Screenshot Award: Jita Undocking

I’m pleased to announce that a screeenshot I originally snapped for the Jita story arc won a prize on The Ancient Gaming Noob and Eve Online Pictures blogs. I used a slightly different version in the same series for the header on the second part of the story arc but I always liked this shot best in full-size. I love the alignment of the undock with the close moon surface and the planet-rise behind it.

It was a tricky shot to take. I was outside the station at 80Km or so in a CovOps, with my vision centered on a can someone had left right outside the undock point at Jita 4-4, then had to swing the camera into the station itself. I was amazed at the interior detail I could actually see, so snapped the pic.

Jita Undocking

Jita Undocking - Click to Enlarge

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4 Responses to Screenshot Award: Jita Undocking

  1. Laria Raven says:

    That’s an astonishingly good picture. It’s easy, in EVE, to get locked on overview/bookmarks/window/chat and not notice how stonkingly pretty it is at times.

  2. Arvash says:

    Thanks Laria! Especially given that this is Jita, it’s fun to step back and realize that Jita 4-4 is a pretty cool locale despite the crowds and craziness…

  3. Arzt says:

    That is a beautiful shot. You’re as good at taking screenshots as you are at writing absolutely wonderful stories of New Eden.

    Not to perpetuate a meme, or anything, but seriously: Never stop posting.

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