Eve Gate Storyhead

“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentis.”
(“I fear the Greeks, even bearing gifts.”)
– Laocoon, The Aeneid

As part of EVE:Rubicon, the Sisters of EVE will now be producing ships; both of these ships will be well-armed and stealthy, equipped for long-term exploration. As regular readers know, I like to mull around what new ships might be named (more on this below).


SOE Frigate – Click to Enlarge

SOE Cruiser – Click to Enlarge

This triggered an interesting Twitter conversation – how would the empires react to the Sisters suddenly producing ships in their backyard? How would lore deal with this given that the Sisters operate, at least in part, out of highsec space? Were they pirates or not? I believe that the existing lore already answers this question – the Servant Sisters of EVE (to use their full name) probably have been building ships for a long time … just not for general availability. There is precedent for this.

They were certainly involved in the Zephyr shuttle program. We also know that they used specialized ships to hunt down Jamyl Sarum

So what are they up to? Well, the Sisters spend most of their time talking about their works of charity. Helping victims of war. Especially victims of capsuleers. Those without proper food. Two of the three SOE organizations (and probably 80% of their members) are either part of the Sisters of EVE (missionaries and religious personnel) or Food Relief (essentially the Red Cross of EVE). But their real purpose is served by the third group, The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is their group of pilgrims, scientists and knowledge-seekers. So the simple answer as to their justification for the empires? These are ships designed for the Sisters’ missions of salvation and mercy in difficult spots – even wormhole planets have tragedies. But this is misdirection – look over here at all our good works while we sneak things past under the noses of the empires.

The real purpose is a Trojan Horse – these ships will provide data to The Sanctuary to support the mission of revelation about the EVE Gate and the wormholes. It will be interesting to see whether the logo on the hull is SOE or Sanctuary.

SOE Hull Naming

So what could/should CCP name these potentially awesome new boats? The names should follow one of a handful of themes: charity, faith or discovery. Unfortunately, this also puts them in several similar buckets as Amarr names. In fact, my favorite potential SOE hull names, Pilgrim, Prophecy & Revelation, are of course already taken.

So how about some others? Here are a few I like in each theme.

  • Charity
    • Solace
    • Hope
    • Haven
  • Faith
    • Covenant
    • Seer
    • Gatekeeper (their faith is built around the EVE Gate)
  • Discovery
    • Questor
    • Seeker

What do you think?

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7 Responses to Misdirection

  1. Ooh, I’m loving the idea of The Sanctuary being the MacGuffin for the Servant Sisters of EVE to spearhead the exploration of the implied new frontier, like they’ve been quietly empire-building for decades, the sneaky wenches.

    Behind every great King (and his four princes) is a great queen.

  2. DarkCaveman says:

    I’m thinking the names should fall into the benevolence / charity theme. First, SOE is supposed to be a charitable organization first. Second, it hides their ulterior objectives of information gathering, and whatever else they’re doing behind the scenes. Like the Catholic Church, especially during the dark and middle ages, I’m sure they have more than a passing interest in how each of the empires is run, likely Concord as well, and maybe even some influence within the pirate factions (how else can they run in low-sec without constant interference).

    I’m going to go a step farther, and say that making these ships available to capsuleers is their way of keeping in front of the political landscape. What with capsuleers looking to surpass the empires and make them more and more irrelevant, SOE does not want to become irrelevant with them. They can use the labor of capsuleers to further their own agenda, and profit by trickling out these ships in return for the favor (LP) they’ve granted, along with some tidy ISK.

    • Rhavas says:

      I think you’re right. I also think that in the end, along with SOCT and maybe the Angels, SOE will be the ones who come out smirking when the proverbial revolution comes.

  3. mikeazariah says:

    mind if I run sideways with this in my own blog?


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