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Shattered Planets and the Seyllin Incident at Crossing Zebras

If you ever wanted a layman’s version of everything you really need to know about the Seyllin Incident and the shattered planets, with a healthy measure of isogen-5, the Sisters of EVE, and a dose of Blood Raiders and Thukker, … Continue reading

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“Unchained” Wins First Place in Pod & Planet Day in the Life

In case you somehow missed it on Twitter and Reddit, I’m very pleased to announce that Unchained, a speculative story about the creation of The Other, won the top prize in the Pod & Planet Day in the Life category! … Continue reading

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Caroline’s Star, Part 3: The Theory of Evolution of Theories

THIS IS POST 3 OF 4 IN THIS SERIES. The first contains the bulk of the documentable evidence and the second contains the tinfoil hattery of how I think Caroline’s Star occurred. This one is an anecdote to show how easily … Continue reading

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Caroline’s Star, Part 2: Anatomy of a Catastrophe

THIS IS PART TWO OF FOUR. In Part 1, I lay out the more firm evidence base the below conclusions are based on. Part 3 is actually an appendix to the first two (see the * below) that explains the evolution of one … Continue reading

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Caroline’s Star, Part 1: Phenomenal Cosmic Power (Itty Bitty Living Space)

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS POST ONE OF FOUR. It covers the baseline facts that support my theorizing. Part 2 covers the actual theorizing and tinfoil hattery. Part 3 covers the evolution of one of those theories. Part 4, written a … Continue reading

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J005299 – Sansha’s Override

This is a very brief post, largely for future reference. Future Corps / Sleeper Social Club has been exploring every shattered system we find in depth. So far, other than Thera itself, the most interesting system we’ve found has been … Continue reading

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Sleight of Hand

This is going to be a very short post because people are already looking in Rhea and I won’t be able to jump on for at least 9 more hours, maybe more like 30 – I barely have time to … Continue reading

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