Industrial Art

Mammoth Landing

Vareth looked at Scotty the Docking Manager with distaste. “You can’t be serious.”

Scotty chuckled and kicked his feet up on the rail, looking down at the industrials in the docking bay below. “I am, I tell you. Goddamn ship builder for real.”

“Scotty, you weld part time after hours for some extra cash.”

“I’m an artist too.”

“You’re not an artist, Scotty. Your idea of pretty is a pile of spare parts welded together.”

“I had nothing to do with the Bellicose, Vareth. But yes, it’s amazing too.”

“If amazing means “only able to be docked due to antigravity generators”. But that’s neither here nor there. You can’t do this, Scotty.”

“I can and I will. The Mammoth is ugly. Where are the spare parts tacked on? The thing has no soul, it’s just …”

“The epitome of a spaceborne cargo hauler in every line?”

“Shut up, Vareth. You have no idea.”

“I was the lead designer on the Hurricane, Scotty. You know, one of maybe four pretty Minmatar ships. I think I know what I’m talking about.”

“But it has no soul, Vareth. The Hoarder just screams Minmatar. Adaptation, not imitation.”

“It’s a goddamn Fedo next to a Slaver Hound, Scotty.”

“Appeal it if you like, Vareth. You might be a hoity toity designer and pilot and all that shit, but I own the maintenance services across every station in the Republic. And I hate the Mammoth. It’s ugly. I’m shutting down the parts inventory.”

Vareth stood from his seat, and sighed. “You’ll be hearing from the engineers’ guild, Scotty. And a hell of a lot of capsuleers.”

It was with no small pleasure that Vareth flipped Scotty’s chair onto its back, sending the smug docking manager sprawling across the balcony as Vareth walked out.


Mammoth Warp Trail

The Mammoth is, quite simply, the best looking T1 hauler in the game.

I generally support the CCP Art department. They usually know what they’re doing, even if sometimes they pull frills off ships that need them (which they fixed in spades later) and sometimes struggle to explain cow-inspired paint jobs. I love the new stargates, as an example. But for them to suggest the Mammoth be put out to pasture in favor of the Hoarder is … the height of bad taste.

Minmatar pilots spend a lot of time looking at ugly ships. Only the Bellicose approaches the Hoarder in cobble-job rusty junk appearance. And yet this is the one we should embrace? I fly a Mammoth every day in EVE when I’m not in a scanning or PVP ship. I fly it up close. The engine trails from a Mammoth are amazing. The sound of its engines is unparalleled among subcaps, with a deep bass rumble.

No, it isn’t the largest, but it was a well-placed skill climb for a Minmatar pilot. And it wasn’t a goofy-faced hot-dog Iteron, a pig-in-a-blanket Badger, or a roach-like Amarr industrial. Alone among the industrials, it has a strong, bulky yet streamlined appearance.

CCP Huskarl, I usually like Team TriLambda’s work. But in this instance, they are wrong, wrong, wrong.


So in the interest of being productive rather than just bitching, here are my thoughts on the Industrial debate, aside from the obvious “Use the Mammoth for the large Minmatar hauler” outlined above.

First, on the assumption that the “two per race” idea is the final decision (my esteemed colleague Maximus has what I think is a better approach, honestly), I agree with most of the selections of ships, and which is which. I’ll let the theorycrafters of New Eden determine exactly where the balancing line is relative to exact stats.

But I’d like to throw a couple of extra ideas in here that I’ve seen echoed in various posts in the thread.

  • Get rid of (or convert) three of the Iteron blueprints (those who care can pick which two, but I’d go with the II, III and IV, and redo the Gallente DST with the Itty V model) – but not the ships – from the game. Instant ship collectors’ items for those who have the three removed ships. Why not?
  • Give the Hoarder to ORE, with the express purpose and design to be a T1 “relocation ship”. Give it a maxed-out dedicated ship bay of around a million m3, a standard cargo bay smaller than the small T1 haulers, a mid-level tank and a great align time. Make other tweaks as needed to make them the ideal method to move cheaper, smaller fitted ships in bulk but not good enough to be a mobile battle platform to rival Carriers nor have any bonuses to anything but hauling since the Orca covers that. Confine it to Highsec if you must.

CCP, don’t be Scotty. UPDATE: Several hours after I posted this, CCP Rise confirmed that the Mammoth would be reinstated as the large hauler and the Hoarder would be put out to pasture instead. Thank you!


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3 Responses to Industrial Art

  1. Space Noob says:

    Hmm. I like both the Hoarder and the Mammoth! Both have that grimy, patched together, rawness that you want when you’re flying the space version of the Pork Chop Express.

    I think the roles should stay roughly as they are. The Mammoth as the Minmatar bulk hauler and the Hoarder as the faster, maybe tankier, less cargo version.

    As I said on Twitter :
    Don’t knock the hoarder! Think George Peppard in Battle Beyond the Stars

    Cheesy 80s sci-fi remake of Seven Samurai for the win.

    That said, I’d remove a three Iterons and drop a few new ships in with specialised cargo bays ore/ships/modules. If the art department have a thing about industrial hulls then put them to work on some new specialised haulers!

  2. TurAmarth says:

    May one inquire… what in hell ever happened to form following function, instead of “I don’t LIKE the way it looks.”? Why, in a SciFi game, a virtuality BASED on scientific fact and current accepted and extrapolated theories, do we separate the ‘mechanics’ of a ship from how it ‘looks’? Leaving that aspect solely to an Art Department??? I would give ANYTHING for CCP to hire some RW aerospace engineers (hell I bet some from MIT and NASA etc. would prolly do it for free) to design ships from an engineering standpoint and THEN give the raw bones functional ‘form’ to the Mac addled geniuses to skin and flesh out… IE Form Following Function… the way it WILL have to if we ever do venture out into space for real.

    Then maybe just maybe, a Ship Maintenance Bay will actually ‘look’ like it’s large enough to actually house the ships we virtually store inside it…

    • Rhavas says:

      Science? In my Internet Submarines game?

      But seriously, while I agree with your assessment that many Eve ships are highly unlikely at best (looking at you here, Tempest) my comments are less about realism of the models and more about what I have to look at every day in game.

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