Naming Rights

Nova. Hollywood. Mittanigrad. System names with history. With meaning. Systems in EVE that you will never find on any map.

I’ve been sitting on this post for over two years, since February 2013. It was originally inspired by a tweet from Pandemic Legion to the effect that the only fun thing about taking sov was renaming the stations/outposts they were capturing. At the time, they were naming them for Game of Thrones spoilers.

I’ve been thinking off and on for two years trying to come up for a profound angle on this, but frankly it’s a pretty simple idea, and now that sov is under review, and there is an official named wormhole system (Thera), it’s time for this idea to come to the surface.

Simply put, given a very high bar of system ownership conditions, alliances should be able to rename a sovereign nullsec or wormhole system (of course these names can and should be subject to CCP’s naming rules). The default JXXXXXX wormhole and XXX-XX nullsec names are uninspiring and lend themselves to the vast undifferentiated frontier rather than to the very human drive to name and claim things that are theirs, populated and visible.

In the game this could potentially be done by having a “common name” attribute for the system that would differ from the “true” name of the system. This ties directly to a group’s need for ownership and symbolism of that ownership, which is a (good) goal presented by CCP for the new sov system. What better way to plant your flag and stake your claim than to name your new home?

On screen this could present as <CommonName> (<TrueName>), i.e. Mittanigrad (VFK-IV)

In the case of sovereign nullsec, this is a pretty simple proposition. Set a high bar for sovereignty level and length of time owned. Set a high bar for ongoing usage statistics that move the indices CCP is working on for sov. It is also a clear match or upgrade for the new “plant your flag” version of the TCU.

In the case of wormholes it is a bit tougher. When I originally wrote the post I thought that it would require moon-locking the entire system with POS for a similar time period, as well as a certain amount of site-running and kill activity. With the coming changes to structures, this is now a bit up for grabs but should be considered in CCP’s structure planning. Again, the TCU could address this without bringing weirdness to w-space if properly implemented (an item that does nothing but bring naming rights and a POS fuel bonus would be welcome).

And in the end, it would not be permanent. Humanity is built upon the ruins of past civilizations lost, with new names and new faces. If maintenance conditions passed, a slow timeout would begin – say, three months – and then the “common name” would reset and it would simply be its universal identifier once again, with only Dotlan’s record to tell the tale until the rise of the next overlord of the system.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for almost three years. Let us show it for all to see and know that this is no ordinary system they have stumbled upon.

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12 Responses to Naming Rights

  1. Naming rights could be one of the more attractive perks of ‘planting your flag’.

  2. planeseeker says:

    Heh, if ship/player names are anything to go by, I would think a large number of systems would be named after genitalia, followed by immediate family and then anything that might be offensive to someone. Not all, just enough that it would prove hilarious to explain how to get about in null.

    • Rhavas says:

      Probably but that could happen today with station names, so the ship has already sailed on that score.

    • TurAmarth says:

      Oh hell no… as I said below, “…per CCP approval and within the bounds of decency etc., etc.” The EVE playerbase should NEVER be allowed to play outside unsupervised… ever.

  3. TurAmarth says:

    I have wondered why this is not so since I first jumped into wormholes… IRL if/when we finally do venture out I hope it will be like it was in the olden days… first to make a footprint gets to name the rock (per CCP approval and within the bounds of decency etc.). I always felt the nullsec and wormhole systems should have been named something like they are now to begin with though I would have preferred CCP using a system similar (mebbe not as complex) to the Guide Star Catalog II, also known as the Hubble Space Telescope, Guide Catalog (HSTGC) the first full sky star catalog created ‘specifically’ for navigation in outer space.

    Using something akin to the GSCII we would end up with ‘official’ names similar to what we have today… but… back in 2003 (or whenever) the very first person to jump into a system ‘should’ have been prompted to give the system a ‘Common Name’ in addition to it’s ‘official’ name… and the first person to land at ‘0’ at any planet or moon… yes moons should have names too… that person ‘should’ have been prompted to give the planet/moon a ‘Common Name’ in addition to it’s ‘official’ designation… “Fools Landing” in addition to “B-R5RB PIII” for example.

    Then once Sov was established or changed, all names (system and orbital bodies) could be ‘officially’ changed by the Sov holder (internally and per CCP approval and within the bounds of decency etc., etc.)… Once named any system, planet or moon retains that common name until it is officially changed… hence we would have some real history, some actual player lore in the game…

    I cannot for the life of me understand why CCP did not consider this way back when…

    Oh and while we’re at it… whyinhell can’t I rename my effin POD and have it STAY renamed hmmmm????

  4. My old corp had an arm that lived in a WH for over 18 months. Our name for it was “Casablanca” and were proud of our little C2. 🙂 Naming it would have been a big deal to us.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Shipt it! o wait you are not part of CCP… .
    In any case would be fun for each system to have a page like in the old man chronicle.
    It would make the space you inhabit a bit more meaning full .

    • Rhavas says:

      Old Man Star was definitely one of the things I had in mind when I wrote this. I believe Seyllin also has an old universal designator in a chronicle.

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