CSM 8 Voters Guide – Introduction

Ripard Teg recently stole my thunder (he does this to a lot of the blogosphere) and posted on the difficulty of how to do endorsements in this new transferrable vote world. He also laid out a scheme of how he will tackle it. I will be doing something similar but not exactly the same. 

I have almost 3000 words of notes. I’ve read many of the blogs, most of the Jita Park threads, asked around a bit and have listened to many podcasts and every single Crossing Zebras interview (you should too). Based on my findings, my next few CSM 8 posts will be:

  1. Endorsements. For my purposes, an endorsement is someone I think will do a great job on CSM 8, whether they need my vote or not (meaning that yes, I will endorse some bloc folks who do not need my vote). These are 12 candidates who will do the right thing for the game and deserve your vote if your strategy dictates it. I will also discuss the three candidates who you should absolutely NOT vote for, regardless of your playstyle, and briefly talk about some who have left the race.
  2. The Muddy Middle. That leaves 20 others somewhere in the middle, from those who are good but I have reservations about (some of these will make my ballot recommendations), through those with strong reputations but that are clearly good game players who don’t quite seem to be up on the reality of the CSM, down to those that I have only not condemned because I haven’t gotten a clear picture of just how bad they are yet (generally because they have hidden from Xander Phoena’s questioning). I’ll run down my thoughts on each.
  3. Voting Recommendations. It is important to recognize that this is entirely different from endorsements! Due to the new voting system, it is vital that you vote with an interest in your key candidates, and order your votes to support that, taking into consideration what others are likely to do. Personally I think it’s a bad system, but it’s the system we’ve been given. Yes, this means I will not be voting for some of the people who I endorse, and that I will be voting for some of those in “The Muddy Middle”.

I will handle my predictions for the election outcomes in a post outside this guide. Should be a fun voting season.

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2 Responses to CSM 8 Voters Guide – Introduction

  1. alikchi says:

    Interested to see who’s on your list. 🙂

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