SOE Ship Names: It May Not Make Sense At First

Astero Concept

Think about that. It may not make sense at first.
-CCP Dropbear

So today CCP Rise casually dropped the names of the new SOE ships in his stats thread on the forums: the Astero frigate and the Stratios cruiser. I’ll admit I was pretty disappointed as these didn’t fit any of the patterns I expected and seemed sadly generic to me. So I took to Twitter to see if the lore folks even had input on the names or they were pulled out of the “Bin O’ Generic Gallente Ship Names”.


So this was an interesting revelation. I’m used to pinging Eterne and Falcon on lore items because they’re active on Twitter, so sometimes I forget that Abraxas is actually their boss as far as lore goes. I forget because Abraxas (a.k.a. @cloisterphobe) is not very active on Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: From here on this post has lots of nice shiny tinfoil. None of it is proven fact (and I’m betting Abraxas will not confirm or deny anything), but join me in the thought exercise.

So why these seemingly boring and generic names?

If you’re not familiar with Abraxas, he is also the author of “the other book” – namely The Burning Life. As the author of that book, he’s written a lot of in-depth stuff on the individual NPC groups and is pretty uniquely qualified to create those names. But he’s also got a reputation for a few things – namely loving conspiracy theories, surprise endings, and getting in the heads of average-seeming killers.

So the TLDR is this – I think in bold strokes, and would have the Sisters wear their lie on their sleeve, naming their “secret combat ships” as if they are aid ships. Abraxas, on the other hand, is more likely to send an oblique, multi-layered reference and message with his names. Both are pseudo-classical, one Greek, matching the Gallente convention, and one Latin (hinting Amarr) – despite sounding Greek.


Let’s start with the easy one first, since I’ve all but stated it already. Stratios means “from the region called Stratus,” which doesn’t translate to EVE. It really is only close to one word in Latin/English: strata, plural of stratum. Here are a subset of its definitions:

stratum (plural strata)

  1. One of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another.
  2. Any of the regions of the atmosphere, such as the stratosphere, that occur as layers.
  3. (biology) A layer of tissue.
  4. Synonym (layers of material arranged one on top of another): tier

The story here is one of layers. At its simplest, it suggests exactly what I’ve suggested about Abraxas’ taste – multiple layers of meaning and understanding. This also meshes well with the Sisters – they are many fronts, but as you peel the onion you find more and more curiosities. And no one who doesn’t work for CCP knows what’s at the center of the onion.

The Sisters are also obsessed with the EVE Gate and Wormholes. This ties closely with the “region” and “tier” definitions above. We’ll talk about biology a bit more below.

In the end, the name Stratios is still very nonspecific, but by its own name is fully intended to be so – nondescript on the surface with ulterior motives underneath. Just like its makers.

NOTE: See update at the end of this post, there is a Greek link after all, and it’s a whopper.


This one is a bit more fun. In my initial read-through I was very disappointed with this name. “Aster” is Greek for “star”. Booooring. Obviously it’s a starship. Have we been reduced to this? Is it the last name in the hat?

So I looked up the dictionary listing for aster.

aster (plural asters)

  1. (obsolete) A star.
  2. (biology) A star-shaped structure formed during the mitosis of a cell. In some cells, the positions of the asters determine the site of cell divisions.

Wait, what? Now this is interesting, but only to someone who has read too many chronicles and who was way too deep into the wormhole threads a few years ago. We’ll come back to asters and mitosis in a minute.

Why am I even blathering on about biology? Because CCP Dropbear messed up my head when I first started playing this game. He was fond of telling us that the dropped hints were intentionally cryptic: It may not make sense at first. Especially when it came to wormholes. After some time living in a handful of mind-bending forum threads, we came to understand that w-space was Anoikis, a term still used by a small handful of players.

Think about that. It may not make sense at first. The complexity of the Sleeper’s story runs so deeply that it may take some time to understand. Some time indeed, but you should think about it all the same, if you ever want to understand. The pieces of this puzzle are scattered across a wide area, and a stretch of time unlike any event in EVE has seen before. If you think anyone forgot about developing this storyline, if you think the “silence” right now is indicative of apathy or disregard at our end, then you’re (quite understandably) assuming that all of this is being done on the traditional timescale – but that is not the case. All of this – all of it – is unfolding in real time, and it will take either a genius or a collective effort to make sense of the whole from the fragments that remain. We are watching and waiting for the day to come when the capsuleers will move this particular storyline forward. We are still waiting.

Let me tell you now that if you look closely at all things Sleeper, you will be rewarded for it. Nothing was put anywhere by mistake, and very, very, little of it is what you could describe as “filler”. When it comes to the Sleepers, each stroke on the canvas was meant to be there and each part serves a purpose, whether little or…big. There are depths to this storyline that nobody has explored, complexities that have not yet been understood, mysteries that are still waiting to be unraveled, and this is a year and half after the discovery of Anoik…wormhole space.

There’s more out there than people have realized, and more in store than you might expect.

If you think I’m being overly cryptic, then when you all understand this, you’ll also understand why. Simply put, we don’t want to destroy the mystery because it’s not for us to spell it out to you all. That’s the point of all of this – for you all to figure it out. Consider it an experiment in interactive storytelling, and one that has really only just begun.

– CCP Dropbear, May 7, 2010

Anoikis is a type of Apoptosis. Let’s get those definitions out here too.

Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms. … In contrast to necrosis, which is a form of traumatic cell death that results from acute cellular injury, apoptosis generally confers advantages during an organism’s life cycle. For example, the differentiation of fingers and toes in a developing human embryo occurs because cells between the fingers apoptose; the result is that the digits are separate.

Anoikis (or cell-detachment-induced apoptosis) is a self-defense strategy that organisms use to eliminate ‘misplaced’ cells, i.e. cells that are in an inappropriate location. Occasionally, detached or misplaced cells can overcome anoikis and survive for a certain period of time in the absence of the correct signals from the extracellular matrix (ECM). If cells are able to adapt to their new environment, then they have probably become anchorage-independent, which is one of the hallmarks of cancer cells. Anoikis resistance and anchorage-independency allow tumor cells to expand and invade adjacent tissues, and to disseminate through the body, giving rise to metastasis. Thus, overcoming anoikis is a crucial step in a series of changes that a tumor cell undergoes during malignant transformation.

So… as hinted in the chronicle appropriately called Anoikis:

Imagine if the bars to your prison were all you had ever known.
Then one day, someone appears and unlocks the door.
If they have the power to do this, then are they really the liberator?
You never remembered who it was that closed you in.
– Ior Labron

In other words, the Sleepers were locked away, metaphorically ejected from the cluster, and expected to die quietly in exile (it’s been a while since I read Templar One, so correct me if I forgot something). But instead they have been reconnected – some believe intentionally – and the “threat of malignancy” is present (despite argument whether that malignancy is the Sleepers, the capsuleers, or the voice in Jamyl Sarum’s head).

Dropbear then added Jita 4-4 into the mix. This chronicle posits the criticality of C3-FTM Acid, which comes from wormholes, in making pod pilots possible. In fact, C3 is the key ingredient in Tech 3 cruiser hull creation, and likely the lore reason for skillpoint loss if you blow up in a T3. It’s the component that mentally links a pilot to a T3.

Long story short, wormhole space is packed with biology references and metaphors. So now let’s go back to the Astero and mitosis.

Aster: (biology) A star-shaped structure formed during the mitosis of a cell. In some cells, the positions of the asters determine the site of cell divisions.

Mitosis is the process by which a cell, which has previously replicated each of its chromosomes, separates the chromosomes in its cell nucleus into two identical sets of chromosomes, each set in its own new nucleus.

So if we torture the metaphors just a bit more, what do we come up with? That the Sisters’ new ship may be geared, from a lore perspective, to counteract Anoikis – either through repopulation, reconnection, or expansion of the gate matrix. In fact, the Asters might determine the site at which these things occur – which strikes me as something the Sisters would like very much.

Sound anything like something you might have heard from CCP Seagull?

Imagine what could happen if capsuleers truly mastered the science of space travel itself, and were no longer bound to the known universe.

-CCP Seagull


UPDATE #1 10/3: First off, CCP Abraxas has actually confirmed that some of this is correct! Granted he wasn’t very specific (tweets are in “most recent” order so start from the bottom):

Abraxas Likes

So I’m pretty happy about that.

Also, my sometime Arek’Jaalan co-conspirator Mark726 of EVE Travel fame reminded me in the comments that I forgot to even mention the “Quarantine Site” and numerous other references to disease and plague (potentially the Jovian Disease) that are all over the Sleeper sites.

Finally, Sarmatiko (@myronik) pointed out this site on Stratios, which is in German and has no English wiki page to match (which, along with the fact that all the other references I found are for Stratius, is why I missed it in my analysis). Happily it is quite short, and says, with assistance from Google Translate:

Stratios (Greek Στρατίος) or Stratichos (Greek Στράτιχος) [1] is a person of Greek mythology. Stratios is a son of Nestor in Homer … in a [ceremony?] in honor of the god Poseidon, he is the one who leads the animal with his brother Echephron the place of sacrifice.

This, I think, is the “layer in the middle” that I missed. Yes, that’s right folks, your shiny new cruiser is the Sisters’ tool to take the sacrifice to the altar for slaughter! As someone pointed out on Twitter yesterday (apologies, I forgot who) – the Sisters have not always loved capsuleers. Maybe they still don’t!

Take a look at the relevant passage of The Odyssey. I especially love this quote: “[Nestor] prayed … and made offerings to Minerva [Athena], daughter of the Aegis-bearing Jove.” I sense a whole new connection.

I look forward to the Echephron-class battlecruiser and Nestor-class battleship. Thanks for everyone’s insightful comments!

UPDATE #2 10/3: Bingo! \o/ More Abraxas Twitter comments below, again start from the bottom. Thanks for reading!

Moar Abraxas

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73 Responses to SOE Ship Names: It May Not Make Sense At First

  1. This is what a good Eve blogger is for.

    Nice work!

    (True or not, though it very well could be…)

  2. Akrasjel Lanate says:

    This is interesting…

    The ending CCP Seagull quote may sugest what those “staregates” may be

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well written stuff. Keep it up

  4. mark726 says:

    That quote from Dropbear haunts me in my dreams, you know, heh.

    Great analysis here, so well done. I never knew that Anoikis had a medical meaning, and suddenly its name makes a TON more sense in light of the multiple references we see in there to quarantines and plagues. Maybe the perimeter defenses we see in lower class WHs weren’t meant to keep someone out, but keep something in?

    As you said on twitter, CCP, bring this storyline back!

  5. Fantastic post, thank you. Very exciting stuff.

  6. Mme. Thalys says:

    Wonderful post. A lot of what you write there might just be conjecture, but it’s beautifully crafted conjecture.

    Since we are on the subject of Greek Mythology, one of my favorite quotes from the classics which I found very oddly fitting for EVE comes from the play Medea: “Go on through the lofty spaces of high heaven and bear witness, where thou ridest, that there are no gods.”

    Personally I always thought that there should be a Gallente ship called Medea. Well, maybe the Sisters of Eve will build one.

    • Rhavas says:

      Awesome quote. And yes, it’s total conjecture – but if I get +1’d the author…? I’ll take it. Thanks for reading!

      • Sabutai says:

        Great quote but for Eve I can’t help but state that the first line of [i]The Illyad[/i] has to be the most relevant:

        “Anger be now thy song, Immortal One…”

  7. Chavez says:

    You probably already figured this out but what if the ships were in some way a sacrifice to make the Jove come out of hiding, and the additional ships mentioned on twitter are actually Jovian ships that we win or receive because of our sacrifice?

    • Rhavas says:

      I definitely haven’t figured that one out, but it’s an intriguing idea. I do find it funny that after all this time I find a Jove reference!

  8. Maximus says:

    Great to see an insightful blog post from a great Eve blogger! Welcome back!

  9. Neville Smit says:

    Genius-level analysis here, Rhavas – excellent job. Insightful and useful and entertaining. You can’t get any better blog posting than that. Kudos!

  10. Nocare says:

    Do not care… Just want to shoot and loot with them…

  11. Bombzai says:

    The semi fractured nature of eve, can make information sharing difficult. I’m glad to see some of it was pulled together.

    Some relevance perhaps to the 2 destroyed planets that exist in EVE, one in known space, the other in wormhole space could also be a part of it, otherwise why put a fractured planet in there?

    The mention of quarantine, and the potential to look at a planet as expendable (while covering it up with other reasons) is something to consider. /shinyhat

  12. Anonymous says:

    My new pet theory after reading this post is that the reason they shifted the J-number of that wh in Odyssey is in preparation for the ability to spawn new holes, at which point the names would not just be arbitrary name/system association, and could have resulted in a collision.

    • Rhavas says:

      I think it’s a mechanical reason too – my theory is that they need a hole they can link to wherever they want for live events and then clean out without disrupting normal chains.

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt that, most likely the reason for renaming that system (J140208) was due to it matching a date of a an unfortunate event on 14/02/2008

      Mechanics wise there would be NO reason to rename a system just to prepare it for the ability to spawn something.

      • Rhavas says:

        I disagree. If so they’d have to be searching for all kinds of potentially offensive dates. Now if it had been a massacre at Fanfest on that date, maybe. But I don’t buy this explanation (which I’ve never heard a CCP person remotely say) that they changed the game for an unrelated tragedy halfway around the globe.

        That said, you’re likely right that it’s not literally about the mechanics. I suspect it breaks the naming pattern for a lore reason and that this reason will drive it to be used for mechanical (eg live event) purposes.

        • Anonymous says:

          No it is very likely it is exactly what happened. It’s not that CCP was looking for that date, but simply that someone had alerted CCP about that system having a name that is an exact date of that incident. CCP not mentioning the reason can simply be that they do not want to draw too much attention to the shooting itself (maybe the person reporting it was closely involved with the incident).

          Regarding your part about the lore reason: are aware of 3 other systems that were renamed in the past and actually don’t follow the naming pattern? The systems are
          J1340+6 -> J134096
          J1259+0 -> J125990
          J1226-0 -> J122610
          Do you actually know where the system names come from? They are not randomly generated according to a particular pattern, but they are parsed from an old database of quasar coordinates.

          Aside from those 4 renamed systems you should be able to find every system in the following database:

          Just remove all the text in the white box and you replace it with:
          select top 100000
          specObjId, SDSSName
          SDSSName like ‘100001%’

          where 100001 is the number in your J-locus. In the output you get you copy the specObjId number (first column) that matches with your J-locus (2nd column). You copy that number, then you copy this url ( and you add that specObjId number at the end and press enter. Hopefully it should show you a picture of your home.

          Nebu Retski

        • Rhavas says:

          Yep, aware of all that – thus my comment I should write a whole other post – tapping it out on my cell now in comments won’t do it justice. Your comments on the sig structure are right but without confirmation I’m not buying that it was driven by a sensitivity complaint.

      • Anonymous says:

        If the players were going to be able to spawn it, there would – if the name of it’s declension/etc from the J coordinate is reachable, but unoaccupied, you’d end up with a name collision when the players spawned it.

  13. Fred says:

    Great analysis. Reminds me of the analysis of ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’. Very clever.

    EVE is pleasing on so very many levels :-).

  14. Sered Woollahra says:

    Very well done, I’m impressed! What a great way to look at New Eden!

  15. kainotomiu says:

    I just wanted to point out that ‘aegis-bearing Jove’ is language chosen by the translator of that particular edition rather than by Homer. It’s not a great translation either, in my opinion, because ‘Jove’ is Roman and Homer was not.

    On the other hand Jove and Zeus are pretty undeniably the same person and I guess CCP might have the same copy of The Odyssey as you so it could still work.

    • Rhavas says:

      Fair points. I just found it pretty amusing to find “Jove” smack in the middle of that section.

      • Sunbird Huy says:

        What I find even funnier, tho I understand it’s not really true is this:
        “Jove” (as in jovians) being the Romans in New Eden, using the “divide and conquer” kinda ploy with the other factions. I mean, of course, not exactly divide and conquer, but simply looking from above, and meddling when they see it fit.

        On the other hand, if anyone remember the reference to the Enheduani (pls forgive if I misspelled.) that Jovians are suspecting that are bent on affecting the descendants of the human kind in some ways. Whatever happened to that part of the story?

        I love the work you have done here, btw, simply amazing analysis and hypothesis.
        One of the reason why world of EVE will never cease to amaze us all.

        7 years into game (well, 13-14 days more and it will be), I still haven’t visited the EVE Gate. Or what’s the name. I know, I know…

  16. skine-dmz says:

    Awesome, I know nothing about the lore at all but reading you unfold the puzzle was great. If I wanted to get into the lore, what would you recommend for me to read?

  17. Jaffiss says:

    The ‘sacrifice’ is SoE building capsuleer ships to journey through the Eve Gate to God.
    The Sisters of EVE are mainly known for their humanitarian aid efforts to those suffering because of war, famine or even just being lost in space. But the Sisters of EVE base their existence on strong religious beliefs, which they have coupled with scientific facts. They believe that the EVE gate is a gateway to heaven – that god resides on the other side of the gate. As well as dedicating themselves to aiding those in need they are also busy with scientific experiments around the EVE gate, hoping to gain a better understanding of the forces at work there.
    (Servant Sisters of Eve Alliance Info from in-game)

    • Rhavas says:

      That does make a certain amount of sense as to what their end goal is. They have definitely shown signs that they think that w-space is the means to that end.

  18. Sundarbolt says:

    Just spent an hour or two (maybe three?!) up to my neck in lore, with this blog post the launchpad.
    Mighty impressed right now with the depth and complexity of it all having previously read only a few chronicles, the novels and those short stories.
    Even more impressed with your unraveling it piece by piece, such a great blog, a huge breath of fresh air from the meta/player-politics driven print out there, although at this point I’m wondering whether to thank or throttle you to be honest.
    Off to see what’s down this rabbit hole…

  19. Chris Winters says:

    Hey I’ve been looking at the lore and I’ve always followed what the hell’s been going on in wormholes as now I’m a resident myself.

    Do you remember the other SOE ship?
    The Zephyr? It’s also greek:
    “gentle wind of the west and the interceder between the World of the living and the Underworld.” And “the only wind Odysseus allowed helping him find his way to Ithaca.”
    It was used by the sisters to gather wormhole data:

    I also have Stratios pointing toward the Greek God Ares: “Stratios(“martial”)- title of the Greek god Ares” (
    Who is the greek go of War and Defence
    I may have to step into the library for hard sources on that.

    Stratios from that website shows as the roman god Mars. We get the word Martial from the Latin root Mars which means warlike. Maybe this is a step toward war for the sisters? It’s the first combat ship from them.

    The Lore basis for Gallente role bonuses for the ships are also there from the Intaki Syndicate, when SOE worked with them on the Zephyr project. (The SOE were the only ones to help the Syndicate after a low orbit Doomsday was set off near one of their planets) I’m not quite sure where the Amarr come into this. (See for SOE/Syndicate relations. Which is OOC as we can’t canonly know what was said)

    So the Intaki Syndicate are definitely working together but to what ends? To gather more information about the sleepers? I can’t interpret who they were going to trade this information too and for what, I think it was to hold over either Gallente or Concord to get some security brought to their systems (syndicate systems are found in low sec)

    Also guess what’s also greek? Gnosis! For Knowledge! I think these names are pointing us backwards. There’s some deeper stuff that’s all pointing back at a loss of control by the empires. And this is all I got so far. Loved the blog post very insightful.

    • Rhavas says:

      Good research! Check out the other comments here and on the Eve forums and you’ll see other commentary that’s similar and some other stuff on the SOCT (makers of the Gnosis and Apotheosis). The Ante connection is absolutely right, and I mentioned it in the post before this one (called Misdirection) which is why I didn’t restate it here. As for the Ares connection I didn’t find that one anywhere but at this point it wouldn’t surprise me! The main one I found was “Zeus Stratios” which refers to an incarnation of Zeus specifically worshipped in the area of Stratius in Greece.

  20. Kalrissia says:

    Loving the blog and been doing similar research myself which brought you to my attention. The ideas on the ship naming concept by our beloved ( or are they ) Sisters of Eve are rather disturbing if they are true. Especially the terms of sacrifice or being led to a sacrifice. Collect your thoughts for a moment on this.
    The name of the new update. Rubicon. Or as Julius Ceasar pointed out, a point of no return. Then check the map and as most people have probably noticed there is an area of space called exactly this. Also nearby is a place called Golgothan Fields. Golgotha or Calvary was a place that a certain figurehead of human history and religion was sacrificed. Coincidence.
    Could be I’m digging to deep and missing the mark as my studies still centralise on the Seyllin incident but I feel that all this has to be connected.
    I am heading into Anoikis space in a certain ship that oddly enough was given to us back In 2010 when all this kicked off and see if it truly undetectable by our sleeper buddies.

    • Rhavas says:

      That will be a fun trip. Enjoy! Also, check out the Shattered Planets Datacore linked on this site if you’re interested in Seyllin. The Point of No Return and Golgothan points are interesting – I need a refresher on how those were named myself…

  21. Kalrissia says:

    Oh on a further edit about our Sisters of Eve and their fascination of the wormhole phenomena I find it truly handy for them to be a charitable corp which gives them access to all empire space. I would be truly horrified but not surprised if they turned out to be rather darker than they make out to be.

  22. dalantech says:

    Have you seen the new graphic, the one where it looks like ships are constructing a star gate? Maybe all this means that at some point we’ll be able to construct star gates that link K space and W space?…

  23. Neevor says:

    Something that occured to me after linking the origins of the names:
    First some extra context: in ancient greek culture sacrifices, mainly of animals, were used not only to invoke deities’ favors, but also in ancestor cults as a meaning of pacifing spirits of the dead returning to haunt the living, or for summoning them to be granted knowlege and advice from famous people’s ghosts [Hercules in some versions of his myths did that].
    So:SoE first employed “guide of the dead” [one of Zephyr’s roles] to scout space of “controlled death” [Anoikis], and now they’re sending in “sacrifice bringers” [Stratios} and “division markers” [Astero]. Wich means their plans might be either:
    a) to send the “restless spirits” [capsuleers?] to their final death or at least lock them away in W-space.
    b) bring something back from W-space to be granted knowlege
    c) both of the above at the same time
    This is of course pure speculation on my part, so anyone is free to disagree.

  24. Aitor says:

    Could it be that static wormholes are some kind of security system to keep the sleeper empire together? Could it be that the two viruses the stories reference are the causes or the remains behind a great war between Sleepers/Talocan and their own creations (the drones)? The biological virus could have wiped out the living beings, while the logical virus destroyed the ability of the sleeper drones to think as an IA (that’s the purpose of having so many emergent IA cores in their wrecks, they are still trying to recover their old IA functions)

    Maybe the cataclysmic events of young stars bursting and destroying planets are a system of warning demanding attention to destroy the sleeper IAs in case everything else fails. Let’s say, that the sleepers are not affected anymore by the logical virus and they have a way to recover their intelligence step by step (after all, thousands of years don’t mean too much for a machine) Maybe the opening of wormhole space to other races is the last resource to get help. And the destroyed planet in sleeper space is the last place where sleepers/talocans hide, and they destroyed it when they realized they hadn’t any means to keep the new visitors safe of their own virus (like the Jove, the could be waiting in isolation to avoid sharing the virus with others) However, if that were the case, why do Jovians still (yet little by little) intermingle with us. Do they think the virus is an advantage rather than a disadvantage? Did talocan/sleepers provoke the Jovians so they altered the IAs of their own creations to make them fight agaisnt their creators?

  25. Guillermo says:

    I’ve always loved Sleeper, Jove and Rogue Drones lore. I had red that old forum topic where CCP Dropbear put your quote, and watching it advance is mind-melting. I’m eager to know more! Excellent analysis you did there!
    I’ve also thought about something: I recently re-runned the SoE Epic Arc, and realized the Misterious Drone -an intelligent drone which is believed to guide a Rogue Drone swarm against Empire targets (and that eludes you by traversing those ‘misterious’ Spatial Rifts)- is in fact a Sleeper cruiser! What if these ‘infectious Sleepers put in Anoikis as quarantine’ are trying to extend their ‘illness’ by helping Rogue Drones to gain conciousness and making them advance? By the way, the Misterious Drone ends up blown up by a SoCT cruiser, which yells something like ‘You’ll never uncover the secrets of the rogue drones!’ before dissapearing. In fact, the whole Epic Arc spins around the influence of a SoCT agent… ¿What is the relationship between SoCT and Sleepers? That Epic Arc is much more than a simple new pilot training…
    And then there’s the previous comment by Aitor… Might it be that Sleeper drones are in fact rogue AI with the potential of affecting other AI’s, making them sentient?

  26. Thanks a lot for all of this.
    I have a master’s degree in molecular biology, so i gonna begin to dig with you.


    Stratios (Stratius)

    One of the sons of Nestor and Eurydike (Eurydice); he and his brother, Echephron, participated in an animal sacrifice when Telemachos (Telemachus) visited the home of Nestor.

    Odyssey (Lattimore and Loeb), book 3, line 439
    Odyssey (Fagles), book 3, line 462
    Odyssey (Fitzgerald), book 3, line 447

  27. Sar Hasarin says:

    Read the description of the Stratios on Sisi. The ship has “quarantine bays”. The plot deepens. I also hate you all: I am now hooked on this discussion and waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

  28. Sar Hasarin says:

    Here are the SOE ship descriptions from Sissi.

    The Stratios is a Cruiser designed for both exploration and combat

    Amarr Cruiser skill bonus per level:
    4% bonus to armor resistances

    Gallente Cruiser skill bonus per level:
    10% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints

    Role Bonus:
    50% bonus to Medium Energy Turret optimal range
    37.5% increased strength for scan probes
    +10 virus strength for Relic and Data Analyzers

    This was one of the first vessels the Sisters of EVE made available to capsuleers. It had been under development by the Sanctuary corporation, whose interest in exploration includes not only search & rescue operations but also a constant inquiry into the nature of the EVE Gate. Thanks to the Sisters’ efforts and the Sanctuary’s particular expertise, the Stratios is an agile, tenacious ship that aptly adheres to the mantra of both rescuers and explorers: Stay safe, stay hidden, and use every tool at your disposal.

    It is particularly adept at venturing into dangerous territories, not merely in recovering whatever may be of interest but also in being able to safely bring it back. Its engines have alternate power sources that come into play should any of its cargo – for which it has plenty of room – cause serious interference with internal systems. Its weaponry runs best on renewable sources, an ideal for a ship that doesn’t know how long it’ll be in deep space. Its carapace is extremely well armored for a ship this agile, and covered in sensors capable of letting its crew track a myriad of different organic signatures. The crew itself is safely protected from any number of transmittable ailments from rescues and other unexpected passengers, thanks to special quarantine bays that are conveniently located near jettisonable openings.

    And lastly, an ingenious but cryptic transfer in part of the warp core functionality to an outlying cylindrical structure means the Stratios is able to run certain higher-level cloaking functions with very little technical cost, and minimal interference from warp. The Sisters of EVE have refused to comment on this technology, other than to recommend it not be tampered with.

    The Astero is a Frigate designed for both exploration and combat

    Amarr Frigate skill bonus per level:
    4% bonus to armor resistances

    Gallente Frigate skill bonus per level:
    20% bonus to drone hitpoints

    Role Bonus:
    100% reduction in CPU requirement for cloaking devices
    37.5% increased strength for scan probes
    +10 virus strength for Relic and Data Analyzers

    This was one of the first vessels the Sisters of EVE made available to capsuleers. It had been under development by the Sanctuary corporation, whose interest in exploration includes not only search & rescue operations but also a constant inquiry into the nature of the EVE Gate. Thanks to the Sisters’ efforts and the Sanctuary’s particular expertise, the Astero is an agile, tenacious ship that aptly adheres to the mantra of both rescuers and explorers: Stay safe, stay hidden, and use every tool at your disposal.

    It is particularly adept at venturing into dangerous territories, not merely in recovering whatever may be of interest but also in being able to safely bring it back. Its engines have alternate power sources that come into play should any of its cargo – for which it has plenty of room – cause serious interference with internal systems. Its carapace is extremely well armored for a ship this agile, and covered in sensors capable of letting its crew track a myriad of different organic signatures. The crew itself is safely protected from any number of transmittable ailments from rescues and other unexpected passengers, thanks to special quarantine bays that are conveniently located near jettisonable openings.

    And lastly, an ingenious but cryptic transfer in part of the warp core functionality to an outlying cylindrical structure means the Astero is able to run certain higher-level cloaking functions with very little technical cost, and minimal interference from warp. The Sisters of EVE have refused to comment on this technology, other than to recommend it not be tampered with.

  29. Any of us have intel about the explosion in YFN-UN ??
    i’ve spend some time in post-digging on Forum and found a nice theory about Terran Lore :
    Edited by: K”hanesh Lor”al on 13/01/2011 22:37:53
    The Terrans built everything in W-Space, and settled K-space and W-space because the wormholes existed back then. Terran society was divided into for goups, the 4 ancient races, Takmal, Talocan, Yan Jung (read the “Chopsticks” show info), and Jove who are the “fathers” of the modern ones, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar (read the wiki entry regarding the unique genetic properties of the Druze).

    Now, the Terrans encounter the Enheduanni, a TRULY alien race in W-Space. These creatures have the ability to Infomorph, as hinted at in the short story Theodicy and (what I believe) in the novel the Empyrean Age. They teach such technology to the 4 races, who then learn to clone and infomorph (again, from Theodicy, also from Absalon Jade’s discovries if the new sleeper info popups… the 10teraflop chip). Also, read the wiki entry for the Druze, and their beliefs in God and the refernce of the “mirror” analogy.

    Something bad happens – perhpas the students turned on ther masters, and the Enduannni release a horrible disease, virus, etc (read Kyanoke pit, and the references to Anoikis) completely obliterating everyone in W-Sapce but the Joves and crippling them. The Quarantine Areas would lend credence to this.

    The Jove, in a desperate attempt to seal the virus and the Enduanni, Somehow close all the W-Holes to W-Space and nuke the EVE Gate (also read the last chaptewr of Emperyean age). But the Enduanni, being informorphs, can still “cross over” and mess with everyone

    Eve History begins, and the Joves are still trying to stop the Enduanni…

  30. Sar Hasarin says:


    Ok I have tried to not go off into Tin Foil Hat Land, but I cannot hold it back any longer, at least if I want to sleep all night.

    In today’s Jester’s Trek Blog, Repard Tag talks about his current interest in EVE Lore and its impact on EVE. Basically, he asks should CCP drive the story or should the players? I don’t care, not my bag. Also not my point. He also states he really does not have much interest in EVE Lore. Repard is a member of the CSM.

    Secondly, another CSM member I know has spent the last two months running distribution missions on the edge of nowhere. This guy is an adult with real life time sinks and limited EVE play time —just a casual interest no doubt.

    Let me ask two questions:

    1. Why the sudden interest in EVE Lore and the SOE ships from two guys that might know something that has not been released?

    2. Given the description of the new SOE ships, are they going to have some undisclosed capabilities? The description seems to indicate something is different — i.e. new “quarantine bays” and a new warp technology. There is no hint when I have tested them on Sisi of anything “special”. Did we know about the Zephyr “special ability vis a vis the Sleepers” before it hit our hangers, I don’t remember.

    This is even more curious because the Astero (on Sisi) is a very marginal design except for being easier for new guys to train into to explore. The Stratios is very useful (it appears to be a cloaking Ishtar) and should see significant deployment in many fleets. But after the initial first mover price settles down my industrial friends think it will cost a 2x to 3x multiple of a Recon cruiser. Is that really worth the time and mental degradation to do losec distribution missions?

    Someone knows something that I do not — yet.

    One week to go; Rubicon could be very interesting.

    Sar Hasarin

  31. Sar Hasarin says:

    Another SOE Ship

    Evidently there is a third SOE ship — a Stratios variant call the Emergency Respose Ship. This is a pre-nerf (125 band width etc) Stratios with a blue paint job that was as a prize/prizes given at EVE Vegas
    One was on contract for ISK 500 billion.
    I do not think it has any “extra” propeties

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  33. Anonymous says:

    freaking brilliant

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  36. Anonymous says:

    You are close but the recent ship called the Nestor implies that these ships are named off of characters in Homar The Odyssey hinting to the name of one of the eve expansions. Also Astro and Stratios are the names of the sons of Nestor which is the name of the new battleship

  37. Dorian Reu says:

    So glad I found this Article and Blog. Great work! o7

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