Watching Troy Burn

Future CorpsSo … we had this big plan. Our intel team had been searching for weeks for a good candidate to seige. A target corp with sizable numbers and sizeable assets. A wormhole that required some sophisticated running techniques, and one we could get capitals into. Intel found one and did the intel on the owners. We planned. We strategized. We moved in ships and logged them out in deep space.

We planned for an all-weekend corp event, going toe to toe, hopefully getting good fights, tearing down their towers and taking whatever was left in the end. We stayed up to the wee hours moving ships and positioning. We slept like crap overthinking possible issues.

The Sky Marshall determined the most likely time for success. Unfortunately for me, it was in the middle of the workday. For up to six hours, the corp members who could be on waited patiently, running on alts or just watching Jabber.

Finally, the opposition logged on. They crashed themselves in to their wormhole and started to run Sleeper site escalations. The signal we had been waiting for was given.

Future Corps logged in everyone who could be online, smashed their 15 Billion ISK anti-Sleeper fleet, and podded most of them back to k-space. We took control of the static wormhole, and formed up to take on their POS infrastructure and anyone else they could log on.

But there wasn’t any further resistance.

Less than an hour after the siege started, we offered a ransom for the system. Given the alternative of watching Troy burnthey paid. And we honored the ransom.

It was about this time that I got home and logged on.

Story of my life in EVE.

Less than 12 hours later, all of our capitals had been evacuated, most already home.

PS – Credit where due, there was no whining, wailing or tears. The victims took it in stride as all part of the game, and congratulated us on a nice ambush.

Check out Future Corps on our in-game channel “FCFTW Public”

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