CSM Prioritization Crowdsource Votes

As you may be aware, the CSM has opened voting on the ideas to put in front of CCP for fixes in the near future. If you don’t vote, you can’t (or shouldn’t) bitch!

Ecliptic Rift and Poetic Stanziel both posted theirs today, so in the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, here are mine.

  • 3. Character Switching Without Logoff – I hate this. I’ve always hated this. Just let me switch. It’s a little thing but it drives me batty.
  • 21. Cargohold of Ships in Station – I spend a lot of time hauling bulky PI goods. It’s very frustrating to have to endure the ship change timers just to see how much you can fit in a ship that you don’t intend to fly right this instant.
  • 31. Destroyer Improvements – I love my Thrasher. I wish I could fly it in some other circumstances than Level 2 PVE and glass cannon ganks.
  • 53. Hide Channel Avatars – Screen real estate is at a premium. I scout. I need to see as many people as possible in Local, so I need long and skinny. Not wide and pictographic.
  • 56. UI – Overload – I admit it. I suck at overheating. I have the skills, but I never remember. I need something more idiot-worthy.
  • 83. Personal Hangar Improvements – I’ve always had trouble finding stuff I need in my many hangars. My recent departure from Eve and giveaway of my stuff helped this a lot. But it’s only a question of time before I have a mess again.
  • 88. Reconnect to Lost Drones – Much like #56, I am a Minmatar pilot at heart. MWD, Aim, Alpha, Repeat. I need an idiot-proof drone interface so that I A) remember to launch them, and B) remember to pick them up again before I warp off.
  • 125. 3rd Bloodline Background – Ecliptic Rift and I might be the only ones who want this one. I actually want a fleshed-out playable Thukker Tribe. But I’ll settle for knowing what a Vherokior is and not having a Brutor as the head of my tribe. 😛
  • 131. UI – Combat Notification/Log – I want to be able to apply Wensley’s lessons in real time. I need a nice readout to know when I’m doing good damage and not so I can adjust accordingly mid-fight. I cant do that with the current unreadable flash comms system.
  • 141. UI – Big Wins – Notice a trend? In my mind, the part of Eve that needs the most work is the UI. If I could only pick one thing on the list, this would be it.

While you may not match mine, I encourage you to go make your voice heard.

Get the list of choices here.

Cast your vote here.

Don’t just sit there. Go!

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2 Responses to CSM Prioritization Crowdsource Votes

  1. Roger says:

    “It’s very frustrating to have to endure the ship change timers just to see how much you can fit in a ship that you don’t intend to fly right this instant.”

    There won’t be any ship change timer in the future. (At least there isn’t any on Singularity anymore and was confirmed as feature by CCP)

    • Rhavas says:

      I hadn’t heard that, that’s great news. While it doesn’t truly solve the problem (I’m often comparing the holds of multiple ships) it could potentially make it dramatically less painful. Thanks for the tip!

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