Rhavas’ Living Will

Hek Boundless CreationAssembly Room 5A, Boundless Creation Factory, Hek, Metropolis

The tall, thin Sebiestor ran a hand absently over his balding head, a nervous tic in an otherwise carefully-assembled man. In his fashionable and well-tailored suit, he could almost have been mistaken for a Gallente.

“Thank you all for gathering here today. I regret to inform you that due to an accident in cloning transfer, Rhavas’ consciousness did not properly reanimate his current clone. While we believe his consciousness to still be viable, something did not properly activate in the reanimation sequence. He has laid enough ISK aside for this clone to be maintained for some time, and we will continue to watch and hope for him to awaken. Unusually for a capsuleer, he left a testament stating his will should such an event occur. I have been empowered by his estate to read that will and distribute the funds and items that he has specified. The will states the following:”

I, Rhavas’, being of sound mind and a member of good standing within the Matari Republic, declare this to be my living will should I be incapacitated due to recloning failure or some unexpected interference that leaves me alive but unable to act. In such circumstances, I wish to distribute a portion of my assets in thanks to those who helped me on my journey as a capsuleer.

I am not a man of great means, and for most of those to whom I leave these things they will be of small monetary value. They are intended to be a token thanks, and I hope that they will be taken more for their intended gratitude than their value on the open market.

  • I have always run lean on ships, and so there are few left to give. I leave some to those who have inspired me, and some to two excellent charities aimed at new capsuleers.
    • To Capt. Kaykwok, Eve University, my thanks for teaching me smart tactics, a love of battle, and how to take bad news in stride. I leave him 20M ISK and Eye Gouge, my frigate-popping Thrasher, in the hope, belief and expectation that he will use it to pummel enemies of the Uni – especially annoying Dramiels. I also hereby forgo any remaining funds from the scholarship that I funded several months ago and declare it his to keep for his personal use. Stay frosty, my friend.
    • To Adm. Silentbrick, Military Director of Eve University, who always struck me as having an immense amount of common sense and trust of his troops where many beneath him did not, I leave Rampage Runner, one of only a handful of ships to survive the last nullsec rampage led by him before Eve Uni went NBSI in nullsec.
    • To Iurnan Mileghere, Ecliptic Rift, I leave Overseer, my Primae, in hopes it will some day be of more value as an investment than a working ship. He saw value in my writings before anyone else in New Eden and invited me to be part of a wider community of pilots. He also appreciated my work long after it had become less his style.
    • To Roga Dracor, Mental Disorders Inc., for his unique contributions to wormhole lore and science, and particularly to my own investigations, I leave 10M ISK and Traumark, my Echelon, along with the head in the jar – to use for testing or sale for ISK to further his own research. My thanks for all you did to help me with my final shattered planet visit.
    • To Aiden Mourn, CEO of Suddenly Ninjas, who inspired me both to try his trade of salvage capture and also to write about my exploits, I leave my ninja salvage Vigil, Bone Gnawer, with a tip of the hat for his corp’s ingenuity. Give it to one of your nervous recruits so they can have an experience like I did.
    • To Garheade, Director of Project Halibut, I leave my two remaining early Rifters from my new pilot days, Castor VI and Castor VII, as well as my Probe, Vanguard II. I hope other new pilots will use them well.
    • To Azmodeus Valar, Logistics Director of Eve University, I leave any T1 modules and hulls not specifically named to other recipients or held for myself, in hopes that they may be used by future students.
  • To Sto Lo, CEO of The Corporation of Noble Sentiments, a leader who truly cares about his employees, I leave my entire current inventory of Coolant and Enriched Uranium to help keep the POS network running, as well as a handful of Tech-2 ship components.
  • I leave the sum of 10 million ISK to each of the following, as a tiny token of my thanks (my apologies for having no particular order):
    • James Arget, CEO of Future Corps, to this day still the most fun Fleet Commander with whom I have ever flown, and who introduced me to how to do something other than die in a wormhole. I wish the best to all of Future Corps, and don’t let the Sleepers know that Arget is Target.
    • Frontenac, former CEO of Lupus Vires, with my thanks for showing me as a rank new capsuleer that there were corporations with integrity and intelligence as well as the rank-and-file pirates, and for introducing me to scouting, fleet command and nullsec long before most would have.
    • Ubercado, Admiral, Eve University, to whom I also leave the corpse of an unknown soldier for his collection. My thanks for the fit that inspired my favorite artillery Hurricane. May you pop station-camping Dramiels for a long time to come.
    • Maze9 of Noble Sentiments, a partner in combat many times in Eve University, and to whom I have to thank for my entry into Noble Sentiments. May your Myrmidons grab all their targets and get you out alive in the end.
    • Mark726 of Eve Travel, who has been in some ways a publishing rival but in many more ways an inspiration and a partner in exploration and explanation of New Eden.
    • Dalcho of Tri City Trading, one of my oldest flying partners from Lupus Vires, who started a corp I never quite got back to, but often thought about. I hope things are well aboard your carrier.
    • Rake Yon of Agony Unleashed, who inspired me to fly Interceptors, which I still find to be the greatest rush a pilot can have.
    • Rynnik of Agony Unleashed, whose skill in an Arbitrator I have not seen the like of before or since, and whose example convinced me to try flying as the underdog and winning cheaply and effectively.
    • Katia Sae of Sagan Explorations, a master geographer, in hopes that it will help her to fund her quest to photograph every planet in the cluster.
    • Wyke Mossari, Istvaan Shogaatsu, Amann/Alessandra Karris, Auwnie Morohe, Ellis Croix, Jovan Geldon, Jowen Datloran, Kaito Hakkainen and Nathan Jameson, who along with Roga Dracor above have collectively fed my ponderings on the shattered planets and the mysteries of the Talocan and Sleepers, causing me countless sleepless hours of contemplation. [OOC NOTE: I was unable to find Ellis or Kaito in-game so was unable to transfer ISK. Sorry!]
    • Wensley, the Rifter Drifter, who has forgotten more knowledge of Minmatar combat than I will ever comprehend, my thanks for his writings, manuals and graphs that made me and so many others more effective combat pilots.
    • Rixx Javix of Evoganda, the resident master of propaganda, who has provided excellent moments of humor and inspired images of New Eden.
    • Seismic Stan of Greenbeard’s Freebooters, whom I consider perhaps the most thoughtful and articulate commentator among New Eden’s pilots. Let no one say there are no honorable pirates.
    • Wollari of Dotlan, Cartographer to the Empires. You sir are perhaps the greatest thing to ever happen to capsuleers, and I thank you.
    • Flay Geobukseon of Morsus Mihi, who single-handedly influenced more of my ship fittings than any other five people combined. My thanks for sharing your knowledge; it has kept me alive more times than I care to count.
    • Arceris of Eve University, a fellow scout, an upbeat guy and a great wingman to have alongside you in hostile territory.
    • PinkKnife of Eve University, the most-primaried Tristan pilot in the cluster … for a reason.
    • Indy Indy of PonyWaffe, with my thanks for leading more Eve University fleets than any other two commanders during my time there.
    • Shin’alor, a Former University corpmate, in the hopes it will replace a few ships and stave off the rage – 10M can buy a lot of Rifters!

For myself I keep only a handful of things against my possible return one day.

    • The shuttle Tommy G, left to me in another capsuleer’s living will.
    • Wraith, the Cheetah that generated most of the content of my writings.
    • Percheron, and my industrial fleet, without which I would have no ISK at all.
    • One of each combat ship every Matari military pilot should have on hot standby: Castor X, a Rifter, Hammer III, a Rupture, and Shieldbreaker, a Hurricane.
    • Aranea, my Stiletto, and still one of my favorites to fly in combat or otherwise.
    • Sightblinder II, my Rapier, and Farslayer, my Muninn, which are ships I simply worked too hard for to let go.
    • Scavenger II, my salvage Thrasher, which saw me through some lean months of education.
    • Any remaining ISK in cash
    • Any materials in planetside inventory at the time of my incapacity.

Thanks to all of you. Fly well.



On the dark surface of X-7OMU II, the Sister stood on the balcony of the mountaintop Sanctuary outpost, watching her new pet. The creature sat quietly at the edge of the cliff. Many of them jumped; she knew that this would be a test of his will.

He sat for a long time looking down at the still waters of the bay hundreds of feet below. In the end, he stood and squared his shoulders, sustained by some inner drive to survive, to keep moving onward.

The slaver hound lifted its head skyward and let out a long, mournful howl to the stars.

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8 Responses to Rhavas’ Living Will

  1. Katia Sae says:

    OOC: I wished there was more time for me to have gotten to know you better and to have a chance to fly along side you as well. I do hope you stay with the community for a while, tweetfleet and blogging. I’m humbled by your giving spirit and also glad to be one who helped to make your EVE experience a great one.

    If you should one day return, expect to be repaid in kind. Take care of yourself, enjoy your family and life and perhaps we will one day see each other again.

    I’ll be sure to add your name to those that have contributed to Sagan Explorations.

    Fly Safe.

  2. mark726 says:

    For what it’s worth, I never saw you as a competitor, but only as a kindred spirit. As I said on twitter, don’t be a stranger. Clear skies and safe flights o7

    • Arvash says:

      Remember the post is IC 🙂

      OOC, I’ve long been a big fan of your page, and have really enjoyed our partnerships on various things through my Eve career. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

      Thanks for all you’ve done.

  3. See you this fall/winter. But thank you very much for the kind words. 🙂

    • Arvash says:

      I hope you’re wrong but the reason I kept some ships is I fear you may be right… thanks again to you for being the person who probably, way back when, convinced me as a new blogger to keep writing.

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