Ship Gallery: Explorers

Probe and Cheetah Official Shots
As anyone who follows this blog on any kind of regular basis can tell you, the vast majority of it has been spent in an exploration ship. I loved the idea of a CovOps from the time I first started playing, and went for a Cheetah right out of the gate. I look back at it as an excellent choice, if not the easiest route for a new player.

The not-so-creatively-named Probe served both to educate me on exploration and on hauling while I worked through the early tutorials during my trial period. It was excellent for learning both, if also suboptimal for both tasks.

Much of this blog to date is about my adventures in Wraith, my first and only CovOps. It has seen more hours of my playtime than any other ship. For the first four months, I was working on Shattered, flown almost exclusively in that ship.

Where she really came into her own, however, was when I joined Eve University, where she has served primarily (as hinted in The Hidden Fire) as a fleet scout. The ability, willingness and interest to scout from day one served me well to getting into fleets, learning how they work, and being in chat channels that helped me learn how fleets are managed and run. Scouting taught me more about fleets than any other kind of flying has.

That said, here are a few pics of the exploration ships that I haven’t shown you already.

Vanguard, T1 Exploration and Hauling

Vanguard is actually dead – one of the first ships I lost as noted on the Ships PageVanguard II is currently in mothballs in my “ship museum”, replaced by a CovOps and a Mammoth.

Probe Wormhole Inbound

Vanguard goes to meet her doom. Click to enlarge.

Probe Wormhole

Vanguard II returning from a wormhole – Click to enlarge

Wraith, Covert Ops Explorer and Scout

Without further ado, my tried and true cloaky workhorse. Some people think the Cheetah is ugly. I’m not one of them.

Cheetah Barren Planet

Wraith against a planet backdrop – it’s always sort of weird to me to decloak and take a picture of a ship that’s supposed to be invisible, but shots like this make me glad I do. Click to enlarge.

Cheetah J164104

Wraith at J164104 I – I promise the last shot of her and a shattered planet that you’ll see for a very long time (until CCP does something worth talking about with them!). Click to enlarge.

Cheetah Nebula

Wraith decloaking for a MWD burn out to create a bookmark. Click to enlarge.

Cheetah UNI POS

Wraith at the Eve University POS, awaiting orders. Click to enlarge.

Please feel free to “borrow” any of these shots – a link back to this post would be appreciated. You will note that the shots are of various sizes due to my different monitor configurations and cropping choices, so they are not scaled to any specific monitor for background use. Crop to taste in your favorite graphics app.

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