Arvash’s New Look, Beta 2 Update!

Took another run at Singularity’s new character generation system. The controls are far superior to Beta 1 and the models have become a bit more distinctive. Scrolling through choices is still glitchy and I’m still wishing for more clothing variety and yes, I want the gas mask (or whatever that is) back, but I am very impressed so far. Arvash is intentionally bald so you don’t get an appreciation for all the wacky hairstyles CCP has created – go check it out on Singularity!

Introducing Arvash Beta 2:

Arvash Beta 2

Arvash Beta version, click to enlarge.

Compared to Arvash Beta 1:

Arvash New Avatar v1

Arvash’s New Avatar, Alpha Version. Click to enlarge.

Compared to Legacy Arvash:

Old Arvash

Arvash today – “Old Arvash”

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