Ship Gallery: Thrashers

CCP Thrasher IconThis is the first installment of several that will be featuring some of my favorite shots of the ships I fly. A word on ship choice: right now, I don’t fly anything larger than a battlecruiser. This is by design – I make my ISK in Planetary Interaction, not missions, and battleships look slow and clunky, so I focus my PVP on smaller hulls to maximize my investment in medium projectile skills. Most (but not all) of the hulls you will see are Minmatar.

Thrashers are pretty much acknowledged by the community as being the best Destroyer hull in the game, for what that’s worth. I’ve always thought that they looked like flying BNSF train engines – right down to the headlight (more on that later). I fly three different versions of this hull.

Archer III, PVE Artillery Shield-Tank L1 & L2 Mission Runner

The Archer series of ships have been my tried and true mission runners since the tutorial. You can read about the demise of the first two on the Ships Page. I’ve upgraded the weapons but still fly this hull in the few pathetic mission runs that I do.

Thrasher and broken asteroid

Archer III and a broken asteroid in widescreen. Click to enlarge. This is my favorite Thrasher pic by far. Note to CCP: This is what the shattered planets should look like (on a larger scale of course) in a future graphics update…

Thrasher On Gate

Archer II en route to Arnon, unaware of its pending doom at the hands of rogue drones. Click to enlarge.

Thrasher PVE Explosion

Archer III makes a PVE pirate site go boom. Click to enlarge.

Thrasher Ringed Planet

Archer III takes the scenic route. Click to enlarge.

Scavenger II, Dedicated Salvager

In my early days of Eve, I spent a good deal of time tagging along with L4 mission runners and cleaning up their garbage. Unglamorous, yes. But multiple tractors and salvagers firing at once make for some pretty pictures. You can learn about the even more unglamorous death of the first Scavenger on the Ships Page.

Thrasher Salvage - You Are the Wreck

Scavenger II from the point of view of the frozen corpses of the bad guys. Click to enlarge.

Triple Salvage Thrasher

Scavenger II doing what it does best. Click to enlarge. I have a lot of salvager shots but despite its washed-out appearance, I love this one because of its 3x salvagers, 3x tractors, sun and bits of floating scenery all in one shot.

Eye Gouge, PVP Artillery No-Tank Suicide Ganker

Thrasher Alpha FTWPersonally, I don’t use Thrashers for PVP except when I want to fly a complete “glass cannon” with little or no tank and as much artillery firepower as the ship can muster. That said, the ship really shines in that role – a horde of gank Thrashers is a frigate’s worst nightmare. While Eye Gouge is sitting in my hangar, I very rarely fly it, since only once in my memory has Eve University let slip the gankfleets against non-wartargets in highsec. So you’ll have to make do with my salute to the Thrasher’s inspiration instead.

Please feel free to “borrow” any of these shots – a link back to this post would be appreciated. You will note that the shots are of various sizes due to my different monitor configurations and cropping choices, so they are not scaled to any specific monitor for background use. Crop to taste in your favorite graphics app.

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