Ship Gallery: Tacklers (PLUS: 1 Year of Interstellar Privateer!)

One year ago today, Interstellar Privateer was launched with this in-character post about completing the tutorial and heading out the gate of Hadaugago to find my way in Eve. I’m celebrating with this post and a new Cheetah shot for the blog header image. A strange and fun trip it’s been. Happy Blogday to Me!

As most of you know, I’m a Minmatar pilot. No, there is not a Rifter in any of these pictures. Why, you ask? To me, the Rifter is a brawler. These two ships are pure, unadulterated tackle, and the biggest rush to of any two ships I’ve flown for sheer racer speed and David-and-Goliath fun.

I have said repeatedly that the Vigil is one of the ugliest ships in Eve. I hate its looks. But to this day my Vigils are the fastest ships I’ve ever flown (yes, faster than my Stiletto). For any noob who wants to fly interceptors one day, I highly recommend practicing in a Vigil. The Vigil also has the side benefit of being a great Ninja Salvage vehicle for those so inclined.

The Stiletto is really a Vigil perfected and made pretty. As fast, but with the protection of the Interceptor sig bloom bonus. There are few things in Eve that make you laugh out loud from the sheer adrenaline rush quite like getting under someone’s guns or outrunning a flight of hapless Warrior IIs in an Interceptor while locking them down and taking little or no damage.

Bone Gnawer, PVP Ninja Salvager Vigil

Bone Gnawer was a unique ship in my hangar. I bought her for a contest and had a great time trying Ninja Salvage. Numerous ninja blogs extol the virtues of the Vigil, which is fast, light, and can fit a lot of salvage equipment. In the end, though, I decided the ninja’s life wasn’t for me, and gave her to Aiden Mourn as a small tribute.

Vigil Salvage

Bone Gnawer says: Yoink!

Cornerback series PVP Tackle Vigil

As noted elsewhere, the primary combat ships I flew out of the gate were a Rifter and a Cheetah, and the Cheetah was my main focus. When I got there, however, I realized that I could fly one hell of a tackle Vigil too with the skills I needed to fly a CovOps. I immediately proceeded to get all the extra hulls I had purchased for my ninja salvage adventure blown up in Eve University fleets where I flew them as hero tackles and died in a fire. It was great fun.

Vigil PVP

Cornerback III at a safe spot

Cornerback III aligns for the fight

Aranea, PVP Stiletto Fleet Interceptor
Sadly, while the Vigils were great fun to fly, they rarely lasted a full minute before getting exploded. This was due to the fact that their MWD sig bloom made them sitting ducks despite their speed. The Stiletto is as fun to fly, looks better, and solves that problem. In addition, I generally flew with a long point and no web, meaning I generally was orbiting at blinding speed and over 20Km away, primarily to provide warp-ins, hold point and shoot drones. Despite the lack of webs, I named her Aranea after the scientific name for spiders, since her whole point of existence was to hold the enemy. Aranea served me well – my first interceptor is still intact despite many, many close calls.

Aranea is under your guns, and the UniBlob is coming for you.

Aranea ready to pounce

Aranea ready to decloak and grab the prey

Please feel free to “borrow” any of these shots – a link back to this post would be appreciated. You will note that the shots are of various sizes due to my different monitor configurations and cropping choices, so they are not scaled to any specific monitor for background use. Crop to taste in your favorite graphics app.

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