J005299 – Sansha’s Override

The Silent Battlefield - Click to Enlarge

The J005299 Silent Battlefield – Click to Enlarge

This is a very brief post, largely for future reference. Future Corps / Sleeper Social Club has been exploring every shattered system we find in depth. So far, other than Thera itself, the most interesting system we’ve found has been J005299.

UPDATE 12/22: I was just pointed to Gentleman Gamer’s video the day after our find pointing out that this setup is also seen in J011195. Related forum thread is here. It is important to note that both of these systems are Class 4, within the same region (D-R00016) and constellation (D-C00328). I suspect this will be important later.

I have begun thinking of this system these systems as “Sansha’s staging systems” – the places where they based to launch their incursions into k-space. It is one of the They are systems that have the uncommon find of a Silent Battlefield of Sansha and Sleeper wreckage, but there is something more important yet at the Epicenter.

Sansha Logistics Control Arrays surrounding a Talocan Static Gate array - Click to Enlarge

Sansha Logistics Control Arrays surrounding a Talocan Static Gate array – Click to Enlarge


Epicenter cross-section, J005299 showing destroyed Sansha station, Static Gate array and Sansha Logistics Control Arrays – Click to Enlarge

Under the assumption that the Talocan Static Gates were previously functional, what these pictures show is a Sansha station (now wrecked) for them to operate from, as well as each static gate structure surrounded by Sansha control structures. These structures and the Sansha Incursion ships guarding them are unique to just this wormhole so far as we have discovered to date. The system is also filled with Sansha locations rather than Sleeper ones, which further reinforces the theory.

My corpmate Uxeric Straevaras has posted an extensive album of J005299 here as well. More to come as we find it.

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7 Responses to J005299 – Sansha’s Override

  1. Tarek Raimo says:

    Too bad that CCP took away the possibility to triangulate positions relative to New Eden. I would love to know where that place is. Many have guessed that the shattered systems must be the ones in Jove space and I find that a decent hypothesis considering that Caroline’s Star appeared there and may be the cause.

  2. John Wolfsson says:

    i dont believe these systems are in fact in k-space (jove) , because we dont seen usual stars from them (caroline star would be visible if they were in k-space )

  3. Loki says:

    I wonder if CCP are setting the stage to use what’s happening in the Sansha w-space/jove space as a way to nerf k-space Incusions

  4. Sar Hasarin says:

    An amateur lore theorist offering to the Masters:

    The Sansha were not using an “artificial wormhole generator”, but were using the Shattered Wormholes to get into K-Space for their Incursions. When the Event in Jove Space, that killed the Jove gates, occurred, it shattered the Sansha Overide system base and the other Shattered systems. It also caused them to be found by us through scanning. That is the reason the Sansha had to use the star gates in Oasa.

    Is there any history of the Sansha Incursions that shows where they occurred? Can we use the, seemingly random, wormholes that currently lead to K-Space from the Shattered wormholes to see if they correlate with the historical Sansha Incursions?
    Where did the Sansha go when they could not get back to their destroyed base?

    • Rhavas says:

      As to your first paragraph, I agree completely – that’s my current working theory as well.

      Unfortunately the Sansha is less of a strong point for me – I know there are some things you can find but they’re pretty disjointed.

      I do highly recommend checking out Tarek Raimo’s awesome Sansha History post on Crossing Zebras for more info: http://crossingzebras.com/the-promised-land/

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