The Hangar – Ship Sizes

I’ve always been fascinated by some of the pics and movies posted online comparing Eve ship sizes. I’m no fancy artist like Rixx Javix, so I just cut, pasted and resized from in-game screens. In this case, 1 pixel = 1 meter.

Click to Enlarge

The ships in my hangar, October 2011. Click to Enlarge

I’ve even included some real life items for comparison. Yes, flying a Hurricane is roughly equivalent to flying around the Sears Tower.

A few things amaze me every time I play with these size differentials.

  • It’s easy to think of Destroyers like the Thrasher as small. They’re not.
  • I always think of shuttles as tiny, as small as drones. In fact they are significantly larger than most frigates.
  • The Mammoth is huge. Really freaking huge.
  • Capitals dwarf all of these ships (see below)

Some other size comparisons you should check out:

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