An Open Letter to Bara Claus

Dear Bara Claus,

Bara Claus

Bara Claus! Ok, fine, I’m no Rixx Javix but you get the idea.

I’ve been a good capsuleer this year. I’ve blown up more than 175 ships. I’ve written 45 EVE blog posts – CCP Fozzie even highlighted one of those in his EVE Down Under keynote. I even helped one of my corpmates get elected to CSM. I’ll try to keep my list this year to (what I think are) Little Things.

One fun new thing I learned this year was how to Logi. I’m pretty bad at it so if you have any pixie dust that will help that would be good. Failing that, if I could get a locked target indicator on the watch list, it would make me a lot less frantic switching back and forth between that and the Overview, and that might make me less bad.

Speaking of the Overview, I really need to redo mine from scratch. Hopefully I’ll have time to do that over the holidays. But Bara, I just have too much stuff! Five more tabs would come in amazingly handy. There’s room!

I really love what you did with the ability to inject implants without stopping the training queue, and the nice visual representation on the logon screen. I’m very excited that you’re working on a non-pause approach to clone jumping as well. But another great thing you could bring me this year is the ability to alter (or at least pause/unpause) the training queue of a different character on my same account without logging back off. Maybe this could be done from the start screen, where you could pause Character B and then log on to Character A. Or better yet, have pause buttons for the other two characters directly within your training queue window.

The new ISIS interface is nice, but it’s always behind my pile of windows. That means I have to close all my windows to see what is on the new pretty interface and ship trees. In windowed form, I could bring it to the foreground and navigate without having to close the rest of my interface. Maybe if you thought I had been good enough you could do that to the PI interface too!

I think that the drag-and-drop interface for launching and retrieving drones may be one of the best presents you’ve ever given me. But I’m trying to get more used to the radial menus. My drones are happier than last year but still sad. They have asked if they can get a radial menu all their own, that includes launch, attack, return/orbit and return/dronebay all in one circle rather than having to drill down. If they could have that I think they would be very happy.

Speaking of radial menus, the Science & Industry Planets tab could really benefit from a little of that sort of decoration. Just three spots on a radial menu: View Planet, Warp to Customs Office, and Access Customs Office could bring so much holiday cheer to that tab.

If you could find some way to get us a polarization timer, either up with all the other timers or suspended in space on the specific wormhole, it would be an amazing thing that would bring joy to little wormhole children everywhere.


It could look just like this!

Last, and dearest to my heart of all, if you could bring me a search box directly on the navigation window, so that I can enter system names directly in that I want to set destination to, it would truly bring me some Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


PS The Yule Lads seem to have messed up my scanner. When I log off the window closes and I have to reopen it every time I log back in, where I didn’t used to have to do that before Rubicon. If you could send some nails for me to keep that window up it would be great.

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Bara Claus

  1. It is well known that Bara Claus is much more likely to grant your wishes if She hears from her Council of Elves that you have generously contributed to the CSM Retirement Fund. 🙂

  2. Some Random Dude says:

    Dear Santa, i was a good boy this year. Please, bring me fleet bookmarks, so i could be one happy kid. Thanks in advance!

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