CSM 9 Voting Slate

csmlogo-blackSo once again we’re on Dolan Standard Time (i.e. the voting site is not up yet even though it was going to be up at downtime. See also time frames for winner announcements and last two summit minutes). So while you wait, here is some information for voters new and old. If you are looking for my endorsements (which is different than my voting slate due to the STV mechanics!) check here.

Last year was my first encounter with a live STV election, which is how CSM voting works. In short, your vote trickles downhill if the person you voted for explicitly gets elected or gets mathematically eliminated. Therefore your top vote is critical as are your top 5-10. For this reason, I strongly recommend that at minimum you list at least 5 choices.

It also became very clear with the high level of organization of last year’s wormhole voters that non-null-bloc candidates can get “bloc voted” if their constituents are disciplined and treat the candidates of a given type as a bloc.

TLDR: I’ll suggest a couple of mini-blocs (Lowsec, Highsec, New Players, Wormholes) here to top your lists. In addition, you’ll find my own personal ballot at the end. I’ll leave sov null bloc list creation to the CFC, PL, N3 and allies.

Lowsec Players: This year there are finally lowsec candidates. Both are great, both deserve your vote, and if Low Sec all votes together it is very realistic that one will get on, and potentially both. But if you want that to happen, Sugar Kyle and DJ FunkyBacon must be 1-2 on your list! If you put them further down, they risk not getting in. I think FunkyBacon has a better shot than Sugar right now, even though I think Sugar is the better choice, because FunkyBacon has a large base of voters in the form of the Faction War crowd, where Sugar pulls more strongly from the rest of Lowsec. List them both in the top two positions on your ballot! Of course James Arget should be #3. 🙂

New Players, Brave Newbies, EVE University: Wow have you got a crop to pick from this year. The founder of BN, people who live in UNI chat or teach classes there, newbies themselves who are running. Here is my recommended ballot-topper for new players:

    • Sugar Kyle (Literally sits in rookie chat and E-UNI mumble on her off time to adopt and answer questions for new players all the time)
    • Ali Aras (Ran as a newbie last year, still a major focus of her campaign)
    • James Arget (Graduate of E-UNI, long-time contributor there)
    • Karen Galeo (A wormholer and newbie herself)
    • Matias Otero (Founder of Brave Newbies)
    • Mike Azariah (A very new player friendly candidate who focuses on highsec, missioning, incursions, etc.)
    • DJ FunkyBacon (Representative for Faction War, a common place for newbies to go first)
    • Mangala Solaris (Representative for Red vs Blue, another common newbie starter location)
    • Asayanami Dei (Creator of the Wormhole Fundamentals videos to help new wormhole players)

Highsec Players: Like Lowsec, your options are a bit limited, but there are key people you should hit if you want to champion the highsec lifestyle. There are actually two lists; one for the PVE/Markets/Industry crowd and one for the PVP/Wardec/Ganker crowd (merge them if you do both!). Here are the candidates that should top your ballot:

    • PVE, Markets & Industry: Mike Azariah, Steve Ronuken, Sugar Kyle (Mynnna fits here as well unless you hate Goons)
    • PVP, Wardecs & Gank: Mangala Solaris, Ali Aras, Psychotic Monk

Wormhole Players: It is critical that you list as many wormholers as possible in your top 5, at minimum your top 3. Make no mistake, wormhole questions will be tackled this year – in all likelihood system effects (now including Pulsars and Wolf-Rayets, not just Black Holes), POS augmentation or replacement, and potentially T3 rebalancing. If you do not stack, you risk getting NO wormholers in. The reason is that if votes get distributed among the candidates rather than stacked through them, it is entirely possible that NONE of the wormhole candidates will be elected. The stacking factor cannot be underestimated. Your top 3 should be James, Corbexx and Proclus, in whatever order you feel appropriate. I recommend my full personal ballot to all wormholers – it starts with the wormhole stack, then a bloc of top CSM8 alums and lowsec (because lowsec roams FTW), followed by PVP and market folks. My ballot will look like this, and I recommend this full ballot to all wormhole voters:

  1. James Arget
  2. Corbexx
  3. Proclus Diadochu
  4. Karen Galeo
  5. Asayanami Dei
  6. Sugar Kyle
  7. Ali Aras
  8. Mike Azariah
  9. DJ FunkyBacon
  10. Xander Phoena
  11. Steve Ronuken
  12. Jayne Fillon
  13. Psychotic Monk
  14. Mynnna

Yes, I realize that the Mynnna vote is a throwaway – he will be elected long before my 14th vote. It is also exceedingly unlikely that my ballot will reach #14. But as I said in my endorsements post, Mynnna deserves to make your ballot regardless where you live, and so he gets a spot here.

Good luck to all the candidates.

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: Regardless of who you vote for, VOTE!

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6 Responses to CSM 9 Voting Slate

  1. foo says:

    We talked about the multiple wh candidates last election. The effect you mention is real, but not as important as wh players voting for who they think is the best candidate.
    Also multiple acct owners should vote once per account

  2. So I have a question for anyone that creates multiple lists, why have the same 14 people on each of the lists? Is it the case that those 14 candidates are better than everyone else at all facets of the game that your lists are supposed to cover?

    I personally will not vote for DJFunkyBacon and PsychoticMonk because I feel they (along with Alexseyev Karrde) persist in conflating the real-life harassment issues and Erotica1’s banning with far more mundane in and out of game activities than CCP have explicitly said are okay.

    It seems that Xander was indeed number 4 on the goon list, but behind Sion, mynnna and Ali. Jayne is 5th before Angry Mustache and then some other null candidates. Mike Azariah even made the last spot. It seems to be a pretty clever list.

    • Rhavas says:

      You’ll note that I didn’t actually make more than one full voting slate – the one I recommend for wormhole voters. I also specifically avoided a nullsec ballot because I did not get a chance to review every candidate, and the ones I mostly avoided were the sov null guys. This is because as you note they have a ballot given to them – they will hardly use mine. My slates are for independent voters.

      Relative to Erotica 1 you sound informed and I can’t fault your position on that issue. Certainly if that’s how you feel don’t include them in your slate. They appear further down my list in part because of their advocacy there. My own position is that CCP owns their game and can kick people for anything any time, Erotica deserved the boot, but Ripard did too much collateral damage in choosing the approach he did.

      The Goon voting list is an eye -popper. Totally not what I expected I admit. It’s a clever ballot that leverages the fact that Mynnna is going to get outside votes. My concern is that it will make Sion a permanent attendee rather than Mynnna, which I see as detrimental to the overall CSM capability.

      • That was kind of my point, at least you removed the names of candidates that didn’t really fit the theme, but I would’ve thought there might be other viable candidates that didn’t make your initial 14 that you could suggest for those other lists.

        Yeah, Ripard didn’t really do any favours with the language he used to talk about the bonus room, and of course he has a large agenda that goes beyond his concern about the bonus room. The blow up between Ripard and DJFunkyBacon (and Alexs) also didn’t help with the discussion of an emotionally charged topic. On the front the second part of the DoW panel with just Alexs, DNSBlack and a bit of Ali makes interesting listening. Finally, Mabrick’s latest post is an interesting counterpoint to all the players threatening to quit over what then see as unfair treatment of Erotica 1. http://mabricksmumblings.com/2014/04/09/whats-in-it-for-me/

        I don’t think the goon ballot is likely to elect Sion to a permanent seat unless he is also higher ranked on a lot of other ballots. The state of null-sec is radically different from what it was last year (no HBC; no Russian bloc candidates, lots of renters), so it’s a bit hard to predict the relative turnout, but I doubt there will be more than about 30% of voters who vote a CFC ticket, and some of those are likely to have Xander at the top too. Other nullsec entities are likely to have mynnna higher than Sion on their ticket. With some strong incumbents (Ali) and high profile new candidates like Xander, Sugar and DJFunkyBacon, there’s an outside chance that the strategy could even backfire if mynnna gets eliminated before Sion in the STV-2 election.

        The big thing with that goon ballot is that it puts the TheMittani.com, and crossing zebra candidates before the other null-sec entities, which means that the ballot may help Jayne and Xander (if he’s in trouble) get elected rather than progodlegend (who probably has the weakest independent support amongst the incumbents) and JSilva.

        • Rhavas says:

          There are actually 16 – the 14 on my ballot plus Matias Otero and Mangala Solaris, who appear in my newbie list but nowhere else. They’re not on mine because I figure they don’t need the help. The other primary reason is that I simply didn’t get to everyone. The other two that in retrospect I might have looked closer at and didn’t are Psianh Auvander (left of because I had Ali for the mercs) and Gorski Car (because PL and therefore under the null banner).

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