Ship Gallery: Industrials

Percheron in the HangarIn my Eve career, I have never been very good at making ISK. I wanted to PVP or jump in wormholes and chase storylines, so I never really mastered ISK-making.

I always found PVE incredibly dull, and true industry (i.e. making things) was hard and complex and required me to spend a lot of skills and time on something other than cool stuff like Recons and HACs. So early on in my Eve career I discovered that I could make enough to get by as a newbie hauler, and when Tyrannis launched the transition to PI was pretty natural. As a mostly passive pursuit it also fit well with my limited availability and the rules Eve University imposes on its players during wartime (which is about 75% of the time, for those of you not familiar with E-UNI). The Minmatar haulers got the job done – I named them after the workhorses they are. Without them I would have been forced to do something horrible. Like mining.

Mule and Burro, Wreathe-Class Light Industrials

While the Wreathe is not a spectacular vessel in any sense of the word, it hauls well and moves quickly. Therefore it was my ship of choice when moving a large quantity (count, not volume) of random items quickly between Hek/Eystur and either Rens or the Aldrat/Nein area. Mule was my original Wreathe from the tutorial, and has served me well for a very long time. However, the better my skills got the less utility they had compared to larger ships, until eventually I got rid of Burro and used Mule only on rare occasions, usually specific to the run to Rens.

Mule Inbound to Rens Gate (Click to Enlarge)

Mule on a Stealth Mission (Click to Enlarge)

Connestoga, Hoarder-Class Medium Industrial

For a long time, I never had a Hoarder. I had a Wreathe for light work and a Mammoth for heavy work, so why bother? When I finally made an alt specifically for hauling to avoid punishment for not following E-UNI wartime rules, I started the alt out with a Hoarder. And immediately wondered why I was still flying a Wreathe around for any purpose whatsoever. With good baseline skills the Hoarder handles almost as well and can carry a hell of a lot more. The Wreathes went into mothballs and the Hoarders became my main source-to-market haulers for average size loads. It also was my main late-stage PI hauler when I didn’t have to wait full weeks before pickup and could do a quick run that didn’t require the massive cargo bay of my Mammoth.

Connestoga en Route to Pickup (Click to Enlarge)

Planetary Goods Delivery (Click to Enlarge)

Percheron, Mammoth-Class Heavy Industrial

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my long love affair with Percheron, my Mammoth from the tutorial. Amazingly, I have kept this ship alive ever since the tutorial despite its primary mission being PI hauling in Lowsec. Even more amusingly, my hauler alt has lost four of these ships, but my main has never lost one. At some level this is due to game skill levels, and at some level due to choice of systems in which they work. She is as long as 14 (American) football fields, and with four cargohold expanders she carries nearly 20,000 m3 in cargo and is the ship of choice for hauling PI when I’ve been off PVPing and just resetting the extractors every day. When it all piles up, the Mammoth is my tool of choice.

Percheron Makes a Lowsec Flyby Pickup at Customs (Click to Enlarge)

Percheron on Approach at a Barren Planet (Click to Enlarge)

Percheron Departing for Hek (Click to Enlarge)

Please feel free to “borrow” any of these shots – a link back to this post would be appreciated. You will note that the shots are of various sizes due to my different monitor configurations and cropping choices, so they are not scaled to any specific monitor for background use. Crop to taste in your favorite graphics app.

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4 Responses to Ship Gallery: Industrials

  1. evehermit says:

    How rewarding do you find PI in low sec? For amusement value I do a weekly PI cycle in high sec using a couple Alts. My hour effort a week seems to be netting me around 20M. Nothing to write home about, but it all adds up.

    • Arvash says:

      It used to be pretty solid, but the crash in POS fuel reduced it dramatically. I used to make around 400M a month, now closer to 200-250M. That’s with 23h extraction mostly.

      • evehermit says:

        So might be able to double my income in Low Sec… might be worth a look. I am up to around 110M a month with 1.5 toons and weekly extractions in Empire at the moment.

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