“Unchained” Wins First Place in Pod & Planet Day in the Life

In case you somehow missed it on Twitter and Reddit, I’m very pleased to announce that Unchained, a speculative story about the creation of The Other, won the top prize in the Pod & Planet Day in the Life category! It’s really an honor to win given the high-caliber judging and competition. Telegram Sam does a great job getting sponsors and judges every year – if you didn’t compete this year, come back next October and get in!

I’m especially happy that Kirith Kodachi won this year for his entry Borrowed Time. I honestly believed he should have won last year’s 8000 Suns category for The Life of Nina Cruz, which didn’t even make Honorable Mention, so I’m thrilled for him this year coming away with the top prize. I was also happy to see prizes awarded to some of my perrenial favorite authors like Drackarn and Sugar Kyle.

There were numerous amazing stories this year, and you can check out all the winners here. You can check out the entire list and links to all the stories here.

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2 Responses to “Unchained” Wins First Place in Pod & Planet Day in the Life

  1. Kristorm says:

    I read your story and you gave me a wonderful time ! Your style is fluid, the descriptions of the characters and places were very good.

    Congrats Ravas 😉

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