Ugliest Ships in Eve #3: Noobships and Shuttles

For those who might not already be aware, I started a set of ugly ships contests.

  1. Contest Rules and Ugliest Destroyer
  2. Ugliest Frigate

As noted in the rules post, I’m focusing on the T1 subcap ships – the winner (person with the best comment/justification) gets an ugly ship! In this one we’ll award the community-chosen ugly shuttle to both the best noobship comment and the best shuttle comment.

Remember you have to comment to win – my vote and justification after each poll. NOTE: On your comment please include your in-game name or Twitter @name so I know where to contact you if you win!

UPDATE 11/21: The winners get a new, reskinned Gallente shuttle (now no longer ugly orange! Congrats to the winners.

  • Noobship comment: @Mara_Rinn on the Ibis: “That’s the Caldari rasion d’être: uglify the enemy off the battlefield.”
  • Shuttle comment: Got a few comments on this, but the best one was on Twitter, where @Rotosequence had a complete sadpanda moment that CCP was getting rid of the orange version. So he gets a new, non-orange version, in hopes he will grow to love it.

My Vote – Noobships

There’s a lot of ugly in the “Rookie Ship” class. In fact, the only one that’s not ugly in my opinion is the Amarr Impairor.

Ibis - Hey, it's free!

The other three all look like they were assembled out of spare parts. I was hard-pressed to pick, but finally picked the Caldari Ibis. It’s pretty much a metal plate with an engine strapped to it. It’s ugly and boring … where the Velator and Reaper are just ugly.

Then again, Noobships are the ones that I can live with being ugly. After all, they’re free! What do you people want?!?

My Vote – Shuttles

This one was really hard for me to pick, and for the opposite reason from the noobships. Why? Because I genuinely like all four shuttles!

Gallente Shuttle - Orangest Ship in the Fleet

In the end, though, I had to pick one, and in this case I picked the Gallente shuttle. Why? Because it doesn’t feel very Gallente to me. Gallente ships tend to be all blobbed together, and this has a more open feel. Plus … orange? I don’t get it. All the other ones are that metallic green.

I waffle a bit on the Amarr – I like it from the sides and back but it feels a little too pancake flat. Still, that’s the harshest criticism I can muster.

I suspect a lot of people aren’t big fans of the Caldari or Minmatar shuttles, but to me these two are quintessentially appropriate for their given races. The Caldari is all hard lines and steel with the big hook nose but it just … feels right. The Minmatar looks like some odd bug but the solar panel and antenna arrangement are reminiscent of a TIE fighter and yet also perfectly Minmatar.

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12 Responses to Ugliest Ships in Eve #3: Noobships and Shuttles

  1. Rhavas says:

    How can the shuttles be so cool and the noobships so … not?

    • Serpentine Logic says:

      I believe the CSM has raised that point before. It’s not a good look when the ship a new player undocks with happens to have terrible visuals.

  2. skorpion352 says:

    gallente shuttle best shuttle. seriously, its the best looking one of the bunch. it might be a bit odd, but then so are the gallente!

    i gotta agree on the ibis being the ulgyist noobship. wtf is that supposed to be anyway?

    can i have free stuff now?

  3. I actually think the Reaper is uglier….. Even the Ibis has dimension to it. The reaper is just…. flat.

  4. mararinn says:

    The Caldari Ibis is the worst of the rookie ships. They all reflect the basic design goals of each race, which by default means the Caldari ship is the ugliest. That’s the Caldari rasion d’être: uglify the enemy off the battlefield. Sadly the Caldari one is also boring. At least the Drake has texture, and the Caracal has an interesting design.

    The Gallente shuttle is the least appealing of the shuttles. The Caldari shuttle at least has affectations of utility. The Minmatar shuttle has the most flair. The Amarr shuttle is shiny. The Gallente shuttle … well, it looks lie a corporate stickpin turned into a starship. Very plain and boring.

    Mara Rinn
    (@Mara_Rinn on twitter)

  5. evehermit says:

    The Caldari Ibis is atrociously ugly. I remember it actually gave me a poor first impression of the game when I started out. I also like all four of the shuttles, but the oddest by a small margin would be the Gallente Shuttle, which reminds me a little of a bottle opener. (Not posting to win anything)

  6. Ibis. Oh, god, the Ibis. I almost re-rolled when I discovered that I would ALWAYS get an Ibis and the other noob ships were race locked. The other three are .. “quirky” … the Ibis is flat out terrible.

    Shuttles are a hard call when you look at the pictures, but flying them sorts it out. The Amarr shuttle just flat out blinks too much; the lights are too big. None of the others I really have an issue with.

  7. My vote goes to the Velator. It’s asymmetrical in a bad way already, with the one wing protruding off in a different direction entirely from the main hull… or is the ‘wing’ the main hull, with a front section sticking out on it’s own? It’s worse even then that, though… since your cockpit is actually a big tumor sticking out from the other side.
    Sure, the Ibis is ugly and boring… but the Velator is ugly and cancerous.

  8. emikochan13 says:

    I think the noob-ships are intentionally bad, ccp wants us to want to get into a new ship asap. The terribleness of the noobships was that inspiration for me at least ^_^

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