Arvash’s New Look (Singularity Beta Character Generator)

Another brief OOC intermission in Shattered – I couldn’t resist trying out the new beta character generator on Singularity. A few thoughts.

  1. Setting up Singularity access was remarkably painless.
  2. It definitely feels like a test server. Access times are longer, and popup boxes with programmer gibberish that roughly translates to “put text about this box here” are common, especially with the new character generator.
  3. The new models are very impressive visually as you’ll see below. The team did a great job making them look and feel human. As another blogger noted (escapes my mind who just now) it is a little creepy to watch them looking around and blinking while you work on them.
  4. I agree with comments that it will be important that the models be more widely tweakable in the final. I have two Vherokior characters, and they both looked pretty much the same even as I tried to tweak them differently.
  5. Accessorization is very limited at the moment – all the clothes, etc are pretty much the same, at least within the given race. I’m not to worried about this, that’s pretty typical test stuff. I’m sure there will be many more at launch.
  6. I’m not a fan of the “dials” interface for switching things that they use. I would prefer to see a more typical pulldown or slider interface. The dials were sort of painful to manipulate since you sort of have to “flick” the mouse to do it well or quickly.

Enough blather. Here’s Arvash’s new look, Beta 1…

Arvash New Avatar v1

Arvash’s New Avatar, Alpha Version. Click to enlarge.

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2 Responses to Arvash’s New Look (Singularity Beta Character Generator)

  1. Selina says:

    Singularity server….just sayin. 🙂

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