Shattered Planets and the Seyllin Incident at Crossing Zebras


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If you ever wanted a layman’s version of everything you really need to know about the Seyllin Incident and the shattered planets, with a healthy measure of isogen-5, the Sisters of EVE, and a dose of Blood Raiders and Thukker, check out my overview posted today at Crossing Zebras.

The CZ guys requested I write this as part of their recent lore series. It was great working with Niden and Tarek; I found Niden is a solid editor-in-chief to work with.

This also prompted me to redo a bit of the site – you will now find a couple of revamped sections at the top, one that highlights all my off-blog activity from podcasts to guest writing pieces on other sites, and another that highlights the fiction pieces that have earned contest awards.

Thank you, my fellow pilots, for all the support you’ve given this blog and my writing over the last five years. Fly dangerous.

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1 Response to Shattered Planets and the Seyllin Incident at Crossing Zebras

  1. Alek Azam says:

    Boo! I can’t read CZ at work 😦

    That means I am going to have to engage some form of cognitive brain function and actually remeber something.

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