Freelancer (noun) – A writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them.

So, yes – I’ve started writing for You can find links to my articles here. So am I joining Goonswarm or CFC? Ummmm, no. The very idea of joining sov null at all gives me a headache. I’m very happy in my wormhole watching the CFC/HBC drama from afar with a bowl of popcorn. Both, for me, are excellent surprise small-gang gank-targets.

But am I on staff there, making lots of Goon ISKies? No, I’m paid on a per-article basis, and frankly I make more in PI in a week than I do for an article.

So why do it? A few reasons.

  1. As I mentioned in my recent awards, I think is the best EVE news site.
  2. One of the reasons I think this is so is their fully-vetted editing approach. In the short time I’ve been writing for them, my perception of how well this is handled has only grown. Yes, this adds some publication delays, but it definitely improves quality.
  3. The potential for an outlet for non-EVE stuff, which I don’t want to clutter up this blog.
  4. A few things The Mittani said regarding exclusivity of content vs. medium plus non-restriction of angle when we were discussing the possibility of me writing there, namely:
    • “If you want to write stuff about how awful nullsec is … I’m not going to censor you.”
    • “A piece you write for TMC stays on TMC, with possible post-publishing reposting – but you’d be free to write whatever on your blog. Likewise, ‘Hey, I wrote a thing on TMC, go read it here’ posts on your blog would be peachy.”

So will I now be posting only there since I get paid there but not here? Nope. I’ve decided to draw a bright line of sorts between what goes where.

  • There: News, battle reports, guides, gaming items unrelated to EVE, etc. – the more factual and the wider the interest audience, the better.
  • Here: Opinion, game ideas, fiction, etc. – The more personal, opinion, or brainstorming, the better.

That said, he also says: “I just fire anyone who only writes one [story] a month.” So … it could also be a short stint.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to have a more high-profile outlet for things I can consider more “journalism” than “editorial comment”.  Long story short, I hope you’ll stop by and read these articles as well. I’m having fun with it so far and via Jabber at least, Mittens runs a good environment in the newsroom.

For my first two stories, I chronicled what it’s really like to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an attendee. I went in expecting something very different the first time I went – so thought I’d lay it out for those who haven’t been.

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  1. Sugar Kyle says:

    Interesting. I hope you have fun with it.

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