Ugliest Ships in Eve Contest

So today on Twitter, Drackarn of Sand, Cider and Spaceships mentioned that he was arguing with a corpmate about the ugliness of Gallente ships. Minmatar pilots like myself regularly joke about duct tape and “in rust we trust”. Caldari ships are always cited as being hideously boxy. Amarr … OK, so finally here’s an art contest they might not win.

Then CCP posted pix of the new Minmatar Tornado and its Gallente counterpart … the new Tier 3 Battlecruisers.

Inspired by all the art discussion, I’ve decided to start a series of polls that will result in a ship giveaway for each session. Here’s how it will go:

  • FORMAT: I will post something for each major class. This will include a bit of exposition, a poll for votes, and my personal “CCP please redesign this” choice of the class.
  • RULES:
    • All classes will be T1 subcap ships, as they are the base models for everything else. I think we can all acknowledge that the faction boats are cool and don’t need a major overhaul. Planned classes:
      • Frigates (per race)
      • Destroyers (overall)
      • Cruisers (per race)
      • Battlecruisers (overall)
      • Battleships (overall)
    • Readers vote for the one in the list that they believe is the most in need of an artistic redesign. This might mean it’s the ugliest … or it might mean that it’s a really cool ship that looks stupid so it should be redone to make it cooler (example: the Caldari Scorpion redesign).
  • HOW TO WIN: Vote and Comment! I will choose the winner each week from among those who comment on the blog posting about their choice(s). If I get lots of good comments I may choose randomly. If not, I will choose the one that makes the best (or funniest) argument. My blog, my rules. I will wait one week from the posting date to choose the winner. Contest pages may run in parallel!
  • PRIZE: You win the ugly ship (or in case of larger groups like frigates, ugliest of the race of your choice)!

Given that I’ve taken some time to do exposition about the contest here, we’ll start with the smallest group, the Destroyers. Each race has only one. My vote below – contest is now closed but feel free to vote!

UPDATE 11/1: The Gallente Catalyst wins, with 42.59% of the vote! Khanhrhh wins the Catalyst for his hilarious comment on the Cormorant: “Cormie, every time. The ship that I found so ugly as a noob I cross-trained to Minmatar.”

My Vote

The Caldari Cormorant – Boring and Boxy

This one was actually a tough call for me. The Coercer is a beautiful ship. The Catalyst is (as with too many Gallente ships) weirdly lopsided, but on the whole is still an attractive “flying wing” design.

In the end, I picked the Cormorant. As noted above, it’s not strictly “ugly” – at least it’s symmetrical – but is the one that may most need a redesign. Compared to the others it’s … well … boring. Boxy and undistinguished.

The Thrasher was a close second. I’ve long called the Thrasher “The BNSF” after the railroad. The front half is pretty cool, even if it does look like a train engine. But what’s with the strapped-on half-baked back end? In the end, though, half-cool is better than no-cool.

What do you think? Comment and win the top vote-getting “ugliest” destroyer!

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22 Responses to Ugliest Ships in Eve Contest

  1. Rhavas says:

    The Cormorant needs something more exciting and interesting! Can I get a vertical feature somewhere? Or a symmetric rear wing please?

  2. Abby_Nital says:

    Yes, Cormorant, for all those reasons. It just seems too Caldari, for a Caldari ship. Too boxy, too sharp, and just…NOT the cold, bulky, designs seen in a number of Caldari ships.

  3. evehermit says:

    It was a bit of a toss up between the Coercer and Thrasher, but I ended up voting for the Amarr ship. While the Thrasher says “Minmatar”, the Coercer looks more like the partial remains of a christmas beetle.

  4. Serpentine Logic says:

    I think all the Destroyers are fine. The noobships though *ugh*

  5. Ed says:

    I voted Thrasher because half cool makes the half uncool part even worse, think of a neighborhood, say million dollar estates, if you have a rundown house that in its heyday was worth half or less of those million dollar estates it makes the whole neighborhood look bad. With Cormorant it has a design that while may not be the most pleasing to the eyes is the same though out the ship. To put it another way the Cormorant is like that abstract art, not pleasing to everyone but this a nice piece of art that everyone can appreciate whereas the thrasher is taking half a canvas of an abstract piece and combining it with half a canvas of a scenery piece, each piece is good but together they don’t match and just make an eyesore.

  6. I voted the Coercer because the flying wing design just doesn’t cut it. It’d say it needs to have a more agressive design, more reminiscent of a blaster boat and less of Star War’s B-Wing.

  7. Thrasher needs it more than Cormorant.

  8. Cormie, every time.

    The ship that I found so ugly as a noob I cross-trained to Minmatar.

  9. darklovers says:

    I vote Cormorant, is very ugly.. need a restyling.

  10. Cormorant because I want my Caldari ships to look better! It’s ugly for Caldari 😦 Catalyst is a close second though. I don’t like the spinning bit.

  11. Drackarn says:

    Catalyst is my vote for Fugly ship. I like the Cormorant and the Thrasher.

    Nice blog.

  12. paritybit says:

    I love the Cormorant model. In fact, I like all of the destroyers so this was a hard choice for me. I ended up picking the Coercer because it doesn’t look as cool as it’s icon makes it seem like it should look.

    They don’t fly in atmosphere, they don’t need symmetry or even wings. I prefer the asymmetrical designs. Except the Moa. When you get to cruisers I’ll have an easy vote.

  13. Jaggins says:

    I vote for Coercer. (I have always liked the thrasher/sabre look, though it is a bit boxy.)

  14. rixx javix says:

    Wow I am honestly shocked at the non-love the poor Cormmie is getting here. 😦 I actually love the Cormorant design and think it is a pretty badass loser ship, although maybe it’ll get better this winter!? (hope hope) Especially when it is all black and dropping bubbles!

    Plus Myrhial? The Spinny Bit? ALL ships should have a spinny bit! I cross-trained specifically to Gal so I could have a spinny bit! And then the Hawk with those spinny thingies… oh baby!

    Seriously though, in this category the Amarr lose out imo. The Coercer is the fugliest of the bunch and deserves some much needed love.

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  16. Mehrdad Kor-Azor says:

    Gallente Catalyst.

    First, it has that spinning radar thing that just looks weird.
    Second, it has that big gigantic hole in the middle.
    And third…
    It’s really rather lopsided, with all the bulk on one side, and the skinny part on the other.

  17. Corina Jarr says:

    At first I was going to vote the Catalyst purely because when I first started playing there was an annoying bug with the ship that involved its textures being spread across the screen.

    However, as CCP fixed that (or my new graphics card did…) I must out of principle vote for the Thrasher. Down with the Minmatar!!!

    Sorry…. RP moment.

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  19. David Grogan says:

    the catalyst is a broken model also….. sometimes bits of it dissappear for no reason…. this model urgently needs replacing

  20. Foxwalker says:

    Why so much hate for the Catalyst? I liked that ship so much it took me three years to get into a cruiser! I always thought it was clever how the one big engine near the center of mass was balanced by all the little engines on the long pylon. It’s asymmetrical, but it makes sense and it creates a visual effect that’s very unique.

    As for the Cormorant, I happen to like boxy ships and I think this is one of the better Caldari designs. I’d have to go with the Coercer for ugliest; none of the destroyers look ugly to me, but this one is just a little too flat for my tastes. It could use a few doodads on the top or bottom to help add some vertical variation.

    (Yes, I know this part of the contest’s over. I only found out about this yesterday and I like talking about spaceship designs.)

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