What’s In A Name?

So I’ve been watching various blogs posting on the new ships, skins, etc. coming in Retribution. I am writing this post in the hopes that it is not too late for CCP to change a couple things before it’s too late. The good news is that (with one exception) these should be easy changes – just a little text edit.

Let’s just say it – for the most part, the names of the new ships are not awesome. No disrespect intended to the CCPers who came up with the current names (except maybe Dasher), but … *sigh*. So let’s go through them.

ORE Mining Frigate “Dasher”. As my fellow blogger Seismic Stan from Freebooted said, “That’s rubbish. That’s one of Santa’s reindeer or what an 8-year-old girl calls her pony.” This one is flat out bad. So many great possibilities here, since ORE doesn’t have a specific convention, just a theme of buying, gathering and keeping. You could also use the name to highlight the fact that it is the first ship with a gas mining bonus. My favorite is Prospector. UPDATE Nov 20: They have renamed the new ORE Frigate “Venture”. I still like Prospector better, but Venture is good.

Amarr Destroyer “Dragoon”. Dragoon is actually an awesome ship name, typically a type of cavalry soldier. The name also has a solid gaming history. However, it doesn’t fit the Amarr religious theme. Instead, I suggest Confessor, but Reclaimer, Priest or Consecrator would also be great names. You could even give “Inquisitor” to this ship and rename the Amarr logi boat to “Hospitaller”. Don’t lose Dragoon, though – maybe a good name for a future pirate faction ship.

Caldari Destroyer “Corax”. Corax = Raven. Just in a different language (Greek – which should be Gallente!). While it fits the Caldari bird theme, it’s redundant. We already have a Raven. And a Crow. And a Blackbird. A bit too obsessed with the same damn bird here? Someone also pointed out the potential confusion with Thorax on comms. There are a bunch of other great options here since the Caldari are a bit eclectic. Go traditional with Harrier (my favorite) or Owl. Or mix mythic snakes (like Naga is) with your birds and do something like Quetzal.

Gallente Destroyer “Algos”. OK, Algos is actually an appropriate name for this ship. It fits the Greek diety naming convention and is named after the demigod of pain and sorrow. But it’s really obscure unless you’re a fan of Greek mythology. How about something slightly more familiar like Atropos, Discordia, Alecto or Megaera? Or much more familiar like Gorgon (although that may be better saved for a future webbing battleship to fill out that line)?

Minmatar Destroyer “Talwar”. Like the Algos, there is no argument here that Talwar fits the Minmatar swords & knives naming convention. But again, very obscure. The Minmatar also have an eclectic naming scheme, from swords & knives to descriptions of violence to animals to storms to Norse myth. Here are a bunch of better choices (to stay with the Thrasher theme I would pick Cleaver, which is both blade and violence):

  • Blades: Katana, Gladius
  • Violence: Beater, Bludgeon, Eviscerator
  • Storms: Thunder, Lightning, Storm, Blizzard
  • Predators: Lion, Wolverine
  • Norse: Mjollnir or Geri

Finally, an art note (this is the one that may be difficult). CCP’s art department is a group I generally believe does spectacular work. The Vagabond has been a hot topic this year, and credit where due, CCP listened to the community and added back the frill, along with redoing the entire Stabber model, and the model itself is awesome (so is the new Vargur, BTW). But the new Vagabond skin has been revealed, and it is horrid. The one-time Terror of Lowsec, King of Kiters, is now a spotted cow. The alternative is to rename it the Ayrshire.

EDIT/UPDATE Nov 12: JonnyPew has posted an update. The Vaga looks better than before, especially once in space. The frill looks awesome. I still am not a fan of the white-based camo, but at least it no longer looks like a cow.

CCP, there’s still time.

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5 Responses to What’s In A Name?

  1. BadassMcKill says:

    I doubt that’s the final Vagabond skin

  2. That vaga skin is unfinished (it’s really obvious when you actually look at it on the test server – it’s all completely matte and has none of the textures that you can see on finished ships).

    Here’s a screenshot which looks more like the finished article: http://cdn1.eveonline.com/www/newssystem/media/63527/1/Stabber_Frills.jpg

    And the names, yeah – Dasher and Corax in particular are pretty terrible choices imo (the latter more for its similarity to the Thorax – Eris/Ares and Rokh/Rook already cause plenty of frustration when you’re dealing with a multilingual community).

    • Rhavas says:

      Very glad to hear that. The art department does awesome work (as noted) and this one caught me by surprise on all the screenshots. Even in that shot it looks like it’s the angle more than the model being different, but if you’re seeing that matte look then you’re probably right about it not being done. Hopefully that’s a “test skin” and that’s why they pulled the post and are reworking. 🙂

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