Odyssey Speculation: Art Analysis

Odyssey StoryheadAs I write this, very few details are known about the new EVE Online expansion, Odyssey. There is some key art. There are some hints about content. And the screenshots of systems on the release site. To the uninitiated the new site says basically nothing other than a lot of hints. But to lore enthusiasts, particularly travelers like myself and EVE Travel‘s Mark726, there is a lot to see here. Granted, most of it could be the art department mashing unrelated crap together (Retribution has floating spinning asteroids like the Shattered planet rocks floating with a Gallente space station, for instance, which makes no sense whatever), but for the moment let’s indulge the urge and see what we might guess if the art is indicative of the content.


So this is the key art that goes with the expansion. We can see some rock stuff on the left, a bright star in the middle, a handful of ships (3 exploration ships and a stealth bomber), a Sleeper structure component in the background, and a wrecked Apocalypse battleship. Let’s look at these components.

The “rock stuff” actually has a name – and a funny one. It’s called “Space Stonhenge w/Rotating Centre” It is only found in a handful of very interesting places (EDIT: Added the links to Forlorn Hub and Minining site).

The Unsecured Frontier Enclave Relay, a Radar site in Class 5 wormholes. Note the Sleeper structure as well. Click to enlarge

The Unsecured Frontier Enclave Relay, a Radar site in Class 5 wormholes. Note the Sleeper structure as well. I took this pic just March 23, 2013. Click to enlarge.

The Devil’s Dig, in Otioh, The Forge. Click to enlarge. (EVE Travel)

The Yan Jung Relic site in Deltole, Sinq Laison. Click to enlarge. (EVE Travel/Freebooted)

Angel Forlorn Hub. Click to enlarge. (Black Claw’s Travels) All the Forlorn Hub structures (Angel, Gurista, Sansha, Blood Raider, Serpentis) as well as the Average Dark Ochre and Gneiss mining site, have the structure.

We’ll talk a little bit about how these sites (and several others) might be related in my next post.

So how about that star? It’s awful bright, isn’t it. Well, it’s not likely to be just any star. In fact, it’s probably a Pulsar, which is a wormhole systemic effect.

"Star" from the Odyssey launch page.

“Star” from the Odyssey launch page.

Pulsar in J140135

Pulsar in J140135. Click to Enlarge.

The Sleeper structure is also easily identifiable, even though CCP’s artist seems to have gone somewhat to pains to hide it in the background.

This little gem hidden in the background is a Sleeper structure.

Odyssey banner Sleeper structure.

The Abandoned Sleeper Enclave. Click for details.

So what about the ships? Well, I’m mostly willing to ignore the ones that are flying. One is a Nemesis (Gallente) stealth bomber. The others are a Magnate (Amarr) exploration frigate (could be an Anathema Covert Ops but looks too shiny to me) and a pair of Heron (Caldari) exploration frigates (again, could be a Buzzard Covert Ops). I’m going to assume that my brethren Minmatar are sitting cloaked in a Cheetah Covert Ops just off the Sleeper Enclave! I’ll speculate a bit on the potential story with these three (four?) ships in the next post as well.

So that leaves the Apocalypse wreck. In all honesty, this is the one piece that troubles me in my speculation. The wreck itself is straightforward – these are two longstanding re-used art tidbits in game, the Apocalypse Bow and the Apocalypse Stern. But how does that fit with the rest of the picture (assuming CCP did in fact make the picture story-coherent, which it has of course failed to do in the past)?

Well, there are a couple of places where you can readily find some Apoc wrecks – in the ship graveyards of Kor-Azor Prime and Mekhios (Sarum Prime III). EVE Travel has some great shots of these.

Apocalypse wrecks at Kor-Azor Prime. Click to enlarge. (EVE Travel)

Apocalypse wreck at Mekhios. Click to enlarge. (EVE Travel)

EDIT: Nathan Jameson, one of the CSM8 wormhole candidates and long-time reader, reminded me that the Amarrians were one of the first to take a full-fledged fleet into a wormhole in the lore. The fleet didn’t come back. Here’s the evidence from the Apocrypha trailer:

The Golden Fleet, along with our Apoc? Click for Apocrypha trailer.

The Golden Fleet, along with our Apoc? Click for Apocrypha trailer.

So what does all this (maybe) mean? We’ll talk about that in the next post.

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14 Responses to Odyssey Speculation: Art Analysis

  1. As I recall, in Templar One, a good chunk of a “golden fleet” was destroyed while salvaging the first of the Sleeper implants used to make the Dust soldiers. So destroyed Amarr battleships are definitely in the prime fiction.

    • Rhavas says:

      I had forgotten that part. The Golden Fleet definitely did go in after them, but I have never seen the wreckage of that fleet nor seen it reported. I’ll grab a screencap from the Apocrypha trailer and add it. Good catch!

  2. rixxjavix says:

    Thank goodness for you and Mark, or I wouldn’t know anything about this stuff! Great work as always and thanks.

  3. me says:

    It means nothing. Art team has put together lots of elements on the picture to make an exploration focused image…

  4. Lukas Rox says:

    One one hand, entirely possible that this is coincidence, but CCP very often gives a lot of hints when announcing new expansion, and some of them end up to mean something.

    Then again, “Key pass to open the door”, which convinced many (including myself) that the CQ will finally open, ended as a mere collectors item, which got “Deactivated” in Retribution 1.1

    Nice visual analysis by the way 😉

  5. Gwydion Voleur says:

    One of the Serpentis lowsec combat sites has a Spacehenge in it, sitting below a ruined station husk. Don’t remember which one, and it is not interact-able.

  6. pjharvey says:

    Sorry for the confusion. The site I found was an ‘Average Dark Ochre and Gneiss Deposit’ in low-sec space, this one in 0.4 Chamja in Genesis. Have a big screenshot for evidence. Note the bookmark and its name. It must be that one.

  7. Gwydion Voleur says:

    I’m not doubting that the Henge is also in the Forlorn Hub, but the one I am talking about is one that needs probes to be found. May even be a Radar, not a straight combat site.

  8. pjharvey says:

    The Amarr jumped a fleet of battleships through a wormhole leading to class 1 w-space? Haxx!

    I watched the trailer to check. Despite having lived in w-space for all but a couple of months of its existence, the trailer still gave me goosebumps.

    • Rhavas says:

      Total devhax. And yes, the Apocrypha trailer is still my favorite because it almost seems like it’s hi-def security cam footage or newsreel cuttings rather than a trailer.

  9. Araziah says:

    The Amarr battleship wreck may also be there in reference to the Amarr-Jove War ( http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Amarr-Jove_War ). The Battle of Vak’Atioth happened in Aridia, but there were probably other, smaller conflicts near/in Jovian space. Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense in the context of what appears to be a w-space system that we see the wreck in. But what if there are connections between the Jove and sleepers that we don’t know about? In fact, we know very little about sleeper history. There have been speculations that part of the new exploration system will allow you to connect to Jove space. This makes much more sense if it happened via wormholes instead of gates. Perhaps the sleepers, in their era, apart from inhabiting their own cluster (which we know as w-space), also inhabited parts of the New Eden cluster in what is now Jovian space. Food for thought.

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