Sleight of Hand

This is going to be a very short post because people are already looking in Rhea and I won’t be able to jump on for at least 9 more hours, maybe more like 30 – I barely have time to type this now. So capsuleers, I need you to be my eyes and ears. Post things to Twitter, Reddit, Forums, whatever. I’ll post something more when I can.

But here’s your massive Out of Character tinfoil of the day, brought to you by CCP Fozzie and (via my corpmate Straevaras):

  • Straevaras pointed out this Eyondawn from Reddit thread a pic accidentally highlights that a non-Thera shattered wormhole also has an Epicenter. This means that more than one – and potentially all – of the new wormholes have Epicenters.

  • Fozzie sent out this tweet:

6h6 hours ago

There are big and small secrets to be found in the new systems. One is huge and obvious once you see it. Bets on how long until it’s found?

This might not seem to be much. But it ties in with the piles of unfolded tinfoil I have half-written and in draft from the last few weeks. I hope to write more soon.

The upshot: Thera is not the most important place in Rhea, lore-wise. It’s second. They want you to look at Thera so it takes longer to find the Real Deal – the source of Caroline’s Star.

Here’s my bet: In one of the new shattered wormhole systems, you will find the ruins of a dyson sphere. This exists in an unknown system in the lore already, as briefly noted in Templar One. Can you imagine this thing – and its battery of stored power – exploding?

It might be an actual named Jove system too, reached by a hole, not a J-sig system – this explains the destruction of Jove gates – not just due to the explosion, but because CCP wants to contain us to a single system. If not a Jove system, it might be one of the small wolf-rayets (short story to be made longer later – O1 Blue stars can collapse into wolf-rayets).

The key is the multiple epicenters. That means that the real epicenter is somewhere else. It explains why not every planet is shattered. We may be looking in the wrong place – Thera’s the hand, but the ace is somewhere else.

So here are your action items spacefriends:

  • If you find a shattered wormhole, warp to the sun and LOOK. Don’t count on there being a beacon.
  • Check all beacons.
  • Turn on Large Collidable Object in your Overviews and check anything you don’t recognize.
  • Screenshot all the things.

Go go go, I’m living vicariously out here in RL.

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11 Responses to Sleight of Hand

  1. Sar Hasarin says:

    Thera was the ancient Greek name for the Volcano that erupted on what is present day Santorini. It destroyed numerous neighboring islands and settlements. Shattered villages = shattered wormholes?

  2. I noticed a lot of systems in Branch (and Tenal) featured new landmark beacons.

  3. anoymous says:

    I saw on a post about a revenant supercarrier wreck in one of the holes.

  4. JetCord says:

    i saw a group of sleeper drones named as circadian seekers in amarr space today . doing weird thing – they i think was scanning my ship. any ideas?

  5. Anonymous says:

    OK, I am in one of the new holes. J011563, 5 planets, an epicenter with violent whs, rifts, Talocan gates and sleepers that do not show on overview. Sun is very, very bright blue A0IV (This bright blue star emits unusually high neutrino levels and experiences frequent coronal mass ejections at unpredictable intervals.) Nothing I could find at the sun. I am going to hold the hole with an alt. Here I go down the rabbit hole! Lots of structures to check out. Is there a better place to put this info?

    Experts have been unable to determine the cause of this violent instability.

    • Rhavas says:

      Right now the things you are describing appear to be in all the Shattered holes. Epicenter with a handful of Talocan and a lot of Sleeper structures. Keep hunting!

  6. Sar Hasarin says:

    Ok I am in one now. J011563, 5 planets, an Epicenter with violent wormholes, Talacon gates, rifts and sleepers that do not show on overview. Lot of structures; none at sun which is very bright blue (A0IV) with this info: “This bright blue star emits unusually high neutrino levels and experiences frequent coronal mass ejections at unpredictable intervals.Experts have been unable to determine the cause of this violent instability.”

    I am holding the hole with an alt. Is there a better place to put this info? Is there a central ifo spot?

  7. o/
    Nothing too much wrong with star, yet there is another star? huge ball of light? Caroline star? visible crealy in space, nothing in overview.
    Also strange crystal formation of light in space, yet unreachable also.
    Screenshots incoming.

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