. Oh, he did his best to … Continue reading

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Consequence (Blog Banter 46)

Seismic Stan of Freebooted has kicked off Blog Banter 46: The Main Event. With the return of Live Events such as the Battle for Caldari Prime, clearly the prime fiction of EVE is back in favour as part of this … Continue reading

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