Feudal Eve #3: DynaSec

Way back when I wrote the first two in the Feudal Eve series, I had planned to dig into the detail of my “floating security” concept in this third post. The series was started in August 2011 and the original date of this draft was October 25, 2011.

Funny thing happened on the way to the detail post – I got sucked into PVP. I got sucked into Arek’Jaalan. I didn’t have time to write. Then I left EVE. Then after almost a year I came back, and got immediately back to PVP … and never quite got around to finishing this series.

Thankfully, Mary Titor (winner of my 2012 Best Game Design Analysis Blog award) wrote her “Plan 9 for Outer Space” post, proposing almost exactly what I was thinking. You should go read it. Great post Mary (as usual)!

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