I Believe In Bara Claus

So a few weeks ago I wrote a letter to Santa (Bara) Claus, aka CCP Karkur, keeper of the Little Things list. She responded via Twitter that she liked one of the ideas (not specific to which). Today she tweeted again that it was the last day of Christmas, and Sisi was being updated.

To my surprise and glee, what I wanted most was under the tree! (Of course, then someone told me that one of my corpmates, PinkKnife, asked for this ages ago. Ah well, I’ll take the gift with a smile anyhow!)

The new navigation search box - click to enlarge

The new navigation search box – click to enlarge

Yes, now you can set destination without opening another window to find an inventory or a link from a corpmate or a map. Just type it in.

Between then and me getting this post published, CCP Habakuk and CCP Fozzie posted threads with the goodies for Rubicon 1.1. Here are a few quick thoughts on the first iteration (I reserve the right to change these opinions as CCP alters their plans in flight…):

  • Karkur has a bunch of other Little Things for 1.1 too. I like that “Insure Ship” will now be a right-click menu item.
  • The SOE Nestor Battleship. I’m withholding judgement on this one for now. I also have been contacted by several folks about the lore implications of all the other corporations that seem to have a toe in the SOE ship creation – I’ve got a post in draft. Hopefully I’ll have that out before too much longer but I keep finding shinier objects in my backlog.

Mobile Units

Of course with my recent three part series on deployables, I could hardly not comment on CCP Fozzie’s latest.

The first, the Mobile Micro Jump Unit, will be … interesting. In essence, it acts like the MJD module but launches any ship that uses it. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. Right now it will boot cloaked ships without decloaking as well as HICs with bubble up. Will it truly launch ANY ship (including enemies)? How does it decide your alignment when you are launched? I think it would be hilarious to see ships blatting all over the grid. I do think this unit will see very little use due to its anchoring restrictions. This thing begs to be dropped right at zero on a wormhole or gate and used to scatter snipers to all corners.

The second, the Mobile Scan Inhibitor. Based on the title alone, this had the potential to be a massive conflict reducer, offering perfect safety to all comers. Fozzie looks to have gotten around that with a clever compromise: things within 30Km are invisible to dscan and probes, but the mobile unit itself is visible and very easy to probe down. So … instead of being a true “hide from everyone” scan cloak, in the end its use will be as a gigantic worm on the end of a hook. It is an invitation to fly out and see what’s there. It also is single-use. Of course, anyone with a brain on the PVE side who uses one will be watching for probes anyhow, but this doesn’t help them in an OP way and provides some fun bait opportunities.

UPDATE 1/7/13: Ugh, I forgot to apply my “What if there were 100 of them?” test on the Scan Inhibitor. If you throw enough false targets in a system, they effectively will create a functional group cloak (no one will scan down 100, and most wouldn’t even scan down 10). Given the small size and low cost, this is an easily conceivable outcome. After seeing how they use bubbles, I am horrified at how many of these Brothers of Tangra might put up in their systems. So until this is addressed, I have again lost my optimism on this deployable.

Art Updates

New Cruicifier - click to enlarge

New Cruicifier – click to enlarge

The new Crucifier model could not be more different from the old one. The new one is beefy, heavy, deep and symmetrical. It looks like a battlecruiser, not a frigate. I like it much better than the old model but it looks like a bait tanker to me, not a fragile little ewar boat.

The art department also updated the station art. I actually could barely tell on the Amarr stations I stopped at. But the Minmatar ones are so much better – lighting and fog effects, etc. instead of just the giant rust box. CONCORD station in Yulai is downright shiny – it looks like it must have originally been impressive, where in the past it was always so much flotsam. Most amazingly of all, CCP finally got tired of people mocking the Caldari for not putting out the fires of Malkalen and they put them out. It’s bittersweet however because it takes an iconic, unique landmark out of the game for a basic station model. Of course as Morwen Lagann was quick to remind me on Twitter, maybe they’re just not done with the new burning station model yet. Cursed logic.

New Minmatar Station - click to enlarge

New Minmatar Station – click to enlarge

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