A Matter of Minutes

Future Corps

For those who aren’t already aware, on my return to EVE I joined Future Corps [FCFTW], a wormhole corp and the sister of my old corp Noble Sentiments.

If there is one thing you learn quickly in wormhole life, it is this: Where you log off is important.

For various reasons, I had been working on a new ship in Dodixie at the end of my play session, and logged off there, too tired to head back. We generally had open holes and I was sure I could come back, probably without ridiculous effort.

What I wasn’t expecting was the activity that would be going on the next day when I logged in. The corp was doing what we call Rage Rolling. See, most of us are PVPers at heart, and while wormholes bring out a bit of carebear and ratter in a capsuleer, the need to fight and gank real players never goes away. So sometimes we continually collapse our static wormhole until we “roll” one with fight potential. As I logged on, they had just jumped through the latest rolled hole … and found a pair of unescorted Moros dreadnaughts running Sleeper sites.

Unfortunately for me, the only way back to our home from where I was in Dodixie was almost 30 jumps away through lowsec. So, yes, I could get back, but they were going to collapse the lowsec hole soon and fight would be long over by then. Besides, the only ships I had in Dodixie were a heavily-plated Brutix battlecruiser (which would be destroyed by any lowsec gang on the trip) and a Prowler transport ship (which would be useless in a fight).

Then I remembered a long-running rumor from my days lore-hounding and working with Arek’Jaalan on wormhole mapping. The rumor was this – if you were in a fleet and on opposite ends of space, you would get help from the mechanics of wormholes in trying to get back to your fleet. In the hole, we would call it the Will of Bob (the wormhole god). It sounded like pure fluff, but I figured what the hell.

Off I go in the Prowler, two jumps to find a quiet system, and start scanning. On comms: “Point!”

I silently curse that I will almost certainly not make it even with Bob lifting and dropping me there. I was in a freaking Prowler, after all. I find a hole on my second scan, and jump in.

Probes out … another wormhole in short order. In I jump again to another w-space system.

Laughing on comms. “First Moros is down.” I get another wormhole sig and start narrowing it down. “Second Moros is down. We got both pods.”

Just as I was feeling a bit deflated, one of the guys said, “Joint Ops has a carrier they want to take down, but they need some help. It’s about 10 jumps from our nullsec exit.” A pause. “Let’s go.”

I hit the next hole and jump through. I come out in nullsec, 12 jumps from our hole’s nullsec exit. Bob is with me!

“Guys, I found an exit right by our null. I may actually get to the fleet.”

“Hurry, we’re heading out to get there now. Take something fast and catch up.”

I moved as quickly as I could through Red Overlord space. At a couple of points their chase ships came after me, but a dual-nano Prowler is a tough ship to catch. Still, it slowed me down while I dodged and checked for bubbles. Maybe by two minutes. No big deal.

I got back to the home POS, and by then the fleet was forming up around gates to the target nullsec system. I grabbed Spectre, my trusty Hound stealth bomber, knowing that the torpedoes would do decent damage and that it was probably the fastest ship I had – wormholers seem to like their armor boats, so most of the higher-damage ships I have there are slooooow.

Off to the races. I bounce back out of the hole into nullsec, and get across only two systems before I hear the joint op FC call “OK, everyone warp warp warp.” I have 10 jumps still to go.

Jump. Jump. Jump. “His shield is down.” 7 jumps to go.

Jump. Looooong warp. Jump. “Almost through armor, guys.” Aaaaagh. 5 left.

Jump. Jump. “He’s down!”

Crap. Jump. “Bubble has the pod. Got him!”

Didn’t jump. Sat on the last gate, waiting for the fleet to come back. I was of more use now as an advance scout than a combatant.

So remember what we learned today:

  • Bob helps those who help themselves
  • Be careful where you park
  • Minutes count

Otherwise all you may get is the play-by-play.

PS Want to sneak into nullsec and blow up rich ratters? Drop into lowsec and mess with pirates and faction warriors? Still get a decent income if you put in the time? Stop and say hi to our recruiters in FCFTW Public. Maybe your timing will be better than mine.

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