CSM 8 Voters Guide – Voting Slate Recommendations

csmlogo-blackThe new election mechanics for CSM 8 demand a level of discipline and attention that has never been called for before.

In short, Single Transferrable Vote means that your vote cascades from your favorite to the next to the next in your list until it finally applies to someone. What this means is that if you are not voting for 14 candidates, you are not ensuring that your vote counts. If your vote cascades down and doesn’t apply because you only listed three people, if those three are already either in or out, your vote disappears into the ether. DON’T BE THAT GUY.

I’m sure most voters can pick their top 1, 2, 3 … maybe even 5. Or maybe you were handed a slate from your coalition leaders but aren’t sure what you’re really voting for and aren’t comfortable with that. In the interest of helping voters pick 14 candidates to fill their slate and make their vote count, I’ve done a boatload of homework and written over 5500 words worth of Voter Guide background to help you better understand who is out there, what they stand for and who deserves your vote:

So with all that background, what’s the TL;DR? Short and sweet, I’ve broken down four voting slates (remember to look at Endorsements and Muddy Middle posts if you want to know who I think are the best candidates – this post is about how to rank-vote effectively using those endorsements, not individual quality). Pick the slate that best applies to your playstyle, adapt the top end to taste and submit it at voting time. You’ll notice that the order and to some extent content of each is different, and in particularly the null slate is significantly different from the other two. I hope this will somewhat mitigate perceived bias on my part (note that “my” candidate, James Arget, is #1 on the wormhole & Uni lists (and for good reason), but only #4 and #9 on the other two).

The “Two Step Stack” Slate for Wormhole Voters

The wormhole voters have a unique challenge this year. How can we absolutely ensure that we get at least one candidate in, and potentially two, regardless of the nullsec bloc mobilization to dominate all the seats? It can absolutely be done – Two Step was the #2 vote-getter in CSM 7 and #3 of all time due to being the only candidate of the passionate wormhole bloc. This year, there are five guys who want to fill Two Step’s shoes. In order to keep the votes that elected Two Step concentrated to wormhole candidates, it is absolutely crucial that the top five in the below list (shown in blue) are at the top of your list as well. Due to the way STV works, removing even one of the Wormhole 5 from the top five reduces the chances of wormhole candidates as a whole being elected. I’ve dubbed this the “Two Step stack”, which the man himself describes on his blog here. You can move the wormhole candidates’ order around as you see fit within the top five, but this is the order I recommend. I only have one account, and it will vote with the slate below. This slate lacks high-profile null candidates because the null blocs will take care of those candidates.

  1. James Arget
  2. Ayeson
  3. Nathan Jameson
  4. Cipreh
  5. Chitsa Jason
  6. Ripard Teg
  7. Ali Aras
  8. Trebor Daedhoow
  9. Mike Azariah
  10. Psychotic Monk
  11. Mangala Solaris
  12. Unforgiven Storm
  13. Corebloodbrothers
  14. Artctura

The “Throw Off Your Chains and Vote With Your Brains” Slate for Sovereign Nullsec Voters

When I started this project I didn’t intend to dive in to the null bloc vote. After all, they will all get explicit instructions from their coalition leadership. And all the nullsec drones vote as they’re told, right?

Well, I think that old chestnut is wrong. While he has disappointingly declined to publish his own recommendations, I look at champion CSM interviewer  and CFC member Xander Phoena, as a great example of someone who will vote with his conscience. Sort Dragon, leader of the HBC, shows a remarkable level of openness to other viewpoints on his slate in Voices from the Void Episode 68. I think there are a lot of other null folks who are looking for a gut check of the “null drone” conventional wisdom as well.

As I said in my Endorsements post, there are some very good null candidates. But there are also some indifferent and some terrible ones. I hope and expect that there will be a lot of people out there who want to do what they can to help their bloc, but also want to try to vote productively rather than trying to just “lock out the CSM for null candidates only“.

If you’d rather vote with your brain rather than being a stereotypical “Press F1” cog, this slate is for you. At the very minimum you should top your list with your favorite, followed by the first seven below. They’re likely all on your overlord-mandated ballot anyhow.

Throw off your chains, and vote with your brains. 

  1. Mynnna
  2. Malcanis
  3. Unforgiven Storm
  4. Artctura
  5. Ali Aras
  6. Psychotic Monk
  7. Kesper North
  8. Ripard Teg
  9. James Arget
  10. Mangala Solaris
  11. Sort Dragon
  12. Corebloodbrothers
  13. Banlish
  14. Trebor Daedhoow or Riverini (you decide)

The “Newbro Support” Slate for EVE University voters

I’m an alum and occasional contributor, so I understand the Uni. But don’t just take my word for it, the top four in this list were endorsed by Kelduum Revaan. James is an alum who still supports E-UNI regularly with classes and Mumble appearances. Ripard & Trebor are great general game candidates. Mangala Solaris represents RvB, the “other great Highsec insititution”. Ali is what every new grad might inspire to be. Nathan and Mike have a long history of helping new players, and Malcanis is pretty much acknowledged across numerous endorsement blogs as a fantastic, balanced null candidate. I’ve left most of the null candidates off since the blocs will take care of them.

  1. James Arget
  2. Ripard Teg
  3. Trebor Daedhoow
  4. Mangala Solaris
  5. Ali Aras
  6. Nathan Jameson
  7. Mike Azariah
  8. Malcanis
  9. Unforgiven Storm
  10. Psychotic Monk
  11. Korvin
  12. Steve Ronuken
  13. Corebloodbrothers
  14. Ayeson

The “Community Consensus” Slate for Non-Bloc voters

Not wormhole, null or Uni? Here is what I’ve found to be the broad consensus of many bloggers, forum warriors, etc, with most of the null bloc candidates filtered out. Why? Because generally speaking they will get elected with or without you, meaning your vote for even excellent candidates like Mynnna isn’t needed, so you shouldn’t clutter your list with them. The first 9 or 10 below are appearing consistently on almost every non-bloc blogger’s list – joining that consensus is a good counterbalance to the null bloc vote.

  1. Ripard Teg
  2. Trebor Daedhoow
  3. Ali Aras
  4. James Arget
  5. Mangala Solaris
  6. Nathan Jameson
  7. Mike Azariah
  8. Psychotic Monk
  9. Unforgiven Storm
  10. Corebloodbrothers
  11. Ayeson
  12. Malcanis
  13. Korvin
  14. Riverini or Artctura (you choose)


No matter what, the best thing for this CSM election is high turnout. Go vote. With STV, your vote will definitely count, especially if you fill out a full slate of 14. I’ve done the hard work for you. Go do your part.

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6 Responses to CSM 8 Voters Guide – Voting Slate Recommendations

  1. .IFAP grunt says:

    This is retarded and so are you.

  2. Jester says:

    VERY nice post (and not just because I’m on all the lists, heh). But this is exactly the sort of post I would have written this year if I were not running. I particularly like the suggested null-sec candidate bloc vote, but you should have split it between a CFC and HBC ballot. Other than that, nice job!

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